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What is overtourism?

Short link to this post: Do you know what overtourism is and how it impacts societies? What are possible policy responses to mitigate the negative effects? We prepared a short video to explain all this:   Want to learn more? Check out our study on this topic: Overtourism: impact and Read more…

Figure 1: The twelve aims for sustainable tourism and relationship with the pillars of sustainability

From Responsible Best Practices to Sustainable Tourism Development

Original publication: March 2016 Authors: Lead institution: The Institute of Transport & Tourism, University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom: Richard Weston Partners: NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands: Paul Peeters, Eke Eijgelaar; TEC – Conseil, France: Ghislain Dubois, Wolfgang Strasdas, Marie Lootvoet, Runa Zeppenfeld Short link to this post: Read more…