Figure 2: Overview of current situation concerning ratified global legislation in fisheries and shipping

Training of Fishers

Original publication: July 2018 Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz: Roderick Ackermann, Nicolò Franceschelli, Marga Sanz, George Maridis, Veronika Kubenova, Elsa Pereau ProSea: Bopp van Dessel, Tim Haasnoot Secoterg, France: Yvon Le Roy FishFix: Lisa Borges Short link to this post: Available languages: Introduction The focus of this study is the Read more…


Training of fishers

Volume 3, Issue 2 March 2018 Editorial Fishers across Europe are at the core of the Common Fisheries Policy.  A new approach towards harmonised preventive measures and training could contribute to risk reduction and improved safety at sea. Safety on board is a significant issue. Sea-faring (shipping and fishing related Read more…