EU-28 transport GHG emissions per mode, 1990-2013, in million tCO2-eq4:

The Paris Agreement and the EU Transport Policy

Original publication: March 2016 Author: Marc Thomas, Research Administrator Short link to this post: Available languages: 1. BACKGROUND: GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS FROM EU TRANSPORT Transport currently contributes to roughly a quarter of the total EU man-made greenhouse gas emissions. This share is growing since transport is the only EU Read more…

Figure 50: Comparison of the carbon and energy flows in bioenergy and fossil energy systems (Berndes et al., 2010)

The Impact of Biofuels on Transport and the Environment, and their Connection with Agricultural Development in Europe

Original publication: February 2015 Authors: Luisa Marelli, Monica Padella, Robert Edwards, Alberto Moro, Marina Kousoulidou, Jacopo Giuntoli, David Baxter, Veljko Vorkapic, Alessandro Agostini, Adrian O’Connell, Laura Lonza and Lilian Garcia-Lledo (European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, Sustainable Transport Unit) Short link to this post: Available Read more…