We regularly create an extensive database comprising all the relevant information to the work of the AGRI Committee members. You can find here recent key documents, research and think tank papers, news, legislation initiatives, and events on AGRI topics.

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*Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
**This list is intended for internal EP use and some links are available only to subscribers.


Conference on the Future of Europe: The Future is in your hands, multilingual digital platform

EP – EPRS: Conference on the Future of Europe, Briefing, May 2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe, At a Glance – Infographic, 1 June 2021

EC: Commission launches EU missions to tackle major challenges, 29 September 2021

EC: State of the Union 2021 – President von der Leyen’s speech, 13 September 2021


Slovenian Presidency of the Council (1/7/2021 – 31/12/2021): Web site

Programme for the Slovenian Presidency

Slovenian presidency priorities : PrioritiesAgriculture and Fisheries Council, 19 July 2021

Draft agendas for Council meetings during the second semester of 2021, 1 July 2021

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 11-12 October 2021 – Main results

Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 15 November 2021 – Main results

French Presidency of the Council of the EU (1/1//2022 – 30/6/2022)

FR Government: France outlines plans for EU presidency in 2022, Statement, a4 November 2021

Lighthouse Europe: Engaging with the French Presidency of the Council

EESC: French Presidency of the Council of the EU, Web page

Eur Activ: ‘Too many priorities kill the priorities?’ France’s many ambitions for its 2022 EU presidency, 1`3 September 2021

European Council of Foreign Relations: French Connection: Macron’s plans for Europe, 22 October 2021

EC: 2022 Commission Work Programme – Key documents, 19 October 2021

Eur Activ: On EU Commission’s menu for agri in 2022: pesticides, carbon removal, packaging, 7 October 2021

EC: Annual EU Budget 2022, November 2021

SPD – Gruene – FPD (DE): Mehr Fortschritt Wagen – German coalition agreement 2021-2025, November 2021  


EURLEX: Regulations (EU) 2021/2115 (Strategic Plans), 2021/2116 (Financing, management and monitoring) and 2021/2117 (CMO) establishing the CAP post 2023, JO L 435 of 6 December 2021

EP: CAP reform – Texts adopted, 23 November 2021

Council: Council adopts fairer, greener and more performance-based farming policy for 2023-2027, 2 December 2021

EC: CAP impact on Generation Renewal, Presentation to COMAGRI, 1 September 2021

Journal of Rural Studies: Understanding farm generational renewal and its influencing factors in Europe, August 2021

EEB – WWF – Bird Life: Will CAP eco-schemes be worth their name?, Report, 29 November 2021

Agrar Heute (DE): Öko-Regelungen: So viel Geld gibt es pro Hektar, 7 October 2021

Europe Jacques Delors: GRAPE 1: Greening Agri-food Policy in the EU: Origins, evolution and the future we need, Paper, 19 October 2021

IFOAM: The Ambition GAP: Assessing organic farming support measures in current draft national CAP Strategic Plans for the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2027, 18 November 2021

Eur Activ: Commissioner to oppose CAP plans restricting support for small, medium farmers, 19 November 2021

Commission bows to pressure to water down Green Deal ambitions in CAP plans, 11 November 2021

Hard or soft law: what’s the status of EU sustainable agriculture goals?, 29 October 2021

CAP reform – How will EU Member States deliver on their CAP Strategic Plans?, 20 October 2021

Arc2020: CAP Strategic Plans, Web page

Italian CAP Plan in Progress: too Little, too Late?, 8 October 2021

CAP Beyond the EU | Precision Agriculture: For Whom Precisely?, 7 November 2021

National Coalitions Urge Commission to Assess CAP Plans with Ambition, 30 November 2021

IEEP: CAP Strategic Plans shadow assessment of environmental needs: France, 11 October 2021

Cultivar (FR): Les PSN de la future PAC très différents selon les pays, 19 novembre 2021

Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation FR: Economic organisations in agricultural sectors and impacts on farmers’ incomes, CEP Analyses, N° 168, 28 October 2021

Land: A Spatial Typography of Environmentally Friendly Common Agricultural Policy Support Relevant to European Green Deal Objectives, 15 October 2021

Pesticide Action Network: Inspiration note for the development of EU’s Common Agricultural Policy: What changes are needed to make risk management tools a suitable rural development measure?, 2021

Euro Choices: Looking in the Rear-View Mirror: Changes in the Common Agricultural Policy in the First Five years of Euro Choices, 31 August 2021

Sustainability: Twenty Years of Common Agricultural Policy in Europe: A Bibliometric Analysis, 13(19), 25 September 2021

Wageningen U&R: Common Agricultural Policy Reform, Dossier

ENRD: Common Agricultural Policy post-2020, Web page

Bio One – Ardeola: Environmental Objectives of Spanish Agriculture: Scientific Guidelines for their Effective Implementation under the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2030, Ardeola 68(2), 29 June 2021

Agricultural Economics: A longitudinal and cross-sectional analysis of the distribution of Common Agricultural Policy aids in European countries, Vol 67, 2021

Académie d’Agriculture de France (FR): Analyse comparée des Plans Stratégiques Nationaux de la future PAC dans trois États membres : Allemagne, Espagne et Roumanie, 17 novembre 2021

INRAE – Agro biosciences: Changeons l’évaluation de la PAC, Revue Sésame, 19 octobre 2021

Eur Activ (FR): PAC : le plan stratégique national de la France soumis à l’avis des citoyen, 15 novembre 2021

Alternatives Économiques (FR): La politique agricole a besoin d’un profond changement, 14 septembre 2021  

L’Express (FR): La nouvelle PAC, une chance ou une “régression” pour l’agriculture française?, 30 novembre 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): La nouvelle PAC a-t-elle les moyens des ambitions du Pacte Vert?, 12 octobre 2021

Terre-Net (FR): Plan stratégique national. Une nouvelle PAC qui accompagne la transition?, 2 novembre 2021


EC: The 2021 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference, Event, 9-10 December 2021

EC: Short-term Outlook – Autumn 2021 Edition, 8 October 2021

EC: Launch of the European Start-up Village Forum, 16 November 2021

EC: Proposal for a Decision establishing the 2030 Policy Programme “Path to the Digital Decade”, 15 September 2021

EC: A long-term vision for the EU’s rural areas, Communication of 28 June 2021

EP – EPRS: Long-term vision for rural areas: European Commission communication, Briefing, September 2021

EP – EPRS: Exploring gender equality across policy areas, At a Glance, October 2021

EP: Competitiveness of EU agriculture, COMAGRI Hearing, Presentations, 29 November 2021

FAO: FAO Council, 168th Session, 29 November – 3 December 2021

The State of Food and Agriculture 2021 – Making agrifood systems more resilient to shocks and stresses, 2021

A multi-billion-dollar opportunity – Repurposing agricultural support to transform food systems, 2021

OECD: Design principles for agricultural risk management policies, May 2021

Politico: The Future of Food and Farming – Summit, 23- 24 September 2021

Environmental Innovation & Social Transitions: Beyond food for thought – Directing sustainability transitions research to address fundamental change in agri-food systems, Vol 41, December 2021          

Land Use Policy: Latest Issue, Vol. 108, September 2021

Latest Issue, Vol. 109, October 2021

Latest Issue, Vol. 111, December 2021

Latest Issue, Vol. 112, In progress, January 2022

Multi-actor arrangements for farmland management in Eastern Spain, September 2021

Are agricultural sustainability and resilience complementary notions? Evidence from the North European agriculture, 4 October 2021

Design of the macroeconomic evolution of Romania’s agriculture 2020–2040, January 2022

European Review of Agricultural Economics: Quantifying the resilience of European farms using FADN, 13 October 2021

Agricultural Systems: Scenarios for European agricultural policymaking in the era of digitalisation, Vol 196, February 2022

