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Implementation of the current EU fisheries control system by Member States (2014-19)

Publication: June 2020 Short link to this post: Download:  Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz: Margarita SANZ, Kim STOBBERUP, Roland BLOMEYER Executive Summary The purpose of this briefing note on the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) infringement procedures and sanctions throughout the European Union (EU) is to present an update on an earlier Read more…

Figure 1: EU inspections and infringements

Social and Economic Impact of the Penalty Point System

Original publication: February 2016 Authors: Blomeyer & Sanz: Mike Beke, Roland Blomeyer Short link to this study: Available languages: Objectives and methodology The European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries commissioned Blomeyer & Sanz to conduct a research study on the social and economic impact of the penalty point system for serious fisheries infringements. The Read more…