Committee on Culture and Education – Concomitant expertise for an own-initiative report ‘The role of culture, education, media and sport in the fight against racism’, requested by CULT Committee, commissioned and managed by the Policy Department – study presentation and Q&A session with Bert-Jan Buiskool and Andrea Giannetto from Ockham IPS.

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Brussels, 25 October 2021,

In September 2020 the Commission published its Anti-racism Action Plan 2020-2025 which sets out the most important measures that will be put in place during the reference period in order to actively fight structural racism. Evidence shows that culture, arts, education and sports are strong vectors for cohesion and factors of integration, promoting cultural diversity and the art of living together in our complex societies.
The CULT Committee has decided to draw up an own-initiative (INI) report on ‘The role of culture, education, media and sport in the fight against racism’ to map out the state of the art of the existing instruments and programmes as well as the gaps that are to be filled in order to foster a mainstreamed and horizontal approach to efficiently and effectively tackle racism throughout the EU.

On 25 October 2021 was held a study presentation and a Q&A session with experts providing a concomitant expertise aiming to support the work of the CULT Committee on the INI report. The presentation and the Q&A session accompanied an exchange of views on the report and focused on the following issues:

  • remedy measures to combat racism in the fields of culture, education, media, and sports
  • assessment of current EU policies and programmes in the remit of the CULT Committee, in particular the Erasmus programme
  • particular importance of education policies and schools curricula and awareness-raising campaigns in the fight against racism
  • preliminary recommendations stemming from the concomitant expertise: strengthening the role of the EU Anti-racism Action Plan, developing a baseline on the contribution of EU programmes, establishing monitoring arrangements in EU programmes and making a better use of disseminating good practices.

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