If you are interested in the below contract opportunity, please send us an email to express your interest before the deadline to ask for tender documents (email address and deadline listed below). Please include the reference number in the subject of the email and provide your name, email address and in case of legal persons the name and address of the organisation.

Subject of contract
Deliver a study on "The European Schools system: state of play, challenges and perspectives" for Members of the CULT Committee of around 80 pages, in time for the Committee meeting scheduled in March 2022. The study will provide an overall assessment of the European Schools system, covering both the ‘European Schools’ and the ‘Accredited European Schools’, encompassing both operational and educational aspects with a view to proposing recommendations for improvement. It will propose recommendations to tackle the main issues currently encountered by the European Schools system, to provide perspectives for its future development and to assess to what extent this system has the potential to become a ‘showcase’ and model for the European Education Area
Minimum requirements: team of minimum 5 experts with sound educational/professional qualifications and experience that are clearly relevant to the topic (education policies and practices, organisational and financial management, public and Community law).
Service Contract.
Perf town/city: Brussels
Perf country: Belgium

Duration of the contractValue of the contractCurrencyDeadline to ask for tender documentsPlanned date to send tender documentsDeadline to submit
UndeterminedUp to 75,000EUR26/05/202118/06/202116/07/2021

Publication dateReference numberAddress+ContactRemarks
11/05/2021IP/B/CULT/IC/2021-060European Parliament
Kohl 07 Y 013 Rue Wiertz 60
Direction: Structural and Cohesion PolicyPolicy Department B
Participation is restricted to legal entities registered in the EU and natural persons having their domicile in the EU


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