Publication: November 2021
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Author: Ockham IPS: Bert-Jan BUISKOOL, Andrea GIANNETTO, Bastiaan VERBERNE

Key findings

The following recommendations are drawn from the study on ‘The role of culture, education, media and sport in the fight against racism‘:

  1. Strengthening the role of the EU Anti-racism Action Plan 2020-2025 informing EU programmes: The Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, and Creative Europe programme could better refer to the Anti-racism Action Plan, and describe how these programmes contribute to the action plan. A substantial share of racism-related projects has been implemented over the period 2014-2020. If higher ambition in this field is needed, consider more direct and explicit references to the fight against racism – and to the Anti-Racism Action Plan – in the regulatory frameworks and annual work programmes of the EU funding programmes.
  2. Develop a baseline on the contribution of EU programmes to the fight against racism: Consider preparing a more comprehensive and systematic mapping of programmes, resources and activities contributing to tackling racism, based on a common categorisation of types of action and target groups rooted in the literature.
  3. Establish monitoring arrangements in EU programmes based on a more structured intervention logic. Consider preparing a more structured and operational intervention logic underpinning the Anti-racism Action Plan, to readily assess whether the needs identified are sufficiently addressed by the EU programmes in terms of output and results generated or whether corrective action is needed. Pay higher heed to assessing what works in the field.
  4. Make better use of disseminating good practices in the contribution of education, sport, culture, and media in the fight against racism. Within the context of the Anti-Racism Action Plan, the European Commission could launch a dedicated study on how EU programmes address the fight against racism and identify good practices for wider dissemination and mainstreaming them into EU programmes and actions in the field.
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