The following selection of links of recent key documents, research & think tank papers on the COVID -19 outbreak and, in particular, the impact on agri-food systems is relevant to the work of the AGRI Committee.

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Brookings InstitutionAnatomy of the coronavirus collapse (13 April)

Council on Foreign Relations. Coronavirus: How Are Countries Responding to the Economic Crisis? (10 April)

EIU – The Economist Intelligence Unit. EIU Global Outlook – Pandemic sinks global growth prospects (9 April)

EP – EPRS briefing. What Think Tanks are Thinking – Coronavirus: Impact and challenges (23 April)

European Investment Bank Group (EIB). Evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and expected economic impact (8 April)

Harvard Business School. Has COVID-19 Broken the Global Value Chain? (16 April)  

International Labour Organisation. COVID-19 and the world of workRegional and country impact and recommendations

International Labour Organisation – Monitor. ILO Monitor: COVID-19 and the world of work. 2nd Edition (7 April)

International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IMF & COVID 19 –  World Economic Outlook April 2020 – Projections

McKinsey and Company. COVID-19: implications for business (April 2020)

OECD. Tackling COVID 19

OECD. OECD Interim Economic Outlook – Coronavirus: The World Economy at Risk (2 March)

OECD. Evaluating the initial impact of COVID-19 containment measures on economic activity (14 April)  

Oxford Business Group. The impact of COVI-19 on global supply chains (24 April)

UNECE. Observatory on Border Crossings Status due to COVID-19

UNWTO. Impact assessment of the COVID-19 outbreak on international tourism (27 March)

World Economic Forum. COVID-19

World Economic Forum. Managing COVID-19: How the pandemic disrupts global value chains (27 April)

WTO – Press release. Trade set to plunge as COVID-19 pandemic upends global economy (8 April)

WTO. Frequently asked questions: The WTO and COVID-19


AMIS. Market Monitor No 77, April 2020.

Arc2020. Coping with Covid19 – Supply Chains and the Butterfly Effect (8 April)

CFS – HLE.  Impact of COVID on Food Security and Nutrition (24 March)

  1. EC. Impact of COVID on Food Security and Nutrition (9 April) (See also CFES – HLE)
  2. EC. Coronavirus: The EU and 21 other WTO Members pledge to ensure well-functioning global food supply chains (23 April)

FAO. Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Analyses & Solutions Big data tool on food chains under the COVID-19 pandemic  Q & A – COVID-19 pandemic – impact on food and agriculture Policy Briefs

FAO. Migrant workers and the COVID-19 pandemic (7 April)

FAO. COVID-19: Channels of transmission to food and agriculture (9 April)

FAO. Food Price Index (April 2020)

Farmdoc Daily. Estimates of MYA Prices for 2019 thorough 2021, Pre and Post COVID-19, Corn and Soybeans (28 April)

Farm Policy News. USDA-FAS Reports Provide Updates on Ag Trade, Production, and COVID-19 Impacts (9 April)

Forbes. 3 Changes Big Food Must Make In Wake Of Coronavirus Perfect Storm (21 April)

IFPRI. IFPRI Resources and Analyses of COVID-19 impact 

IFPRI blog. COVID-19: Trade restrictions are worst possible response to safeguard food security (27 March 2020)

IFPRI blog. Preventing global food security crisis under COVID-19 emergency (6 March)

Rabobank. COVID impacts at global level – Updated sector and region-based analysis  

Tableau Public. Food Export restrictions during COVID 19 crisis

USDA. Coronavirus disease (COVID 19) – Latest News

WFP – World Food Programme. COVID-19: Potential impact on the world’s poorest people (April 2020)

The World Bank. Food Security and COVID-19 (23 April)

The World Bank. A Shock Like No Other: Coronavirus Rattles Commodity Markets (23 April)



Australian Government (ABARES). Impacts of COVID-19 on Australian agriculture, forestry and fisheries trade (23 April)



Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA – FCA). Resources on COVID-19

CTV News. Agriculture minister says Canada has enough food but COVID-19 will still cause challenges (15 April)

Financial Post. Shock proofing Canada: Pandemic plants the seed for a more Canada-centric food supply system (13 April)