Robustness to import declines of three types of European farming systems assessed with a dynamic nitrogen flow model, Vol. 193, October 2021

Resilience capacities as perceived by European farmers, Vol. 193, October 2021

Ecosystem Services: Depopulation impacts on ecosystem services in Mediterranean rural areas, Vol 52, December 2021

Agricultural and Food Economics: EU income stabilization tool: potential impacts, financial sustainability and farmer’s risk aversion, 9 November 2021

PNAS: Wolves make roadways safer, generating large economic returns to predator conservation, 1 June 2021

SAGE Journals: “Paradoxical” Dissatisfaction among Post-Socialist Farmers with the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy: A Study of Farmers’ Subjectivities in Rural Poland, 9 September 2021

Analysing the Adoption of Intelligent Agent Technology in Food Supply Chain Management: An Empirical Evidence, 25 November 2021

Policy Sciences: Institutional complexity traps in policy integration processes: a long-term perspective on Swiss flood risk management, Vol 54, 12 November 2021

Journal of Agricultural Economists (JAE): Measuring farmers’ well-being: Influence of farm-level factors on satisfaction with work and quality of life, 13 October 2021

Technology in Society: Digitalization of agriculture: A way to solve the food problem or a trolley dilemma?, November 2021

Environmental Research Letters: Mapping global research on agricultural insurance, 6 October 2021

Wageningen University & Research: Navigating the Twilight Zone: Pathways towards digital transformation of food systems, Mansholt Lecture, 2021 

Climate Risk Management: Revisiting the diversification and insurance relationship: Differences between on– and off-farm strategies, Vol. 32, 2021

Voluntary purchases and adverse selection in the market for flood insurance, Vol. 32, 2021

Global Food Security: Why are agri-food systems resistant to new directions of change? A systematic review, Vol. 31, December 2021

Agriculture: Designing Just Transition Pathways: A Methodological Framework to Estimate the Impact of Future Scenarios on Employment in the French Dairy Sector, November 2021

European Journal of Agronomy: Agro-economic prospects for expanding soybean production beyond its current northerly limit in Europe, Vol 133, February 2022

Journal of Rural Studies: Participatory assessment of critical thresholds for resilient and sustainable European farming systems, Vol. 88, December 2021

Trends in Ecology & Evolution: Farm robots: ecological utopia or dystopia?, Vol.36, issue 9, September 2021

Emerald Insight: Illusion of control in farmers’ investment and financing decisions, 3 September 2021

Institute for Advanced Studies: The economic and ecological footprint of the spirits sector in the EU, the UK, Norway and Switzerland, Research report commissioned by Spirits Europe, October 2021

Politico: The transatlantic relationship descends into a food fight. America and Europe have competing visions of how to feed the world — and we could all be caught in the cross-fire, 29 September 2021

Germany’s next agriculture chief: Green, veggie … and farmers’ friend?, 2 December 2021

Fediol: Implications of natural gas price spikes on EU industry and food chain, 6 October 2021

Journal of Cleaner Production: Exploring the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of community-supported agriculture in Italy, Vol. 316, 20 September 2021

CET – Chemical Engineering Transactions: Scenario Analysis of Changes in the Food Supply Chain, Vol 88, 2021

Food Drink Europe: Food Future, Web page, Policy areas

The Guardian: Revealed: exploitation of meat plant workers rife across UK and Europe, 28 September 2021

The whole system is rotten’: life inside Europe’s meat industry, 28 September 2021

Chambres d’Agriculture (FR): Accords de libre-échange, politique commerciale agricole et stratégie environnementale de l’UE: enjeux et perspectives pour l’agriculture française, octobre 2021            

Gouvernement FR  – Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation (FR): Place des outils d’organisation économique dans les filières, Analyse 168, 31 Aout 2021

