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Patterns of livestock transport in the EU and to third countries

Publication: June 2021Short link to this post: EnglishAuthors: Research administrator: Albert MASSOT, François NEGRE, Claudia VINCI and Thaya DINKEL (trainee) Key findings Every year, millions of livestock is transported within and outside of the European Union for trade purposes. Trade reasons can be various, among those: breeding, fattening and slaughtering. Read more…

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Animal welfare on sea vessels and criteria for approval of livestock authorisation

Publication: May 2021 Short link to this post: Download: English Executive summary: Authors: Main Authors:  Maria BOADA – SAÑA, Katarzyna KULIKOWSKA Second Authors: Iris BAUMGÄRTNER, Magdalena ROMAŃSKA, Tea DRONIJC Contributors: Nina ENGWALD, Francesca PORTA, Gerit WEIDINGER Revisor:  Xavier MANTECA Key findings Transport of live animals by sea to third Read more…

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The revival of wolves and other large predators and its impact on farmers and their livelihood in rural regions of Europe

Original publication: August 2018 Authors: John D. C. LINNELL, Benjamin CRETOIS – Norwegian Institute for Nature Research Shot link to this post: Available languages: Background The conflict between large carnivores and humans goes back to the origins of domestication, as does the ingenuity of livestock herders in developing ways Read more…