Every month, we create an extensive database comprising all the relevant information to the work of the AGRI Committee members. You can find here recent key documents, research and think tank papers, news, legislation initiatives, and events on AGRI topics.

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*Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
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Conference on the Future of Europe: The Future is in your hands, multilingual digital platform

EP – EPRS: Conference on the Future of Europe, Briefing, May 2021

The Conference on the Future of Europe, At a Glance – Infographic, 1 June 2021

EP – EPRS: Matching priorities and resources in the EU budget: Climate action, migration and borders, 3 May 2021


Slovenian Presidency of the Council: Web site

Programme for the Slovenian Presidency

Slovenian presidency priorities : PrioritiesAgriculture and Fisheries Council, 19 July 2021

Draft agendas for Council meetings during the second semester of 2021, 1 July 2021

Council – EP (25 June political agreement): Council Compromise package after the super-trilogue on 24-25 June 2021 (compromise texts published on the Council website), 25 June 2021

Council and EP strike provisional deal on the future of the CAP, Press release, 25 June 2021

EC: Political agreement on new Common Agricultural Policy: fairer, greener, more flexible, Press release, 25 June 2021

EP: EU farm policy reform as agreed by the Parliament and Council, News, 25 June 2021

EU farm policy reform: Parliament and Council strike a deal, News, 28 June 2021

Arc2020: Compromise package on CAP reform, 25 June 2021

Parliament CAP-itulation | Council-Driven Compromise Deal Scuppers Fair, Green CAP, 25 June 2021

Farm Europe: CAP: the tools for dual performance are there, it’s up to the Member States to mobilize them!, 25 June 2021

Eur Activ: Agrifood Brief: Habemus CAP, 25 June 2021

Bird Life: EU countries take giant step towards killing nature, Press release, 25 June 2021

WWF: EU farm ministers sabotage attempts to strengthen environmental elements of new CAP, 25 June 2021

The Guardian: Environmental claims of new EU farm subsidy policy are questioned, 25 June 2021

PE – Eric Andrieu (FR) : PAC : Accord européen sur l’organisation commune des marchés, 25 juin 2021

Le Point (FR) : PAC : l’Union européenne s’accorde pour « verdir » l’agriculture, 25 juin 2021

Renew Europe – Renaissance (FR): Accord sur la nouvelle Politique Agricole Commune (PAC) : un vrai pas en avant pour les agriculteurs et l’environnement, 25 juin 2021

Tableau comparatif, 25 juin 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): Réforme de la PAC : retour sur les points clés enfin tranchés lors du trilogue, 29 juin 2021

La Lettre Agridées (FR): Méforme ou réforme de la PAC?, No 697, 9 juillet 2021

Confédération Paysanne (FR): PAC : acte manqué pour la transition agricole, 13 juillet 2021

Agriculture Stratégies (FR): Une nouvelle PAC qui amplifie le déclin des précédentes, 6 août 2021

Council agreement: Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 28-29 June 2021, Main results

Press release – Farming ministers confirm CAP reform deal, 28 June 2021

CAP Strategic Plans Regulation consolidated text, 23 July 2021

Annexes, 20 July 2021

Political statements, 22 July 2021

Final four-column document comparing COM proposal, Council and EP positions, and final outcome, 22 July 2021

EU Observer: The CAP reform – what it is and why it matters, 29 June 2021

Le betteravier (FR): Le sucre ne sera pas éligible à l’intervention, 28 juin 2021

Eur Activ (FR) : Accord sur la PAC : « Bon accord » pour Denormandie, « désastre » pour les écologistes, 29 juin 2021

Ministère de Agriculture et de l’Alimentation (FR) : Réforme de la PAC : Julien Denormandie se félicite de l’accord définitif obtenu à Luxembourg, 28 juin 2021

Ouest France (FR) : Agriculture. Feu vert pour la nouvelle PAC, la Commission réfute tout « greenwashing », 28 juin 2021

Les Échos (FR): Agriculture : Le monde agricole juge « équilibrée » la réforme de la PAC européenne, 29 juin 2021