La cantine pour apprendre à bien manger, 14 octobre 2021

Projets alimentaires territoriaux : les initiatives se multiplient, Octobre 2021

Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation – Centre d’études et de prospective (FR): Blog de Veille, novembre 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): Assurance récolte: Le gouvernement va lancer la réforme, 30 novembre 2021

Nutri-Score: Denormandie appelle à « revoir la méthodologie », 21 octobre 2021

Le Sénat et l’Assemblée s’accordent sur la future loi Égalim 2, 5 octobre 2021

Comment la loi Égalim 2 pourra-t-elle être efficace en matière de rémunération?, 5 octobre 2021

Les prix des engrais azotés s’envolent, 9 octobre 2021

Pourquoi l’effort demandé aux agriculteurs est-il inéquitable?, 29 septembre 2021

Coordination rurale : « Non à la HVE, non à l’assurance récolte obligatoire ! », 8 septembre 2021

Agriculture Stratégies (FR): Ambiguïtés et limites de la nouvelle loi Egalim, 7 septembre 2021

CFDT Cadres (FR): Évaluation des politiques publiques de l’agroalimentaire et de l’environnement. Quels en sont les défis?, Revue No 490, Octobre 2021

AgriDées (FR):  La comptabilité environnementale à l’honneur à l’Académie d’Agriculture, 26 novembre 2021

Le pilotage agricole : la clé de la gestion des risques, 17 septembre 2021

Ouest France (FR): Le Parlement adopte une nouvelle loi pour protéger le revenu des agriculteurs, 14 octobre 2021

Rémunération des agriculteurs : la contractualisation sera obligatoire dès 2022, 30 octobre 2021

Sud-Ouest (FR): Rémunération des agriculteurs : les sénateurs veulent rééquilibrer les rapports de force, 19 septembre 2021

BFM (FR): Rémunération des agriculteurs: ce que le Sénat veut modifier dans la loi Egalim 2, 19 septembre 2021

Fondation Carasso (FR): Décrypter la numérisation dans les filières agricoles et alimentaires, 2 novembre 2021

L’Express (FR): Flambée des matières premières : ce grand incendie qui ne manque pas de carburant, 14 novembre 2021

Capital (FR): Pays-Bas : 1ère ferme flottante au monde. Un troupeau de vaches rumine paisiblement quelques mètres au-dessus des eaux à bord d’une ferme flottante de 3 étages qui doit représenter “l’avenir de l’élevage”, 3 septembre 2021

Réussir (FR): Stéphane Le Foll : « le seul problème du monde agricole c’est de penser qu’il faut produire plus », 3 septembre 2021

Les Petites Affiches (FR): Travail : des contrôles « européens » sur les détachés et saisonniers, 8 novembre 2021

Terres et Territoires (FR): Quand l’agriculture tend la main aux réfugiés, 27 aout 2021

AOC (FR): L’agriculture comme système écologique et culturel – Nourrir le monde ? (1/2), Gilles Allaire, 6 septembre 2021

La « part maudite » de l’agriculture – Nourrir le monde ? (2/2), Gilles Allaire, 7 septembre 2021

The Conversation: Comprendre la carte de la France agricole, 13 octobre 2021

Loin de « l’éternel paysan », la figure très paradoxale de l’agriculteur français, 13 octobre 2021

République Française – France AgriMer (FR): Indicateurs de coûts de production agricole et de marché, 9 novembre 2021

Courrier International (FR): Rapport. Droits des travailleurs migrants : les Nations unies réprimandent l’Italie, 8 octobre 2021


COP26: Web page

Glasgow Climate Pact, 13 November 2021

Draft decision – Proposal by the President, 12 November 2021

UNFCCC documents

Carbon Brief: COP26: Key outcomes for food, forests, land use and Nature in Glasgow, 17 November 2021

Eur Activ: Agricultural implications of the COP26 methane pledge, 16 November 2021

Politico: EU will not strengthen climate action plan in 2022, 1 December 2021

Yale Environment 360: Glasgow Disappointed, But It Inched the World Forward on Climate, 15 November 2021

