By Fabio Balbi

The Situation of Artists and Cultural Workers and the post-COVID-19 Cultural Recovery in the European Union – Background analysis

Publication: March 2021 Short link to this post: Download: English Authors: Dr Mafalda DÂMASO Culture Action Europe: Tere BADIA, Gabriele ROSANA, Kornelia KISS, Sebastiano BERTAGNI, Maya WEISINGER Executive summary Key findings: The coexistence across Europe of multiple definitions of ‘artists’ as well as competing frameworks specifically aimed at them Read more…

By Uzhursky

Making the European Education Area a reality: state of affairs, challenges and prospects

Publication: February 2021Short link to this post: EnglishExecutive summary: At a glance note: EnglishAuthors: Pierre HERIARD, Markus J. PRUTSCH & Sophia THOENES (trainee) Executive summary Creating a European Education Area (EEA) by 2025 features among the key objectives of European education policies and is considered both a driver for Read more…

By eyegelb

Towards a European Education – Critical Perspectives on Challenges Ahead

Publication: October 2020Short link to this post: EnglishExecutive summary: At a glance note: EnglishAuthor: Régis MALET Executive summary Key findings Based on the corpus of key competencies that are at the core of educational policies in Europe, including knowledge, values, attitudes and skills, the report is in line with, in Read more…

By metamorworks

Cultural and creative sectors in post-COVID-19 Europe: Crisis effects and policy recommendations

Publication: February 2021 Short link to this post: Download: English Executive summary: At a glance note: English Authors: IDEA Consult: Isabelle De Voldere, Martina Fraioli Goethe-Institut: Antonia Blau, Sina Lebert Inforelais: Sylvia Amann Values of Culture&Creativity: Joost Heinsius Executive summary Pre-COVID-19, the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) were already Read more…

By Syda Productions

Shaping digital education policy

Publication: September 2020 Short link to this post: Download: At a glance note: Author: Simon Broek; Bert-Jan Buiskool Key findings Digital technologies are increasingly integrated in education, and the Digital Education Action Plan (DEAP) 2018-2020 supported agenda-setting. Still, more action is needed to complete the digital transformation, now made Read more…

By graphiCrash

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Cultural and Creative Sectors

Publication: May 2020 Short link to this post: Download: Author: Baptiste Caramiaux Key findings In this introductory in-depth analysis, we report six key findings on the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS). Finding 1: AI challenges the creative value-chain in two ways: shifting Read more…


Introductory briefing paper on effective measures to ‘green’ Erasmus+, Creative Europe and European Solidarity Corps

Original publication: March 2020 Authors: Bert-Jan Buiskool; Marye Hudepohl Short link to this post: Download the briefing:  Key findings This introductory briefing paper introduce five key messages on how the Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and Creative Europe (CE) programmes (and the proposals for successor programmes) address environmental challenges:  The Read more…