Global News. Dalhousie University food security expert warns of COVID-19 effects on agriculture industry (27 April)

Radio Canada (FR). COVID-19 : la production laitière frappée de plein fouet par la crise au Canada (4 April)

Radio Canada (FR). Le gouvernement paiera les Québécois pour aller travailler dans les champs (17 avril)

○ CHINA China’s agriculture sector withstands COVID-19 epidemic (29 April)

FAO. Local food systems and COVID-19: A look into China’s responses (8 April)

Funds Watch (FR). Chine : un choc de demande se dessine malgré la levée du confinement (Groupama AM) (22 avril)

PJ Media. China’s Agriculture Ministry Says Dogs Are No Longer Considered Livestock (9 April)

The Conversation. Why China is emerging as a leader in sustainable and organic agriculture (9 April)



Today – ng. South Africa to reopen agriculture sector, allow more manufacturing, retail (25 April)



Kedistan (FR). Turquie Agriculture – Une crise alimentaire possible (25 avril)


AFN. How Covid-19 is impacting various points in the US food & ag supply chain (16 April)

Alimentation Générale (FR). Menace aux États-Unis pour les travailleurs agricoles précaires (1 avril)

Alimentation Générale (FR). Lait, bœuf, coton: la pandémie détraque l’agriculture américaine (10 avril)

American Farm Bureau. UPDATE: What’s in USDA’s New Coronavirus Food Assistance Program? (23 April)  

CAP reform. U.S. farm support to explode in election year 2020 (13 April)

Farmdoc Daily. Reviewing USDA Funding in the CARES Act (2 April)

Les Échos (GR). Donald Trump fait un geste pour les agriculteurs américains en détresse (13 avril)

                Politico. White House to give $19B in farmer aid (17 April)

The Atlantic. The Pandemic Will Change American Retail Forever (April 2020)

The Counter. Covid-19 has closed major meat plants across the U.S. What happens to farmers, livestock, prices, and supply? Your questions, answered (17 April)

The Guardian. $1,200 stimulus checks for all ? What to know about the US coronavirus bailout (26 March)

The Guardian. A disastrous situation’: mountains of food wasted as coronavirus scrambles supply chain (9 April)

The Hill. Democrats press USDA to create rural coronavirus task force (17 April)

The New York Times. The Food Chain’s Weakest Link: Slaughterhouses (18 April)

RFI. Cheap beef and wasted milk: US agriculture struggles with virus (10 April)

USDA. USDA Announces Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (17 April)

US Congress. Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) (30 March)


Arc2020. Effects of Coronavirus on Agricultural Production – a First Approximation (part 1) (5 April)

Arc2020. Effects of Coronavirus on Agricultural Production – a First Approximation (part 2) (6 April)

Chambres d’Agriculture (FR). Synthèse régionale des impacts du Covid-19 sur les filières agroalimentaires–Semaine 16 (21 avril) 

  1. EC. COVID-19 and food safety: Questions and Answers (8 April)
  2. Short-term outlook: despite challenges arising from the Coronavirus outbreak, EU agri-food sectors show resilience (20 April)

EFSA. Coronavirus: no evidence that food is a source or transmission route (9 March)

EurActiv. About COVID – 19

France urbaine (FR). Enquête sur le système alimentaire face à la crise de Covid-19 dans les grandes villes : découvrez les premières tendances qui se dégagent (9 avril)

INRAE (FR). COVID-19 : les circuits courts alimentaires sont-ils plus résilients en temps de crise ? (10 avril)

Les Échos (FR). L’appel au secours de l’agriculture – Où en est la chaîne alimentaire après quatre semaines de crise ? (23 avril)

L’Opinion (FR). Les sept conséquences du coronavirus sur la grande distribution (9 avril)

LSA (FR). Le covid-19, accélérateur du changement de paradigme dans le retail (17 avril)

Mon-Cultivar Élevage (FR).  Pourquoi la filière lait française est-elle dans la tourmente ? (20 avril)

NFP. Farmers warn of food crisis in Poland due to lack of migrant seasonal workers during lockdown (23 April)

OECD. COVID-19 and the Food and Agriculture Sector: Issues and Policy Responses (29 April)

Ouest-France (FR). Coronavirus. Le marché du bioéthanol s’effondre (6 avril)

