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Implementation of the current EU fisheries control system by Member States (2014-19)

Publication: June 2020 Short link to this post: Download:  Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz: Margarita SANZ, Kim STOBBERUP, Roland BLOMEYER Executive Summary The purpose of this briefing note on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) infringement procedures and sanctions throughout the European Union (EU) is to present an update on an earlier Read more…

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The Farm to Fork Strategy Implications for Agriculture and the CAP

Publication: May 2020Author: Albert MASSOT, Research AdministratorShort link to this post: Key findings The aim of this In-Depth Analysis prepared by the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies is to explore the possible implications of the Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F) for agriculture and the CAP and, as Read more…

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The Role of Evaluation in Cohesion Policy

Publication: April 2020 Short link to this post: Download:  Executive summary: Authors: CSIL: Julie PELLEGRIN, Louis COLNOT, with support from Matteo PEDRALLI Country experts: University of Warsaw Diana IONESCU (RO), Tomasz KUPIEC (PL) Agnieszka OLECHNICKA (PL) CSIL: Matteo PEDRALLI (IT) ESTEP: Neringa Viršilienė (LT) Scientific Advisers: Free University of Brussels-VUB: Nicola Francesco Dotti and University of Milan: Massimo Florio Objectives and background This Read more…


Introductory briefing paper on effective measures to ‘green’ Erasmus+, Creative Europe and European Solidarity Corps

Original publication: March 2020 Authors: Bert-Jan Buiskool; Marye Hudepohl Short link to this post: Download the briefing:  ☑ Key findings This introductory briefing paper introduce five key messages on how the Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and Creative Europe (CE) programmes (and the proposals for successor programmes) address environmental challenges:  Read more…