By Nick Fox

Transport infrastructure in low-density and depopulating areas

Publication: February 2021 Short link to this post: Download: English Executive summary: At a glance: English Author: VVA: Luca BISASCHI, Francesco ROMANO, Malin CARLBERG, Jessica CARNEIRO, Davide CECCANTI, and Liviu CALOFIR TEPR: Ian SKINNER Key findings: Existing classification and definitions found in EU Legislation and Guidelines cannot fully capture Read more…

The Agenda for Cohesion Policy in 2019-2024: Key issues for the REGI Committee

The Agenda for Cohesion Policy in 2019-2024: Key issues for the REGI Committee

Original publication: July 2019 Authors: Carlos MENDEZ, John BACHTLER and Irene McMASTER Short link to this post: Available languages: Executive summary: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This study reviews the current and emerging issues for Cohesion Policy to support the work of the European Parliament’s Committee on Regional Development (REGI) during its Read more…


REGI Factsheets

Information about new/revised Factsheets will be posted under this heading. The complete current set for REGI is linked below: Regional and cohesion policy: 3.1.1. Economic, social and territorial cohesion 3.1.2. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 3.1.3. Cohesion Fund 3.1.4. The Solidarity Fund 3.1.5. European Territorial Cooperation 3.1.6. Common classification of Read more…

Figure 2: 2005 / 2016 comparisons of the number of vessels registered in the Outermost Regions and of their aggregate engine power

The Management of Fishing Fleets in Outermost Regions

Original publication: March 2017 Author: Benoit CAILLART F&S Fisheries / Maritime Affairs Short link to this post: Available languages: Background Union Outermost Regions are affected by handicaps deserving implementation of specific measures according to Article 349 of the TFEU. This Initial Briefing aims at establishing the extent to which fleet management Read more…