Commitments made at the hearing of Adina-Ioana VĂLEAN, Commissioner-designate – Transport

Publication: November 2019Short link to this post: Author: Esteban Coito Gonzalez The Commissioner-designate, Adina-Ioana Vălean, appeared before the European Parliament on 14 November 2019 to answer questions put by MEPs from the Committee on Transport and Tourism. During the hearing, she made a number of commitments which are highlighted Read more…

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European Tourism – Recent Developments and Future Challenges

Original publication: October 2019 Authors: University of Central Lancashire: Richard WESTON, Mary LAWLER, David JARRATT; University of Girona: Jaume GUIA, Lluís PRATS, Dani BLASCO, Natàlia FERRER-ROCA; University of Ljubljana: Tanja Mihalič Short link to this post: Available languages: Background Global tourism has now grown for nine years in succession, Read more…

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EU funding of transport projects

Original publication: July 2019 Authors: José Manuel VASSALLO, Laura GARRIDO. Short link to this post: Available languages: Executive summary: Summary The study provides recommendations for improving the future effectiveness of European Union (EU) funding instruments that support transport projects. These instruments are supposed to comply with three main goals: Read more…

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What is overtourism?

Short link to this post: Do you know what overtourism is and how it impacts societies? What are possible policy responses to mitigate the negative effects? We prepared a short video to explain all this:   Want to learn more? Check out our study on this topic: Overtourism: impact and Read more…


Proceedings of the workshop on “Discontinuing seasonal changes of time in the EU”

In order to better assess the Commission’s proposal to discontinue the mandatory bi-annual change of the clock (“summer time”) and to receive the latest scientific evidence regarding the possible effects that this might have on different sectors, a workshop took place with 4 experts during the meeting of the Committee on Read more…