Ouest-France (FR). En Espagne, l’agriculture mise KO par le coronavirus (6 avril)

Philippe Goetzmann (FR). Covid-19: Géographie et parts de marché (12 April)

Plein Champ (FR). Crise : l’agroalimentaire absorbe des coûts, le “pouvoir d’achat” touché à terme (20 avril)

Rabobank. Coronavirus and the Impact on Food & Agribusiness (sectoral analysis) (April 2020)

USDA – FAS. Netherlands: COVID-19 and its Impact on Dutch Agriculture (21 April)


Council. Think Tank Review – April 2020 (focused on the COVID-19 outbreak)

  1. EC. Coronavirus response
  2. EC. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on global and EU trade (17 April)

EC – Representation in Ireland. Summary of the European Commission’s response to Corona virus (COVID-19) crisis to date (22 April)

European Council. Report on the comprehensive economic policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic (9 April)

European Council. Conclusions of the President of the European Council following the video conference of the members of the European Council of 23 April 2020 (23 April)

European Policy Centre (EPC). How is the COVID-19 crisis serving the EU? (2 April)

EP – EPRS Blog. Coronavirus (COVID 19)

EP – EPRS briefing. European Union response to coronavirus threat (23 March)

EP – EPRS briefing. COVID 19 – Novel coronavirus outbreak in Europe and the EU response (20 April)

EP – EPRS briefing. State aid and the pandemic: How State aid can back coronavirus economic support measures (28 April)

Eur Lex. Covid-19 Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services (16 March)

Eur Lex. Communication from the Commission Guidelines concerning the exercise of the free movement of workers during COVID-19 outbreak (30 March)

Eur Lex. Communication from the Commission Temporary Framework for State aid measures to support the economy in the current COVID-19 outbreak (30 March)

European Investment Bank Group (EIB). Coronavirus outbreak: EIB Group’s response 

European Investment Bank Group (EIB). EIB Group establishes EUR 25 billion-guarantee fund to deploy new investments in response to COVID-19 crisis (16 April)

Fondation Robert Schuman (FR). Covid-19 : Les réponses européennes (27 avril)

Le Sillon Belge (FR). Covid-19- La BEI débloque des fonds pour l’agriculture et la bio économie (10 avril) 

               OECD. Tackling coronavirus (COVID-19) – Country profiles

Agriculture Stratégies (FR). Frédéric Courleux, et Jacques Carles: Covid-19 et réduction de la production de lait proposée par la CNIEL : qu’en penser? (24 avril) 

Arc2020. Commission Announces Return of Private Milk Storage (22 April)

Boerenbond. European measures welcome but incomplete (22 April)  

CAP Reform. Financing emergency aid to address market disruption due to COVID-19 (21 April)

  1. EC. Supporting the agriculture and food sectors amid Coronavirus

EC – Press release. Coronavirus: Commission stands ready to continue supporting EU’s agrifood sector (25 March)

EC – Press release. Commission offers to all members States possibility to extend CAP payments application deadline (17 March)

EC – Press release. Coronavirus: Commission announces further measures to support the agri-food sector (2 April)

EC – Press release. Coronavirus: Commission announces exceptional measures to support the agri-food sector (22 April)

EP News. COVID-19: Helping farmers secure supply of food for all (24 March)

EP – EPRS briefing. Protecting the EU agri-food supply chain in the face of COVID-19 (April 2020)

EurActiv. French farmers and MPs call for the creation of European food stocks (6 April)

EurActiv. Wojciechowski: Money’s too tight for private storage and other market measures (16 April)

EurActiv. Commission backtracks on intervention measures in agri-food markets (23 April)

FARM – Le Blog de la Fondation (FR). Jean-Christophe Debar: Covid-19, la sécurité alimentaire mondiale et la PAC (6 avril) 

IEG Policy. Agriculture and COVID-19: ‘EU organic sector at risk of regressive policies’ (22 April)

SURE FARM Project. Policy recommendations to strengthen the Common Agricultural Policy’s impacts on EU farming systems’ resilience (31 March)  

Wikiagri (FR). Stocks alimentaires stratégiques en agriculture, mais de quoi parle-t-on au juste? (24 avril)


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