Euro Choices: COP26, Climate Change and the Agri-food Sector – The EuroChoices Evidence, August 2021

Are the COP26 Climate Change Negotiations Ready to Embrace Agriculture?, 31 August 2021

COP26 and the Agri-food Sector – Key Roles for Economists in Tackling Climate Change Challenges, 31 August 2021

Policy to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Is Agricultural Methane a Special Case?, 31 August 2021

Improving Consumers’ Understanding and Use of Carbon Footprint Labels on Food: Proposal for a Climate Score Label, 31 August 2021

Climate Change and Agriculture: an Integrated Dutch Perspective, 31 August 2021

Reduction of Greenhouse Gases from Peat Soils in Dutch Agriculture, 31 August 2021

We Should Focus on Food Consumption to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Agriculture, 31 August 2021 

Soil Carbon Policy Faces Big Challenges, 31 August 2021

The Club of Rome: COP26: Forgoing the planetary emergency and adopting incrementalism, 19 November 2021

Council: Fit for 55The EU’s plan for a green transition

Fit for 55 package – Infographic – How the EU delivers the green transition

5 facts about the EU’s goal of climate neutrality

Energy Post EU: ‘Fit for 55’ should prioritise decarbonisation of laggards: buildings, transport, industry, agriculture, 14 July 2021

EP: LULUCF – Legislative train schedule

European Environmental Bureau (EEB):  Get ‘Fit for 55’ with Agriculture, Press release, 6 July 2021

Agriculture in the revision of the ESR and LULUCF regulation – additional information to the EEB’s response to the public consultations, 5 February 2021

WWF: Position paper on reform of the EU LULUCF Regulation, 9 July 2021

CAN Europe: Position paper on the revision of the EU LULUCF legislation, June 2021

EP ENVI study: 2030 climate target plan: review of Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry (LULUCF) Regulation, 25 June 2021

FERN: The EU LULUCF Regulation: Help or hindrance to sustainable forest biomass use?, 27 January 2021

EC: Tackling rising energy prices: a toolbox for action and support, Communication, 13 October 2021

EC: Climate Change – Restoring Sustainable Carbon Cycles, Roadmap, Public consultation September – October 2021

EC – JRC: Population exposure and migrations linked to climate change in Africa, November 2021

European Ombudsman: Recommendations of the EC’s refusal to grant public access to documents concerning compliance with biofuels sustainability criteria under the Renewable Energy Directive, Case 1527/2020/DL, 8 November 2021

European Court of Auditors (ECA): Special Report 21/2021: EU funding for biodiversity and climate change in EU forests: positive but limited results, 4 October 2021

Sustainable water use in agriculture: CAP funds more likely to promote greater rather than more efficient water use, Special Report 20/2021, 28 September 2021

Ouest France (FR): Agriculture. La Cour des comptes de l’UE étrille la PAC sur la gestion de l’eau, 28 septembre 2021

UN Environment Programme: Convention on Biological Diversity – Kunming Declaration ‘Ecological Civilization: Building a shared Future for All Life on Earth’, Final Draft, 13 October 2021

FAO – Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture: From Rome to Kunming and beyond, 15 October 2021

CGRFA Web page 

OECD: A global analysis of the cost-efficiency of forest carbon sequestration, 30 November 2021

Botanic Gardens Conservation International: State of the World’s Trees, September 2021

EEB: Joint Letter on Carbon Farming, 2 December 2021

University of Cambridge: Concentrate farming to leave room for species and carbon, 6 October 2021

Journal of Zoology: Concentrating vs. spreading our footprint: how to meet humanity’s needs at least cost to nature, 5 October 2021

NASA (US): Global Climate Change Impact on Crops Expected Within 10 Years, NASA Study Finds, 1 November 2021

Confederation of European Forest Owners: Position – The new EU Forest Strategy for 2030, 4 October 2021

