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Study presentation: Audiovisual Sector and Brexit: the Regulatory Environment

Committee on Culture and Education – Study requested by CULT Committee, commissioned and managed by the Policy Department – “Audiovisual Sector and Brexit: the Regulatory Environment” – Presentation by Mark Cole, Institute of European Media Law (EMR) Brussels, 8 November 2018 Short link to this post: The United Kingdom Read more…


Services of general interest in the funding period 2014-2020

Original publication: January 2016 Authors: Erik Gløersen, Marius Drăgulin, Silke Haarich, Sabine Zillmer, Frank Holstein, Cristian Lüer and Sebastian Hans (Spatial Foresight) Short link to this post: Available languages:   The study analyses the role that SGI can play in the 2014-2020 programming period, and how the European Structural Read more…

Adriatic and Ionian region: socioeconomic analysis and assessment of transport and energy links

Adriatic and Ionian region: socio-economic analysis and assessment of transport and energy links

Original publication: December 2015 Authors: Kovacevic Aleksandar, Pagella Paolo, Business Integration Partners SPA Short link to this post: Available languages: This study is aimed at describing the socio-economic situation and the state of play of energy, transport and tourism linkages in the Adriatic and Ionian Region. It identifies development Read more…


Romania’s general transport master plan and rail system

Original publication: June 2015 Authors:  Marc Thomas, Research Administrator with the assistance of Caroline Rooks (trainee) and Roberto Calise (trainee) Short link to this post: Available languages: Romania’s General Transport Master Plan is currently under preparation. This note summarizes its content with regard to rail transport. It also briefly Read more…

Transport in Turkey - Major trends and issues

Transport in Turkey – Major Trends and Issues

Original publication: March 2015 Author: Marc Thomas, Research Administrator Short link to this post: Available languages: This overview of the current situation and trends in the Turkish transport sector was prepared to provide information to the Parliamentary Delegation to Turkey (7-9 April 2015). 1. Overview The transport sector in Read more…

Figure 2.5: At-risk-of-poverty rate and social exclusion benefits*

Social Inclusion in EU Public Transport

Original publication: March 2015 Authors: Manuela Samek Lodovici and Nicoletta Torchio Short link to this post: Available languages: – Study: – Executive summary: This report describes the links between transport and social inclusion according to the recent literature and provides evidence regarding the population groups at greater risk of Read more…


Economic, Social and Territorial Situation of the Netherlands

Original publication: February 2015 Authors: Marek Kołodziejski (Research Administrator) Shortl ink to this post: Available languages:   This in-depth analysis provides an overview of the Netherlands, its political, economic and administrative system and of its Partnership Agreement for the 2014-2020 period. The analysis has been drawn up in preparation Read more…


Impact of the Economic Crisis on Social, Economic and Territorial Cohesion of the European Union

Original publication: June 2014 Authors: Simona Milio in cooperation with: Riccardo Crescenzi, Waltraud Schelkle, Niccolo Durazzi, Elitsa Garnizova, Pawel Janowski, Agnieszka Olechnicka, Davide Luca and Maria Fossarello Short link to this post: Available languages: – Study: – Annex I:   The impact of the economic and financial crisis that Read more…

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