Réussir (FR): Réforme de la PAC : avancée ou statu quo pour l’agriculture française?, 29 juin 2021

Actu Environnement (FR): Une nouvelle politique agricole commune aux ambitions limitées, 29 juin 2021

Euro Choices: Evaluating the New Common Agricultural Policy: Improving the Rules, 22 July 2021

Can Economic Experiments Contribute to a More Effective CAP?, 17 August 2021

Tomás García Azcárate (Blog): New capsule of the CAP: 54 questions and answers about the recent agreement on the CAP 2023-2027, July 2021

Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP): What is left for environment and climate in the new CAP?, 30 June 2021

The CAP Unchained series (3 Papers), February 2021

Carbon Brief: Q&A: Will EU Common Agricultural Policy reforms help tackle climate change?, 28 June 2021

EC – JRC: Ambitious green farming requirements can lead to higher environmental benefits, study shows, JRC study, 8 July 2021

Farmers and the new green architecture of the Common Agricultural Policy: a behavioural experiment, 8 July 2021

Italian Review of Agricultural Economics: Promoting climate action in the future Common Agricultural Policy (Alan Matthews), Vol. 75, No 3, 17 March 2021

Journal of Environmental Planning and Management: The cost of farmers’ administrative burdens due to cross-compliance obligations, 7 July 2021

The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AARES): A Bayesian econometrics and risk programming approach for analysing the impact of decoupled payments in the European Union, 7 July 2021

Wageningen U&R: Common Agricultural Policy Reform, Dossier

ENRD: Common Agricultural Policy post-2020, Web page

A journey through evaluation plans: Learning from past experiences for the future CAP, July 2021

Eur Activ: Commissioner: Rejecting CAP plans on basis of Green Deal alignment ‘unimaginable’, 1 July 2021

Sustainability: The Evaluation Framework in the New CAP 2023–2027: A Reflection in the Light of Lessons Learned from Rural Development, 15 May 2021

Is the Greening Instrument a Valid Precedent for the New Green Architecture of the CAP? The Case of Spain, 19 May 2021

CAP Reform: Can the next CAP help to achieve Green Deal targets? (Alan Matthews), 18 May 2021

BiOne: Environmental Objectives of Spanish Agriculture: Scientific Guidelines for their Effective Implementation under the Common Agricultural Policy 2023-2030, Vol. 68(2), 2021

Agronomy: The Regional Efficiency in the Use of European Agricultural Funds in Spain: Growth and Employment Analyses, 29 May 2021

Risks: A New Tool for Covering Risk in Agriculture: The Revenue Insurance Policy, 12 July 2021

Politics and Governance: For Farmers or the Environment? The European Parliament in the 2013 CAP reform, 2021, Vol. 9, Issue 3

Journal of Rural Studies: How are ecological approaches justified in European rural development policy? Evidence from a content analysis of CAP and rural development discourses, 6 August 2021

Scientific Papers – Management, Economic Engineering in Agriculture and Rural Development: The impact of the Common Agricultural Policy on the European agricultural sector sustainability by using a machine-learning approach, Vol 21, Issue 2

Territorial differences in accessing rural development funds to support the modernization of agricultural holdings in Romania between 2000 and 2020, Vol. 21, Issue 2

Social Europe: Strengthening social and labour rights for farmers and farm workers, 24 June 2021

British Ecological Society Journal: Action needed for the EU Common Agricultural Policy to address sustainability challenges, 8 March 2021

Politico: EU’s odd man out tries to take agriculture back to its roots, 24 August 2021

INRAE (FR): La sensibilité du revenu des exploitations agricoles françaises à une réorientation des aides dans le cadre de la future PAC post-2023, Working Paper, avril 2021

Végétable (FR): La nouvelle PAC et les fruits et légumes : comment transformer l’essai, 12 juillet 2021

Le Télégramme (FR): Politique agricole commune : le ministre précise ses arbitrages, 14 juillet 2021


