Research for AGRI : News- December 2018

Short link to this post: Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI) NB this list is intended for internal EP use and some links are available only to subscribers 1. KEY DOCUMENTS EC: Development of plant proteins in Europe Read more…

Figure 11 Car labels in place in France, Austria and Italy

Decarbonisation of EU transport

Original publication: September 2017 Authors: CE Delft: Anco Hoen, Anouk van Grinsven, Bettina Kampman, Jasper Faber, Huib van Essen TEPR: Ian Skinner Short link to this post: Available languages: Background To meet medium and long-term climate targets requires robust decarbonisation of the transport system. The overarching long-term EU target Read more…

Figure 4: Estimated annual decrease of GHG: overview of programme targets (tonnes of CO2 equivalent)

Cohesion policy and Paris Agreement Targets

Original publication: June 2017 Authors: IEEP: Martin NESBIT, Kamila PAQUEL, and Andrea ILLES Short link to this post: Available languages: Background The European Council, the European Parliament, the Council, and the Commission identified the contribution of cohesion policy to the delivery of climate objectives as a key priority for Read more…

Figure 10. Saline and sodic soils, and seawater intrusion areas in Europe

Preserving agricultural soils in the EU

Original publication: March 2017 Authors: Wageningen University & Research: H.F.M. ten Berge, J.J. Schröder Aarhus University: J.E. Olesen University of Cordoba: J.-V. Giraldez Cervera Short link to this post: Available languages: Soils and soil services Soil, as defined in the EU Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection (COM(2006) 231), is Read more…

Figure 10: Planned EAFRD expenditure according to the 11 ESIF Thematic objectives, 2014-2020

The Consequences of Climate Change for EU Agriculture: Follow-Up to the COP21 UN Paris Climate Change Conference

Original publication: February 2017 Authors: IEEP: Kaley Hart, Ben Allen, Clunie Keenleyside, Silvia Nanni, Anne Maréchal, Kamila Paquel, Martin Nesbit, Julia Ziemann Short link to this post: Available languages: Aim of the report The aim of this report is to examine the significance of the commitments made to reduce Read more…

Map 1: The Northeast Atlantic (Major Fishing Area 27) with the ICES fishing areas for statistical purposes

Fisheries Management and the Arctic in the Context of Climate Change

Original publication: June 2015 Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz S.L.: Roland BLOMEYER, Kim STOBBERUP Centre of Marine Sciences, University of Algarve: Karim ERZINI The Fisheries Centre at the University of British Columbia: Vicky LAM, Daniel PAULY Innovative Fisheries Management, IFM – Aalborg University: Jesper RAAKJAER Short link to this post: Read more…

Figure 50: Comparison of the carbon and energy flows in bioenergy and fossil energy systems (Berndes et al., 2010)

The Impact of Biofuels on Transport and the Environment, and their Connection with Agricultural Development in Europe

Original publication: February 2015 Authors: Luisa Marelli, Monica Padella, Robert Edwards, Alberto Moro, Marina Kousoulidou, Jacopo Giuntoli, David Baxter, Veljko Vorkapic, Alessandro Agostini, Adrian O’Connell, Laura Lonza and Lilian Garcia-Lledo (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, Sustainable Transport Unit) Short link to this post: Available Read more…