Subject of contract
Deliver a study on "The challenge of land abandonment after 2020 and options for mitigating measures".

This research project will analyse the process and drivers of land abandonment and highlight the multidimensional dimension of this important feature of land cover and land use changes in the EU. It will also focus on possible mitigating actions to be undertaken under the Common agricultural policy and other policy tools available at EU or national level. Based on available policy options, it will finally outline related scenarios.

This study of around 100 pages (maximum) shall be delivered to the European Parliament's Agricultural Committee (COMAGRI) in September 2020..
Service Contract.
Perf town/city: Brussels
Perf country: Belgium

Duration of the contractValue of the contractCurrencyDeadline to ask for tender documentsPlanned date to send tender documentsDeadline to submit
12 Month(s)Up to 80,000EUR05/03/202028/03/202025/05/2020

Publication dateReference numberAddress+Contact
03/02/2020IP/B/AGRI/IC/2020-037European Parliament
Kohl 07 Y 013 Rue Wiertz 60
Direction: Structural and Cohesion PolicyPolicy Department B

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