EC: EU agricultural markets short-term outlook, Summer 2021 edition

Highlights: EU agricultural markets short-term outlook, Edition No 30, July 2021

Report: EU agricultural markets short-term outlook, Edition No 30, July 2021           

EC: EU farm Economic Overview, based on 2018 FADN data, June 2021

EC: Long-term vision for rural areas: for stronger, connected, resilient, prosperous EU rural areas, Press release, 30 June 2021

A long-term vision for the EU´s rural areas, Web page, 30 June 2021

Communication ‘A long-term Vision for the EU’s Rural Areas – Towards stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous rural areas by 2040´, COM (2021) , 30 June 2021


Long-term vision for rural areas: Commission publishes public opinion survey on rural areas, 2 June 2021

EP – EPRS: European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund 2021-2027, June 2021

EC: Commission launched a new interactive webpage on the €392 billion budget allocation for Cohesion policy 2021-2027, 23 July 2021

Energies: EU Rural Policy’s Capacity to Facilitate a Just Sustainability Transition of the Rural Areas, 17 August 2021

EC: The Agri-food Promotion Policy Review, 12-13 July Conference

Synthesis of the OPC on the review of the EU agri-food promotion policy, ECORYS report, 12 July 2021

Promotion of EU farm products, Web page

CAP reform: Future agri-food export promotion policy (A. Matthews), 31 July 2021

Open: Use and benefits associated with state marketing programs, Vol. 1, Issue 2, 31 May 2021

EC: Everyone at the table: Co-creating knowledge for food systems transformation, study, Interim report of the Commission’s High Level Expert Group of Experts mandated to address gaps in provision of food system science and evidence in supporting improved global food system governance, 26 July 2021

The Federal Government (DE): The Commission on the Future of Agriculture, Like ‘squaring a circle’ – Report’s recommendations, Press release in English, 6 July 2021, 6 July 2021

Final Report (German version), 6 July 2021

DW: Germany: Panel calls for transformation of German agriculture, 6 July 2021

The Irish Times: German report signals agrifood revolution, 7 July 2021

Eur Activ: German Commission urges phase out of CAP direct payments, 8 July 2021

Irish Farmers Journal: German report calls for phasing out of direct payments, 12 July 2021

 Irish Government (Gov.ie): Food Vision 2030 – A World Leader in Sustainable Food Systems, 3 August 2021

National Food Strategy (UK): The Plan, July 2021

European Court of Auditors (ECA): Special report 11/2021 – Exceptional support for EU milk producers in 2014-2016 – Potential to improve efficiency, 24 June 2021

OECD: Dynamics of farm performance and policy impacts: Main findings, OECD Papers, 13 July 2021

Re-Imagine Europe (RIE): Beyond the Apple of Discord: Changing our Agri Culture, 22 July 2021

Land Use Policy: Provision of public goods by agriculture and forestry: Economics, policy and the way ahead, Vol. 107, August 2021

What non-natural factors are behind the underuse of EU CAP funds in areas with valuable habitats?, Vol. 108, September 2021

Agri-environmental schemes for biodiversity and environmental protection: How we are not yet “hitting the right keys”, Vol. 109, October 2021

Agriculture 4.0: Making it work for people, production, and the planet, Vol 100, January 2021

Latest Issue, Vol. 108, September 2021

Latest Issue, Vol. 109, In progress, October 2021

Latest Issue, Vol. 111, In progress, December 2021

Agricultural and Human Values: Democratizing ownership and participation in the 4th Industrial Revolution: challenges and opportunities in cellular agriculture, 24 August 2021

Limits: How Sustainable is the Smart Farm?, Issue 21, 14-15 June 2021

Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment: Agri-environment scheme prescriptions and landscape features affect taxonomic and functional diversity of farmland birds, August 2021

Agricultural Systems: Robustness to import declines of three types of European farming systems assessed with a dynamic nitrogen flow model, Vol. 193, October 2021

