Figure 5: Proportion of family labour in total regular farm labour in full-time equivalents (AWUs) according to size of the farm in ha in selected EU MSs, 2010 (%)

Family farming in Europe: challenges and prospects

Original publication: April 2014 Authors: University of Kent: Ms Sophia DAVIDOVA; University of Aberdeen: Mr Kenneth THOMSON Short link to this post: Available languages: This note discusses the definitions, challenges and future prospects of family farming in the EU. Some challenges, such as market volatility and climate change, are Read more…

Figure 3. Precision Agriculture services offered over time

Precision agriculture – An opportunity for EU farmers – Potential support with the CAP 2014-2020

Original publication: March 2014 Authors: Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission , Pablo J. Zarco-Tejada, Neil Hubbard and Philippe Loudjani (Monitoring Agriculture ResourceS (MARS) Unit H04) Short link to this post: Available languages: Precision Agriculture (PA) is a whole-farm management approach using information technology, satellite positioning (GNSS) Read more…