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Presentation by Prof. dr. Barend van der Meulen from CHEPS (Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies)

Brussels, 24 January 2023

The European Universities Initiative (EUI) is a flagship initiative for higher education development aimed at building up an innovative model of transnational cooperation at the institutional level. It started in 2019 and since then, 44 European Universities Alliances (EUAs) were created, with 340 participating higher education institutions. The study evaluates the selection procedures, assesses the experiences of the first years, maps future developments and provides recommendations to the EP aiming to strengthen the sustainability of the EUAs, to create better regulatory conditions and to improve the learning processes.

A presentation of the study, organized by the EP’s Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies was held on 24 January 2023 and focused on the following issues:

  • The EUI as a policy instrument
  • Key findings on selection procedure and criteria
  • Main benefits and challenges of EUAs
  • Future perspectives based on three scenarios
  • Policy recommendations

The debate that followed the expert’s presentation referred to, among others:

  • geographical expansion of EUAs
  • relevant monitoring framework of the initiative
  • sustainability of funding
  • inclusivity dimension of EUAs
  • definition of academic excellence
  • accreditation related issues and challenges
  • best practices exchanges

Watch video of the event (with multilingual interpretation):


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