Resilience capacities as perceived by European farmers, Vol.193, October 2021

Frontiers in Environmental Science: Adaptive Governance and Resilience Capacity of Farms: The Fit Between Farmers’ Decisions and Agricultural Policies, 14 June 2021

European Review of Agricultural Economics: Sustainable food systems: do agricultural economists have a role?, 17 June 2021

 Research Gate: Policies for a more resilient agro-food sector, August 2021

Science Advances: Organic and conservation agriculture promote ecosystem multifunctionality, Vol. 7, 34, 20 August 2021

Global Food Security: Small-scale farming and food security – Policy perspectives from Central and Eastern Europe, Vol. 29, June 2021

Journal of Rural Studies: Understanding farm generational renewal and its influencing factors in Europe, Vol. 86, August 2021

Governing agricultural innovation: A comprehensive framework to underpin sustainable transitions, 10 August 2021

EMB: What´s the cost of producing milk?, European Milk Board (EMB) Study, 4 August 2021

Academia Letters: A view from Spain on the generational relief and the installation of young people in agriculture, July 2021

Diver Impacts: Exploring the impact of crop diversification on workload and quality of life of farmers, 27 May 2021

Wageningen U&R: Almost 1 in 7 farmers and horticulturalists supply products to consumers along a short supply chain, 25 June 2021

Studies in Agricultural Economics: Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems in European Union policy discourse: Quo Vadis?, Vol. 122, Issue 3, 2020

Agriculture and Human Values: Delivering too much, too little or off target—possible consequences of differences in perceptions on agricultural advisory services, 9 July 2021

The Guardian: Revealed: the true extent of America’s food monopolies, and who pays the price, 14 July 2021

Trends in Ecology & Evolution: Farm robots: ecological utopia or dystopia?, Vol.36, issue 9, September 2021

Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy: How women saved agricultural economics?, 18 August 2021

International Journal on Food Systems Dynamics: Lighting on the road to explore future directions for agricultural modelling in the EU –some considerations on what needs to be done, Proceedings in System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks 2021

Foreign Policy: Big Agriculture Is Best: The United States’ industrialized food system moved millions of people out of poverty and is better for the environment, too, 18 April 2021

Journal of Cleaner Production: Exploring the economic, social, and environmental dimensions of community-supported agriculture in Italy, Vol. 316, 20 September 2021

The New York Times: Attack of the Superweeds: Herbicides are losing the war — and agriculture might never be the same, 18 August 2021

European Countryside: Vol. 13 (2021), Issue 2 (June 2021)

ENRD: Rural Bioeconomy Portal

CAPRI: Newsletter, Issue 2, July 2021

WWF: Over 15% of food is lost before leaving the farm – WWF report, 21 July 2021

Food Drink Europe: Food Future, Web page, Policy areas

COPA – COGECA: Minimum wage initiative lacks legal basis: it must respect the autonomous role of social partners in wage-setting as well as statutory minimum wages, 29 July 2021

Eur Activ: Commission moves against EU countries over unfair trading practices, 27 July 2021

Gouvernement FR – Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation (FR):

Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation – Centre d’études et de prospective (FR): Blog de Veille, Juillet 2021

Académie d’Agriculture de France (FR): RAPPORT : “Repartir avec les Objectifs de développement durable (ODD) de façon soutenable et résiliente”, 2 juillet 2021

Les trois missions confiées aux agriculteurs du XXIe siècle, Juillet 2021

INRAE – Sésame (FR): La Lettre de Juillet

Agri Mutuel (FR): Solidarité nationale et pool de réassurance, bases du dispositif rénové?, 7 juillet 2021

Assurance récolte – Augmenter drastiquement les couvertures face au bouleversement climatique, 27 juillet 2021

Assemblée nationale française: La majorité cherche à sécuriser le prix payé aux agriculteurs, 22 août 2021

Télé Obs (FR): « Les Travailleurs qui venaient de l’Europe de l’Est », l’Union à deux vitesses, 10 août 2021

