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On 8 November, Mr Kai Bohme presented the study on the impact of COVID 19  pandemic and the war in Ukraine on EU Cohesion.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a major crisis that hit people, businesses, public authorities, municipalities and regions hard. It had a strong impact on transport and tourism, sometimes aggravating social and territorial fragmentation. Many consequences of this pandemic have highlighted the risks of increasing inequalities. However, the rapid reaction of the public authorities made it possible to mitigate the most direct and disastrous effects.

The war in Ukraine and the repercussions on energy prices are exacerbating the vulnerabilities of local economies and many social groups already weakened by the pandemic. In addition, almost 8 million Ukrainians have found refuge in the European Union. The work of the REGI committee on the CARE, CARE+ and FAST-CARE instruments has allowed the regions concerned to manage this influx and support populations.

The Union’s cohesion policy finds its full justification, however it is found that in order to face major crises which follow one another, governance, flexibility and rapid implementation are key answers.

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