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Postal services in the EU

Publication: October 2019 Short link to this post: Download: Executive summary: Authors: Copenhagen Economics: Henrik BALLEBYE OKHOLM, Martina FACINO, Mindaugas CERPICKIS, Martha LAHANN, Bruno BASALISCO KEY FINDINGS The EU postal and delivery sector is significant to the EU economy, yet not to be taken for granted, given the important Read more…

Figure 10: Ratio between turnover and employment in the different transport modes (2014)

BREXIT: transport and tourism – the consequences of a no-deal scenario

Original publication: September 2018 Authors: José Francisco PAPÍ FERRANDO, Raffaele ALFONSI, Sabine LANGER, Miguel TRONCOSO. Advisory and review team: Roland BLOMEYER, Kevin BORRAS, Haibo CHEN, Thierry VANELSLANDER, José Manuel VASSALLO. Short link to this post: Available languages: This study focuses on the impact and consequences of a potential ‘no-deal’ Read more…