Agrapolitik Blog (FR): Préférences, personnalité, aspirations et comportement des agricultrices et agriculteurs, 23 août 2021

L’Écho (FR): La Pologne, machine alimentaire de l’Europe, 9 août 2021

Réussir (FR): Les 5 articles qu’il ne fallait pas rater cette semaine : un écolo candidat, un rôle d’éleveuse, l’impact des incendies sur les vignes, un directeur pour Hectar et une année « épouvantable », 28 août 2021


 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC): Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) – Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis, Working Group I contribution, WGI AR6, 9 August 2021

ReportAll materialsSynthesis report

UN environment programme: Climate Change 2021: the Physical Science Basis, the Working Group I contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report, 9 August 2021

Carbon Brief: In-Depth Q&A: The IPCC´s sixth assessment report on climate science, 9 August 2021

US Department of State: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Working Group I Contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report, Press statement, 9 August 2021

Oxfam: Oxfam´s reaction to IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report (WGI AR6), 9 August 2021

Council: Council adopts European climate law, 28 June 2021

European Climate Law – text

EC: Delivering the European Green Deal, Web site

Communication ‘Fit for 55’: delivering the EU’s 2030 Climate Target on the way to climate neutrality, COM (2021) 550, 14 July 2021

Proposal of Directive revising GHG emission trading scheme, COM (2021) 551, 14 July 2021

Proposal amending Regulations (EU) 2018/841 and (EU) 2018/1999 committing to the collective achievement of climate neutrality by 2035 in the land use, forestry and agriculture sector, COM (2021) 554, 14 July 2021

Proposal establishing Social Climate Fund, COM (2021) 568, 14 July 2021

 Farm Europe: Green Energy Platform – ‘Fit for 55’ : Renewables from EU agriculture key to make EU’s ambition affordable, realistic and sustainable, 14 July 2021

Eur Activ: EU sets the scene for carbon removal actions in farming, 15 July 2021

Green package unleashes criticism against von der Leyen inside the college, 14 July 2021

EC: New EU Forestry Strategy for 2030, Communication COM (2021) 572, 16 July 2021

Press release: European Green Deal: Commission proposes new strategy to protect and restore EU forests, 16 July 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): L’UE va planter 3 milliards d’arbres pour absorber ses émissions, 14 juillet 2021

EC – JRC: Modelling environmental and climate ambition in the agricultural sector with the CAPRI model, JRC Technical Report, 29 July 2021

EDGAR-FOOD: the first global food emission inventory, 9 March 2021

European Environmental Bureau (EEB): Beyond net-zero emission in agriculture: Creating an enabling climate governance for agriculture, 5 July 2021

EEB comment on the Guidelines on State aid for climate, environmental protection, and energy (CEEAG), 3 August 2021

EP: COMAGRI´s Opinion on the EU’s Methane Strategy, 14 July 2021

EP-EPRS: EU climate action policy. Responding to global emergency, Study, March 2021

European Court of Auditors (ECA): Special report 16/2021 on “Common Agricultural Policy and climate – Half of EU climate spending but farm emissions are not decreasing”, 21 June 2021

EU agricultural spending has not made farming more climate-friendly, Press release, 21 June 2021

Arc2020: CAP and Climate – What Exactly did Auditors Find?, 6 July 2021

Agriculture Stratégies (FR): Agriculture et environnement : la PAC à côté de la plaque?, 24 juin 2021

Centre d’Études et de Prospective – Bulletin de veille (FR): La PAC est déconnectée des enjeux climatiques, 12 juillet 2021

La Tribune (FR): PAC : plus de 100 milliards dépensés pour le climat par l’UE, mais pas de réduction des émissions de CO2, selon la Cour des comptes européenne, 22 juin 2021

ECA Journal: Can the new CAP help EU agriculture to meet the targets in the European Green Deal? (Alan Matthews), July 2021

Earth Observatory: Sizing Up How Agriculture Connects to Deforestation, 11 August 2021

SHERPA (Rural Science-Society-Policy Interfaces): Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, Discussion Paper, 2021