FAO: Global Soil Partnership – Global Soil Organic Carbon Sequestration Potential Map (GSOCseq)

Carnegie Europe: The EU and Climate Security:  Toward Ecological Diplomacy, July 2021

USDA – FAS: EU Green Deal – July 2021 Update, August 2021

Journal for European Environmental & Planning Law: Roots of Modern Environmental Law in Europe, 26 July 2021

Journal of Rural Studies: How are ecological approaches justified in European rural development policy? Evidence from a content analysis of CAP and rural development discourses, Vol. 86, August 2021

Sustainability: Factors Influencing Adoption of Sustainable Farming Practices in Europe: A Systemic Review of Empirical Literature. Sustainability, 12(22), 9719;, 21 November 2020

Ecological Indicators: Quantifying sustainable intensification of agriculture: The contribution of metrics and modelling, Vol. 129, October 2021

Environmental Science & Policy: Knowledge architecture for the wise governance of sustainability transitions, Vol 126, December 2021

Agricultural Systems: Manure management and soil biodiversity: Towards more sustainable food systems in the EU, December 2021

Nature Climate Change: The adverse consequences of global harvest and weather disruptions on economic activity, Vol. 11, August 2021

Nature Communications: Current and projected regional economic impacts of heatwaves in Europe, 4 October 2021

Academia Letters: Data Anthropocene: A common perspective for data, AI and the ecological crisis, November 2021

Think 2030: Think Sustainable Europe, Web page

Science of The Total Environment: What is the deal with the Green Deal: Will the new strategy help to improve European freshwater quality beyond the Water Framework Directive?, Vol. 791, October 2021

Heinrich Böll Foundation: Meat Atlas 2021 – Facts and figures about the animals we eat, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung in cooperation with, Friends of the Earth Europe and BUND, 2021

 Global Environmental Change: Income, consumer preferences, and the future of livestock-derived food demand, Vol 70, September 2021

The Guardian: Netherlands proposes radical plans to cut livestock numbers by almost a third, 9 September 2021

OEGA (EN & DE): Carbon footprints of Austrian and South American beef, 2021

Earth Buddies: Cows are Not the Only Ones That Release Methane, Trees Do Too and It’s Flammable, 2021

Mongabay: Grain production depends on ending deforestation, studies show, 30 August 2021

US CRS reports: Agriculture and Forestry Offsets in Carbon Markets: Background and Selected Issues, 3 November 2021

U.S. Climate Change Policy, 28 October 2021

Sénat France (FR): Méthanisations: au-delà des controverses, quelles perspectives?, Rapport d’Information de M. Daniel Salmon, 29 septembre 2021

Ouest France (FR): Agriculture. La Confédération paysanne dénonce « les dérives » de la méthanisation, 9 septembre 2021

WWF France (FR): Payer les forestiers pour services rendus?, Rapport, Septembre 2021

DecodAgri (FR): L’agriculture est responsable du déclin des insectes, 2 septembre 2021

Réussir la HVE (FR): Environnement et alimentation: les-pratiques en HVE changent-elles vraiment les choses?, 21 octobre 2021


EC: Report of the state of the transposition and implementation of Directive on unfair trading practices in business-to-business relationships in the agricultural and food supply chain, 27 October 2021

EC: Report on the implementation of Council Directive 91/676/EEC concerning the protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources based on Member State reports for the period 2016–2019, 11 October 2021

EC: The Nitrates Directive Web

EC: Press release – Commission adopts contingency plan for food supply and food security in times of crisis, 12 November 2021

Contingency plan for ensuring food supply and food security, Communication, 12 November 2021

EC – JRC: Contingency plan for ensuring food supply and food security, A. Matthews, Workshop Report – JRC Conference, 11 November 2021

EC: EU Food Loss and Waste Prevention Hub, 29 September 2021

EC: Legislation for plants produced by certain new genomic techniques, Roadmap & Public consultation (September – October 2021)

EC: Sustainable EU Food System, New initiative Road Map, September – October 2021

