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E-sport engage more and more people, especially the younger generations. It is considered by experts as Europe’s fastest growing cultural and creative industry and as a new type of sport.
The CULT Committee has decided to draw up an own-initiative (INI) report on “e-sport and videogames” to tackle the topic under the sports’ angle, with an additional focus on
youth engagement, creativity and educational aspects and to continue the discussion initiated by the recent EP resolution on ‘EU sports policy”, which called for the EU institutions to launch a debate on the future and opportunities of “E-sport”.

On 14 March 2022 was held a presentation and a Q&A session with experts providing a concomitant expertise aiming to support the work of the CULT Committee on the INI report. The presentation and the Q&A session accompanied an exchange of views on the report and focused on the following issues:

  • Definitions and key feature of the e-sports phenomenon
  • Creative dimension of esports
  • Role of games in learning, education and soft skills
  • Health related aspects
  • Harassment and doping in esports
  • Regulatory challenges in esports
  • Financing needs of the sector

Watch video of the event (with multilingual interpretation):



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