OXFAM International: Tightening the net: the implications of net zero climate targets for land and food equity, 3 August 2021

US FAS – CRS reports: Biodiversity, In Focus, 8 July 2021

Sustainability: Innovative Contract Solutions for the Provision of Agri-Environmental Climatic Public Goods: A Literature Review, 20 June 2021

Global Environment Change: Greenhouse gas emissions from Mediterranean agriculture: Evidence of unbalanced research efforts and knowledge gaps, Vol. 69, July 2021

Environmental Research Letters: Greenhouse gas emissions from food systems: building the evidence base, 8 June 2021

Utrecht University: Irrigation plays a large role in increasing salinity in global freshwaters, Josefin Thorslund´s study, 9 July 2021

One Earth: Reshaping the European agro-food system and closing its nitrogen cycle: The potential of combining dietary change, agroecology, and circularity, 8 May 2021

CCAFS – CGIAR: Agroecology: A key piece to climate adaptation & mitigation?, 21 April 2021

Agro ecology and Sustainable Food Systems: Agro ecological public policies to mitigate climate change: public food procurement for school canteens in the municipality of Ames (Galicia, Spain), 31 May 2021

Quanta Magazine: A Soil-Science Revolution Upends Plans to Fight Climate Change, 27 July 2021

Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment: The ambiguous role of agri-environment-climate measures in the safeguarding of High Nature Value Farming Systems: The case of the Montado in Portugal, Vol 319, 1 October 2021

Agriland: It’s time that the methane issue is put in proper context, 28 June 2021

International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability: Farmer collectives for more effective agri-environmental schemes? An assessment framework based on the concept of ‘professionalization’, 11 July 2021

LIFT (Low-Input Farming and Territories): Farmer private social performance depending on the degree of ecological approaches, LIFT Deliverable D3.2, 30 June 2021

Drivers of adoption of ecological approaches, LIFT Deliverable D2.3, 30 June 2021

Ecological Indicators: Quantifying sustainable intensification of agriculture: The contribution of metrics and modelling, Vol. 129, October 2021

Think 2030: Think Sustainable Europe, Web page

Targets and indicators for a meaningful implementation of the European Green Deal, 17 June 2021

Nature: Agrochemicals interact synergistically to increase bee mortality, 4 August 2021

Science Alert: Agriculture Is Killing Way More Bees Than We Realized, Huge Study Reveals, 6 August 2021

Nature: Amazonia as a carbon source linked to deforestation and climate change, 14 July 2021

The Guardian: Amazon rainforest now emitting more CO2 than it absorbs, 14 July 2021

Nature Sustainability: An inshore–offshore sorting system revealed from global classification of ocean litter, 10 June 2021

Global Change Biology: Tree planting: A double-edged sword to fight climate change in an era of megafires, 2 April 2021

Agricultural Economics (IAEE): Impact of climate change on global agricultural markets under different shared socioeconomic pathways, 2 August 2021

EU milk quota abolition, dairy expansion, and greenhouse gas emissions, 10 August 2021

European Review of Agricultural Economics: Warming Temperatures, Yield Risk and Crop Insurance Participation, 31 July 2021

IATP: The puzzle of carbon border fees and a just transition, 15 July 2021

Environmental and Resource Economics: Natural Resource Management: A Network Perspective, 19 August 2021

Science of The Total Environment: What is the deal with the Green Deal: Will the new strategy help to improve European freshwater quality beyond the Water Framework Directive?, Vol. 791, October 2021

Science for Environment – Newsletters: Issue 566, 16 August 2021

Issue 565, 26 July 2021

Issue 564, 6 July 2021

Eur Activ: Greens do not break up with Timmermans, but let-down remains, 5 July 2021

France’s climate law takes aim at fertilisers, meat on school menus, 22 July 2021

The Scottish Farmer: EU biodiversity strategy ignores reality, 24 June 2021

Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation (FR): Stratégie nationale bas carbone : le ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Alimentation présente son plan d’action, 23 juin 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): Le ministère de l’agriculture publie son plan pour réduire les émissions de CO2, 23 juin 2021

