Fisheries in Japan

Original publication: August 2017 Authors: Matilde Vallerani, Carmen-Paz Martí, Priit Ojamaa Short link to this post: Available languages: The present note was requested by the Committee on Fisheries of the European Parliament for its Delegation to Japan (18-22 September 2017). The note provides a review of the main characteristics Read more…


The Japanese Transport System

Original publication: October 2016 Author: Marc Thomas, Research Administrator Short link to this post: Available languages: Overview Japan’s population was 127 million in 2014. It has being declining since its peak of 128.1 million in 2008[1]. It is also ageing[2] and concentrated in the main metropolitan areas[3]. The country’s economy Read more…

Figure 11: International academic staff

Internationalisation of Higher Education

Original publication: July 2015 Authors: Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI): Hans de Wit, Fiona Hunter European Association for International Education (EAIE): Laura Howard International Association of Universities (IAU): Eva Egron-Polak Short link to this post: Available languages: – Study: – Executive summary: Internationalisation of higher education in Europe Read more…