Figure 2: Percentage of pupils learning at least two foreign languages in EU, 2000-2010

European Strategy for Multilingualism: Benefits and Costs

Original publication: October 2016 Author: Michele Gazzola, Research Group in Languages and Economics (“REAL” Group), Department of Eucation Studies of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and Institute for Ethnic Studies, Ljubljana, Slovenia Short link to this post: Available languages: Background and aims The European Strategy for Multilingualism (ESM) has three general Read more…

Figure 3: Global network and infrastructure of European cultural institutes

European Cultural Institutes Abroad

Original publication: 2nd edition in March 2016 Authors: KEA European Affairs: Yolanda Smits, Clémentine Daubeuf, Philippe Kern Short link to this post: Available languages: – Study: – Executive summary: The European Union (EU) should endeavour to use its cultural and creative assets to better assert its influence around the world. Today, Read more…


Integrity and Good Governance in Sport

Original publication: December 2015 Author: David Walsh Short link to this post: Available languages: Executive Summary The author describes his progress from sports enthusiast to sceptic following repeated  experiences, as a journalist, of frauds in high-level sports including athletics and swimming but especially cycling. These frauds involved performance-enhancing drugs Read more…


Innovative Schools: Teaching & Learning in the Digital Era

Original publication: April and May 2015 Authors: Department of Teacher Education, University of Helsinki, Finland: Kirsti Lonka, and Mind the Gap Research Group: Lauri Hietajärvi, Mona Moisala, Heta Tuominen-Soini, Lauri. J. Vaara Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki, Finland: Kai Hakkarainen, Katariina Salmela-Aro [Part 1] Vincent Cho, Ph.D. and Read more…