LinkedIn: A fragmented single market will erode the green deal and farm to fork, 15 July 2021

Agri Mutuel (FR): Les objectifs du chantier «changement climatique et résilience de l’agriculture», 13 juillet 2021

Réussir Lait (FR): « La solution au dérèglement climatique est sous nos pieds », affirme Sarah Singla, 5 août 2021

Eur Activ (FR): Loi climat : débats tendus autour du volet « agroécologie », 25 juin 2021


Council: AGRIFISH Council conclusions on the action plan for the development of organic production, 14 July 2021

EC: Action Plan for organic production in the EU, COM (2021) 141, 19 April 2021

IFOAM: How can EU policies consider organic farming’s benefits for biodiversity?, Study, 19 July 2021

New report highlights need for increased support to organic farming in future CAP plans to reach EU 25% target, 29 June 2021

Report: Organic in Europe. Prospects and developments for organic in national strategic plans, 29 June 2021     

Green Technologies in Food Production and Processing (Book Chapter): Environmental performance of organic farming, 2012

EC: Legislation for plants produced by certain new genomic techniques, Roadmap 2022 -2023

EC: Integrated water management – revised lists of surface and groundwater pollutants, public consultation (Feedback period: 26 July – 1 November 2021)

EC: EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices, entered into force on 5 July 2021

EU Code of Conduct, June 2021

EP: Research for ANIT Committee: The practices of animal welfare during transport in third countries: an overview, In-Depth Analysis, 30 May 2021

EP – EPRS: Protection of animals during transport: Guidelines and research, 30 June 2021

European Citizens´ Initiative: End the Cage Age, Web page, 30 June 2021

EC: Answer of the European Commission, Communication, 30 June 2021

Press release: European Citizens´ Initiative: Commission to propose phasing out of cages for farm animals, 30 June 2021Age,

Council: Agriculture and Fisheries Council, 19 July 2021Information from the Commission, 9 July 2021

EC: Animal welfare – Revision of EU legislation, Roadmap, Public consultation (Feedback: 6 July – 24 August 2021)

EFSA: Antimicrobial resistance and the food production environment: sources and control options, 15 June 2021

Safety of dietary sugars: draft opinion open for public consultation, 22 July 2021

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (DE): African Swine Fever (ASF): information on cases in Germany, July 2’21

EC: Animal Disease Information System (ADIS), Overview reports (until 6 August 2021)

Institute of Cancer Research – Medical University of Vienna: Evaluation of the scientific quality of studies concerning genotoxic properties of glyphosate, 23 March 2021

Corporate Europe Observatory: Revealed: EU Glyphosate assessment was based on flawed science, 3 July 2021

US RTK: New Analysis of Glyphosate Industry studies finds them outdated, flawed, ECHA Archives, 4 July 2021

The Guardian: Corporate studies asserting herbicide safety show many flaws, new analysis finds, 2 July 2021

Sustainable Pulse: Glyphosate Hacks Hormones of Baby Girls after Exposure in the Womb – New Groundbreaking Pilot Study, 7 April 2021

FAO: Animal nutrition strategies and options to reduce the use of antimicrobials in animal production, FAO Animal Production and Health Paper No. 184

FEFAC: Feed Sustainability Charter 2030, September 2020

Feed Sustainability Charter 2030, Progress Report, 10 June 2021

Press release

The International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food: The Sustainable Diet Question: Reasserting societal dynamics into the debate about a Good Diet, 27 (1), 28 June 2021

Health Policy Watch: European Farm Animals Have Lower Level of Antibiotics than Humans, 30 June 2021

European Review of Agricultural Economics: Shaping healthy and sustainable food systems with behavioural food policy, 22 June 2021

Agro ecology and Sustainable Food Systems: Taking food out the private sphere? Addressing gender relations in urban food policy, 14 June 2021

