By iaremenko

Artificial Intelligence and Urban Development

Publication: September 2021Short link to this post: EnglishExecutive summary: At a glance note: EnglishAuthors: CSIL: Julie PELLEGRIN, Louis COLNOT, Laura DELPONTESpecial thanks to Saverio ROMEO (University London, Birkbeck College, Centre for Innovation Management Research)  and Gianluca MISURACA (Inspiring Futures SA and Politecnico di Milano) for their support and scientific expertise. Read more…

By Artur

Islands of the European union: State of play and future challenges

Publication: March 2021 Short link to this post: Download: English Executive summary: At a glance note: English Authors: Diána HAASE, Andreea MAIER (trainee), European Parliament Executive summary Islands and island regions There is no available systematic or harmonised list of European Union (EU) islands (including the smaller ones). However, Read more…