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Information about new/revised Factsheets will be posted under this heading. The complete current set for AGRI is linked below: The common agricultural policy (CAP): 3.2.1. The common agricultural policy (CAP) and the Treaty 3.2.2. Financing of the CAP 3.2.3. The Common Agricultural Policy – instruments and reforms 3.2.4. First pillar Read more…


Workshop: The Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020: appraisal of the EC legislative proposals

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development – Study requested by AGRI Committee, commissioned and managed by the Policy Department – “The Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020: appraisal of the EC legislative proposals” – Presentations by Emil Erjavec, Ljubljana University, Dr ir R.A. Jongeneel, Wageningen UR and Tomás García Azcárate, Institute Read more…

Figure 2. Historical development of the Common Agricultural Policy

The CAP support beyond 2020 – assessing the future structure of direct payments and the rural development interventions in the light of the EU agricultural and environmental challenges

Original publication: October 2018 Author: Dr ir R.A. Jongeneel, with contributions from Dr. H. Silvis, Wageningen UR Short link to this post: Available languages: Background The legislative proposals on the CAP beyond 2020, unveiled on 1st June, fleshes out details of EU’s future Common Agricultural Policy. The European Parliament’s Read more…


Czesław Adam Siekierski, Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, welcomes new blog

I welcome the launch of this blog highlighting research for the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. The studies and briefings produced by the Policy Department are a key support for our work, as shown by its recent presentations on young farmers and its BREXIT workshop covering the budget, trade and institutional issues. The blog provides Read more…

Figure A1: Less-Favoured Areas in EU-28

CAP Reform Post-2020 – Challenges in Agriculture

Original publication: October 2016 Authors: Alan Matthews, Louis Pascal Mahé, Jean-Christophe Bureau, Thomas Dax and Andrew Copus Short link to this post: Available languages: – Study: – Executive summary: This document was prepared for the Workshop on “‘Reflections on the agricultural challenges post-2020 in the EU: preparing the next Read more…

Map 6: Allocation of budgets between Strategic Priorities, by Member State

Programmes Implementing the 2015-2020 Rural Development Policy

Original publication: May 2016 Authors: CCRI, University of Gloucestershire, UK: Janet Dwyer, Katarina Kubinakova, Nick Lewis, John Powell and Mauro Vigani Thünen Institute, Germany: Barbara Fährmann Alexander Gocht, Regina Grajewski Red2Red consultores, Spain: Maria Coto Sauras, Paloma Nieto Cachinero CREA, Italy: Francesco Mantino INRA-CESAER Dijon, France: Marielle Berriet-Solliec, Hai-vu Pham Read more…

Figure 2 EU-Expenditure on Direct Aid by Member State 2000-2014

The Role of the EU’S Common Agricultural Policy in Creating Rural Jobs

Original publication: April 2016 Authors: ÖIR: Bernd Schuh; Helene Gorny, Jiannis Kaucic, Stephanie Kirchmayr-Novak CCRI, University of Gloucestershire: Mauro Vigani, John Powell, Eleanor Hawketts Short link to this post: Available languages: The study at hand deals with “The Role of the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy in Creating Rural Jobs”. This document Read more…