By PitK

What is overtourism?

Short link to this post: Do you know what overtourism is and how it impacts societies? What are possible policy responses to mitigate the negative effects? We prepared a short video to explain all this:   Want to learn more? Check out our study on this topic: Overtourism: impact and Read more…


AGRI Committee Research Programme for 2019

Short link to this post: The Policy Department works for the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development (AGRI). It is responsible for supporting AGRI parliamentary work with relevant expertise. The Committee decides, on a regular basis, on the research programme that would fit best with the needs of the Read more…


Proceedings of the workshop on “Discontinuing seasonal changes of time in the EU”

In order to better assess the Commission’s proposal to discontinue the mandatory bi-annual change of the clock (“summer time”) and to receive the latest scientific evidence regarding the possible effects that this might have on different sectors, a workshop took place with 4 experts during the meeting of the Committee on Read more…