Crop Protection: The micro-economic impacts of a ban on glyphosate and its replacement with mechanical weeding in French vineyards, 28 July 2021

Sustainability: The Role of Community-Led Food Retailers (CLFRs) in Enabling urban Resilience, 6 July 2021

The Guardian: Man v food: is lab-grown meat really going to solve our nasty agriculture problem?, 29 July 2021

Agricultural Systems: Local food systems: Reviewing two decades of research, Vol. 193, October 2021

Food Quality and Preference: The effect of the nutri-score label on consumer’s attitudes, taste perception and purchase intention: An experimental pilot study, Vol. 94, December 2021

Smart Chain: Smart solutions in short food supply chain, Web page

Nutrients: Sugars, Salt, Saturated Fat and Fibre Purchased through Packaged Food and Soft Drinks in Europe 2015–2018: Are We Making Progress?, 14 July 2021

Nature Food: Post-farmgate food value chains make up most of consumer food expenditures globally, 7 June 2021

Ecological Economics: On consumer impact from Xylella fastidiosa subspecies pauca, Vol. 185, July 2021

LinkedIn: A fragmented single market will erode the green deal and farm to fork, 15 July 2021

Farm Doc Daily (US): The Livestock Industry’s Response to Meatless Meat, 12 August 2021

Kantar: Newsletter, 23 August 2021

Newsletter, 16 August 2021

Newsletter, 9 August 2021

INSERM (FR): Publication de l’expertise collective Inserm – « Pesticides et effets sur la santé : Nouvelles données », 30 juin 2021

Pesticides et santé, 25 juin 2021

Sud-Ouest (FR): Pesticides et problèmes de santé : le lien se précise pour six maladies graves, 30 juin 2021

France Soir (FR): Un dernier rapport de l’Inserm confirme le lien inquiétant entre pesticides et maladies graves, 2 juillet 2021

INRAE (FR): Pesticides : une consommation mondiale en hausse malgré 60 ans de protection intégrée des cultures, 24 juin 2021

Sud-Ouest (FR): Pesticides : ventes en hausse en 2020 mais l’exécutif prévoit d’inverser vite la tendance, 30 juillet 2021

Terres et Territoires (FR): Agriculture bio : le cuivre pointé du doigt ?, 11 août 2021


EP – EPRS: Towards a more resilient Europe post-coronavirus, Study, April 2021

EFFAT – GEOPA COPA: Opinion of the European Social Partners in Agriculture on the European Labour Authority Campaign on Seasonal Work, 29 July 2021

SPERI (UK): Food Vulnerability during COVID-19, Project on-going, Work packages, 2021

OXFAM International: Not in this together: how supermarkets became the pandemic’s winners while women workers are losing out, 22 June 2021

Publius: COVID-19 and Territorial Policy Dynamics in Western Europe: Comparing France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom, 28 June 2021

Choices Magazine (AAEA): Rural Development Implications one year after COVID-19, 2021

Lost and Found? Job Loss and Recovery in Rural America during COVID-19

OECD: Focus on green recovery, blog

Kantar: Innovating in a crisis and the impact on brand growth, 11 August 2021

GEG: A Contingent Economic Strategy for the Next phase (Olivier Blanchard and Jean Pisani-Ferry), 6 May 2021

The Lancet: Towards a European strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic, 9 August 2021

COVID-19 Resource Centre

The Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (AARES): COVID-19’s impact on Australian wine markets and regions, 9 August 2021

Food Policy: COVID-19 morbidity and mortality in U.S. meatpacking counties, Vol. 101, May 2021

Studies in Agricultural Economics: COVID-19, spatial market integration and producer prices: A case study of EU agri-food markets, 2021, Vol. 123, Issue 2

European Review of Agricultural Economics: Malleability of food values amid the COVID-19 pandemic, 13 June 2021

World Economic Forum: What are the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic? These 5 trends give us a glimpse, 11 August 2021

Forest Policy and Economics: Coronavirus, macro economy, and forests: What likely impacts?, Vol. 131, October 2021

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