By iaremenko

Artificial Intelligence and Urban Development

Publication: September 2021Short link to this post: EnglishExecutive summary: At a glance note: EnglishAuthors: CSIL: Julie PELLEGRIN, Louis COLNOT, Laura DELPONTESpecial thanks to Saverio ROMEO (University London, Birkbeck College, Centre for Innovation Management Research)  and Gianluca MISURACA (Inspiring Futures SA and Politecnico di Milano) for their support and scientific expertise. Read more…

By malp

Alternative fuel infrastructures for heavy-duty vehicles : Overview briefing

Publication: July 2021 Short link to this post: Download: English Authors: CE Delft: Anouk VAN GRINSVEN, Matthijs OTTEN, Emiel VAN DEN TOORN, Reinier VAN DER VEEN, Julius KIRÁLY, Roy VAN DEN BERG Key findings Because of their GHG emission reduction potential, alternatively fuelled low and zero-emission trucks will play Read more…

By Unclesam

Relaunching transport and tourism in the EU after COVID-19 – Part III Aviation sector

Publication: July 2021 Short link to this post: Download:  English Authors: PANTEIA: Maria RODRIGUES, Emilia SANDRI, Ljubica KNEZEVIC, Tharsis TEOH Università degli Studi Roma Tre: Barbara ANTONUCCi, Nicole CUTRUFO, Lidia MARONGIU Key findings COVID-19 had dramatic impacts on the aviation sector, ranging from a decrease in flight traffic to a Read more…

By eldarnurkovic

Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on EU fisheries and aquaculture

Publication: July 2021Short link to this post: EnglishExecutive summaries: At a glance note:  EnglishAuthors: Cogea: Alessandro Pititto, Diletta Rainone, Valentina SanninoAND International: Tanguy Chever, Lucas Herry, Sibylle Parant, Safa SouidiCETMAR: Marta Ballesteros, Rosa Chapela, José L. Santiago Key findings Initially, all operators were caught unaware by the sudden closures of Read more…