EC: Proposal for a regulation on deforestation-free products, 17 November 2021

EC: EU soil Strategy for 2030, 17 November 2021

EC: High level event on “New genomic techniques – the way forward for safe and sustainable innovation in the agri-food sector”, 29 November 2021

EC: Green Deal targets for 2030 and agricultural production studies, Factsheet, 18 October 2021

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel & EuroCare (DE): F2F-Studie: Ökonomische und Ökologische Auswirkungen des Green Deals in der Agrarwirtschaft, Grain Club, 9 September 2021

Executive Summary – Economic and Environmental impacts of the Green Deal on the Agricultural Economy: A Simulation Study of the Impact of the F2F-Strategy on Production, Trade, Welfare and the Environment based on the CAPRI-Model (EN)

HFFA: The socio-economic and environmental values of plant breeding in the EU and for selected EU member states, HFFA Research Paper, 12 May 2021

Wageningen University & Research: Impact Assessment Study on EC 2030 Green Deal Targets for Sustainable Food Production: Effects of Farm to Fork and Biodiversity Strategy 2030 at farm, national and EU level, 2021

JRC: Modelling environmental and climate ambition in the agricultural sector with the CAPRI Model, JRC Technical Report, 29 July 2021

EP: Research for the AGRI Committee – The Green Deal and the CAP: policy implications to adapt farming practices and to preserve the EU’s natural resources, 23 November 2020

COPA – COGECA: The Farm to Fork/Biodiversity strategies. What are the first studies saying about their potential impacts?, COPA – COGECA Communication Team, 28 September 2021

Eur Activ: EU Agri Commissioner dangles promise of ‘comprehensive’ Farm to Fork impact assessment, 23 September 2021

Farm to Fork: What the analysis and data tell us, Recording, 12 October 2021

(FR): Comment réussir la transition agro-écologique?, 8 septembre 2021

IDDRI – INRAE (FR): La stratégie «De la fourche à la fourchette»: une trajectoire d’innovation ambitieuse et réaliste pour le système alimentaire européen, 13 octobre 2021

(EN) Reaching the Farm to Fork objectives and beyond: Impacts of an agro-ecological Europe on land use, trade and global food security, Policy Brief No 6, July 2021.  

Agri Mutuel (FR): La stratégie de l’UE, une trajectoire « réaliste » pour l’agriculture (Iddri), 19 octobre 2021

Végétable (FR): Le rapport « discret » des services de la Commission sur les stratégies européennes, 17 septembre 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): Pacte Vert européen: Quelles politiques pour atténuer les conséquences fortes sur l’agriculture?, 9 novembre 2021

L’Europe défend sa stratégie De la ferme à la fourchette, 19 octobre 2021

Julien Denormandie interpelle l’UE sur sa stratégie de verdissement, 23 septembre 2021

Réussir (FR): Agriculture en Europe : les prédictions funestes d’une étude cachée, 2 septembre 2021

European Medicines Agency: Sales of veterinary antimicrobial agents in 31 European countries in 2019 and 2020 – Trends from 2010 to 2020, November 2021

EP: European Parliament resolution on a farm to fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system, 20 October 2021

IEEP: MEPs back up European Commission’s plans for sustainable food systems, 10 September 2021

Joint CSO statement: The EU must stand by the Farm to Fork Strategy, 14 October 2021

Eur Activ: MEPs slam Commission for delaying release of Farm to Fork report, 12 October 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): Le Parlement européen demande des objectifs contraignants, 20 octobre 2021

EP – EPRS: Cost of crop protection measures, Study, September 2021

EFSA: The science behind nutrient profiling – have your say, 15 November 2021

Arc 2020: The EU finally has the makings of a sustainable food policy – why is it under attack?, 7 October 2021

Imperial College London: Sustainable biomass availability in the EU towards 2050, Report contracted by Concawe, August 2021

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health: Greening Wine Exports? Changes in the Carbon Footprint of Spanish Wine Exports, August 2021

