Figure 6: Share of the production for the top 5 salmon producers in UK in 2015

Common Fisheries Policy and BREXIT

Original publication: June 2017 Authors: José Manuel SOBRINO HEREDIA, Bertrand LE GALLIC, Simon MARDLE, Sébastien METZ , Thünen-Institut of Sea Fisheries in Hamburg: Doering Ralf;Kempf Alexander;Belschner Tobias;Berkenhagen Jörg;Bernreuther, Matthias;Hentsch Solveig;Kraus Gerd;Raetz Hans-Joachim;Rohlf Norbert;Simons Sarah;Stransky Christoph;Ulleweit Jens Short link to this post: Available languages: This is the reference document of Read more…

Figure 30: Port traffic in the transport of goods in the Mediterranean Sea, 2013

Small scale fisheries and “Blue Growth” in the EU

Original publication: April 2017 Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz: Kim Stobberup, María Dolores Garza Gil, Aude Stirnemann-Relot, Arthur Rigaud, Nicolò Franceschelli, Roland Blomeyer Short link to this post: Available languages: The European Commission has developed a so-called ‘Blue Growth (BG) Strategy’ as the maritime dimension of the Europe 2020 strategy for Read more…

Figure 2: 2005 / 2016 comparisons of the number of vessels registered in the Outermost Regions and of their aggregate engine power

The Management of Fishing Fleets in Outermost Regions

Original publication: March 2017 Author: Benoit CAILLART F&S Fisheries / Maritime Affairs Short link to this post: Available languages: Background Union Outermost Regions are affected by handicaps deserving implementation of specific measures according to Article 349 of the TFEU. This Initial Briefing aims at establishing the extent to which fleet management Read more…

Figure 1. Fish product value chain

Seafood Industry Integration in the EU

Original publication: September 2016 Authors: Profundo: Ward Warmerdam, Alexandra Christopoulou, Mara Werkman, Jan Willem van Gelder Robin Davies Consulting: Robin Davies Short link to this post: Available languages: Background The aim of this study is to provide the Members of the Parliament’s Fisheries Committee with a clear description of the Read more…

Table 1: Legal distinctions that apply to European Member States in relation to marine recreational fishing

Feasibility of Measuring Socio-Economic and Environmental Impacts of Recreational and Semi-Subsistence Fisheries in the EU

Original publication: July 2016 Authors:BIPE: Etienne JOBARD, Stéphane RADUREAU, Pierre CAVE, Marie-Laetitia DES ROBERT Short link to this post: Available languages: The following study aims to recommend a methodological framework for the performance of studies assessing the impacts of marine recreational and subsistence fisheries on national economies and on Read more…

Figure 1: The EU’s external Fisheries agreements

Impact of Fisheries Partnership Agreements on Employment in the EU and in Third Countries

Original publication: July 2016 Author: Megapesca Lda: Ian Goulding Short link to this post: Available languages: This study, requested by the Committee on Fisheries (PECH) of the European Parliament, describes the situation of employment linked to the Fisheries Partnership Agreements (FPAs), which the EU has entered into with third countries. Read more…


The Discard Ban and its Impact on the MSY Objective on Fisheries

Original publication: May 2016 Authors: Clara Ulrich, Lars O. Mortensen, Alexander Kempf, Prellezo Raúl, Santurtún Marina, Andonegi Eider, Louzao Maite, Garcia Dorleta, Iriondo Ane, Sarah B. M. KRAAK, Christian VON DORRIEN, Uwe KRUMME, Lena VON NORDHEIM, Rainer OEBERST, Harry V. STREHLOW and Christopher ZIMMERMANN Short link to this post: Available Read more…

Figure 1: EU inspections and infringements

Social and Economic Impact of the Penalty Point System

Original publication: February 2016 Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz: Mike Beke, Roland Blomeyer Short link to this study: Available languages: Objectives and methodology The European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries commissioned Blomeyer & Sanz to conduct a research study on the social and economic impact of the penalty point system for serious fisheries infringements. The Read more…

Map 1: Adriatic Sea

The Clam Fisheries Sector in the EU – The Adriatic Sea Case

Original publication: January 2016 Authors: Giuseppe Scarcella, Alicia Mosteiro Cabanelas Short link to this post: Available languages: Background Fishing for clams (Chamelea gallina) by means of hydraulic dredges is of paramount importance in the Adriatic. The fishery is divided into Districts (Compartimenti Marittimi) and for each District a fixed number of dredgers are Read more…