Figure 10: Ratio between turnover and employment in the different transport modes (2014)

BREXIT: transport and tourism – the consequences of a no-deal scenario

Original publication: September 2018 Authors: José Francisco PAPÍ FERRANDO, Raffaele ALFONSI, Sabine LANGER, Miguel TRONCOSO. Advisory and review team: Roland BLOMEYER, Kevin BORRAS, Haibo CHEN, Thierry VANELSLANDER, José Manuel VASSALLO. Short link to this post: Available languages: This study focuses on the impact and consequences of a potential ‘no-deal’ Read more…


TRAN Factsheets

Information about new/revised Factsheets will be posted under this heading. The complete current set for TRAN is linked below: Cohesion, growth and jobs Transport and tourism policy: 3.4.1. Common transport policy: overview 3.4.2. International and cabotage road transport 3.4.3. Road transport: harmonisation of legislation 3.4.4. Road traffic and safety provisions Read more…


The Japanese Transport System

Original publication: October 2016 Author: Marc Thomas, Research Administrator Short link to this post: Available languages: Overview Japan’s population was 127 million in 2014. It has being declining since its peak of 128.1 million in 2008[1]. It is also ageing[2] and concentrated in the main metropolitan areas[3]. The country’s economy Read more…

Aircraft Size at EU Airports

Airport Slots and Aircraft Size at EU Airports

Original publication: June 2016 Author: École Nationale de l’Aviation Civile, France: Nathalie Lenoir Short link to this post: Available languages: Background Major airports in the EU implement access restrictions regulated by means of a slot system. A slot can be understood as a take-off or landing right at an airport Read more…

Figure 2: Air and Road Transport Infrastructure of Canada

Transport in Canada

Original publication: May 2016 Author: Beata Tuszyńska, Seconded National Expert Short link to this post: Available languages: This overview of the transport and tourism sectors in Canada was prepared to provide information for the delegation visit of the Transport and Tourism Committee to Canada (17-20 May 2016). 1. INTRODUCTION Read more…