Ecological Economics: The role of ideology in grassroots innovation: An application of the arenas of development framework to organic in Europe, Vol 191, January 2022

Co-benefits of a flexitarian diet for air quality and human health in Europe, Vol 191, January 2022

CAP Reform: Price formation in the market for organic products, 22 October 2021

Applied Economic Perspectives and  Policy: EU Regulation of New Plant Breeding Technologies and Their Possible Economic Implications for the EU and Beyond,  28 September 2021

Agriculture: EU Inspections of GM Content in Food and Feed: Are They Effective?, 1 September 2021

SAG – Friends of the Earth Europe: Editing the Truth, October 2021

The Counter: Lab-grown meat is supposed to be inevitable. The science tells a different story, 22 September 2021 2021

Nature: New rules will make UK gene-edited crop research easier, 30 September 2021

Nature Food: Sustainability standards in global agri-food supply chains, 2 September 2021

Journal of Environmental Science and Health: Phytosanitary prescription to minimize pesticide use risk on human and animal health and the environment at European level, 18 November 2021

Intensive and extensive impacts of EU subsidies on pesticide expenditures at the farm level, 20 August 2021

PLOS One: Evaluating the effectiveness of the EU’s approach to the sustainable use of pesticides, 16 September 2021

Honey bee (Apis mellifera) colonies benefit from grassland/ pasture while bumble bee (Bombus impatiens) colonies in the same landscapes benefit from non-corn/soybean cropland, 20 September 2021

Nutrients: A Rapid Review of Territorialized Food Systems and Their Impacts on Human Health, Food Security, and the Environment, Vol. 13(10), 24 September 2021

Trends in Food Science & Technology: State of the art review of Big Data and web-based Decision Support Systems (DSS) for food safety risk assessment with respect to climate change, 6 September 2021

Quality & Quantity: Social sustainability in the food value chain: what is and how to adopt an integrative approach?, 7 September 2021

Tomás García Azcárate Blog: New Capsule of the CAP: Farm to Fork” European strategy and imported products, November 2021

ECDPM: A greener Europe at the expense of Africa? why the EU must address the external implications of the farm to fork strategy, October 2021

Environment, Development and Sustainability: One belt one road influence on perishable food supply chain robustness, 22 September 2021

CEEV: U Label, 30 September 2021

Agricultural Systems: Local food systems: Reviewing two decades of research, Vol. 193, October 2021

Food Quality and Preference: The effect of the nutri-score label on consumer’s attitudes, taste perception and purchase intention: An experimental pilot study, Vol. 94, December 2021

Science of Environment Policy: Future Brief: European Forests for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation, Issue 25, November 2021

News Letter 571, 18 November 2021

News Letter 570, Alert 27 October 2021

News Letter 569, Alert 14 October 2021

News Letter 568, Alert 6 October 2021

News Letter 567, Alert 23 September 2021

European Coordination Via Campesina: ECVC supports the objectives of the Farm to Fork Strategy and calls for the tools to achieve them, 13 October 2021

ECVC’s response to the revision of the EU legislation on GMO, 15 October 2021

Animal Welfare: Vol. 30, Number 3, August 2021

“Internalisation of farm animal welfare in consumers’ purchasing decisions: A study of pork fillet at point of purchase using the means-end chain and laddering approach” , Vol. 30, Number 3, August 2021

WWF: Eat4Change survey International research Consumers report, April 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): L’agriculture biologique affiche ses ambitions, 6 septembre 2021

Reporterre (FR): L’agriculture bio tente de passer à la vitesse supérieure, 8 septembre 2021

Végétable (FR): Bio : la difficile équation du changement d’échelle, 10 septembre 2021

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With acknowledgements to IEG Policy, Politico, CAP Reform.eu, Euractiv, Centre d ‘études et de prospective, Illinois.edu, FranceAgriMer and Tomás Garcia Azcárate (EAGRA)


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