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The aviation and maritime sectors and the EU ETS System: challenges and impacts

Publication: July 2021Short link to this post: EnglishAuthor: CE Delft: Dagmar NELISSEN, Jasper FABERDLR: Sven MAERTENS, David ENNEN, Wolfgang GRIMME, Florian WOZNY Key findings The forthcoming revision of the EU ETS is likely to include maritime shipping and to strengthen the existing scope and rules for aviation – also considering Read more…

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The impact of emerging technologies on the transport system

Publication: November 2020 Short link to this post: Download: English Executive summary: At a glance note: English Authors: CE Delft: Arno Schroten, Anouk van Grinsven, Eric Tol, Louis Leestemaker TNO: Peter-Paul Schackmann, Diana Vonk-Noordegraaf, Jaco van Meijeren, Sytze Kalisvaart Executive summary Mobility is in transition. The combined development of Read more…

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COVID-19 and urban mobility: impacts and perspectives

Publication: September 2020Short link to this post: Authors: Università degli Studi Roma Tre: Edoardo Marcucci, Giacomo Lozzi, Valerio GattaPanteia B.V: Maria Rodrigues, Tharsis Teoh, Carolina Ramos, Eline Jonkers Key findings Authorities and operators all over the world had to respond quickly to the pandemic, finding rapid and efficient solutions Read more…

Figure 2-3: Traceability in the food supply chain in the Internet-of-Things era

Impacts of the digital economy on the food chain and the CAP

Original publication: February 2019 Authors: WR: Katrine Soma, Marc-Jeroen Bogaardt, Krijn Poppe, Sjaak Wolfert, George Beers, Daoud Urdu[1]. VVA: Monica Pesce, Maria Kirova Carole Thurston, Consuelo Monfort Belles Short link to this post: Available languages: Background Agriculture is impacted by global trends related to demographics, economics and climate change. Read more…