The presentation of the study took place during the meeting of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development on 25 April 2023. The experts from Oréade-Brèche, Ms Alice Devot and Ms Lucie Royer, presented the objectives and scope of the study:

  • Description of the impacts of extreme weather events on the EU agricultural sector;
  • Review of the existing solutions for the agricultural sector to better prevent, cope with and recover from adverse climate events;
  • Analysis of existing EU policy instruments supporting the agricultural sector in the light of climate change, including CAP strategic plans implemented by Member States;
  • Best practice examples on how to further contain the adverse effects of climate change for agriculture.

The members commended the study and raised the questions on the adaptation solutions to help farmers mitigate and recover from climate disasters, the risk management measures and the synergies between the EU policies (CAP, the water policy and the environmental policy). The members agreed that a more coherent, sustainable and responsible approach is needed to address the impact of extreme climate events on agricultural production in the European Union. 

Watch video of the event (with multilingual interpretation):


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