By wjarek

The upcoming Commission’s Communication on the long-term vision for rural areas: Context and preliminary analysis

Publication: September 2020 Short link to this post: Download: Author: Albert MASSOT and François NÈGRE Key findings The need for designing a long term vision for rural areas was underlined in President Von der Leyen’s political guidelines and in AGRI Commissioner Wojciechowski’s announcements during his EP hearings (1 and Read more…

By encierro

EU Cohesion Policy in non-urban areas

Publication: September 2020Short link to this post: Executive summary: At a glance note: EnglishAuthors: Stefan KAH, Neli GEORGIEVA, Liliana FONSECA, EPRC  Key findings Rural areas face social, structural and geographical challenges, but possess valuable inherent environmental, cultural and social assets. Cohesion Policy provides a long-term and dependable financial framework Read more…

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The revival of wolves and other large predators and its impact on farmers and their livelihood in rural regions of Europe

Original publication: August 2018 Authors: John D. C. LINNELL, Benjamin CRETOIS – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research Shot link to this post: Available languages: Background The conflict between large carnivores and humans goes back to the origins of domestication, as does the ingenuity of livestock herders in developing ways Read more…