Every month, we create an extensive database comprising all the relevant information to the work of the AGRI Committee members. You can find here recent key documents, research and think tank papers, news, legislation initiatives, and events on AGRI topics.

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*Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
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EC: President-elect von der Leyen’s Mission Letter to Janusz Wojciechowski

EP: Commissioners-designate hearings website

Hearing of Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner-designate, Agriculture

Press point following the Resumed Hearing of Janusz Wojciechowski, commissioner-designate, Agriculture (8 October)

Press release – Resumed hearing of Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski (8 October)

Press release – Hearing of Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski

            Verbatim report 1st October

            Verbatim report 8 October

Janusz Wojciechowski hearings

            Hearing 1st October – Live reply

Hearing 8 October – Live reply

EP Hearings 2019 – Learn about the portfolios of Commissioners-designate  

Janusz Wojciechowski – Agriculture (EPRS briefing)

Answers to the first EP questionnaire to the Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski

Answers to the second EP questionnaire to the Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski

CAP Reform: Agriculture Commissioner-designate Wojciechowski stumbles at hearing

Politico: EU farm nominee Janusz Wojciechowski faces further grilling after botched hearing

EU Observer: Polish EU nominee gets through at second attempt

Poland’s ‘vague’ nominee flops in EU hearing

Eur Activ: Wojciechowski’s poor performance adds to von der Leyen’s woes

Commissioner hearings LIVE: Janusz Wojciechowski (8 October)

EU reporter: Resumed hearing of Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski (8 October)

IEG Policy: Wojciechowski wins top EU agriculture job at second attempt

EU agriculture policy diary (October 7-11): What will happen with Wojciechowski?

Wojciechowski faces second hearing as MEPs demand clarification

Wojciechowski wobbles during MEP grilling to win top EU job

Fallout from Wojciechowski hearing leaves MEPs demanding more detail

Candidate for EU Agriculture Commissioner cleared of fraud allegations

Arc2020: Will Wojciechowski Make it as Ag Commissioner? Polish & Other Perspectives

Agence Europe: Janusz Wojciechowski failed his hearing and must provide additional information to convince MEPs

European Interest: MEPs criticise Commissioner-designate Janusz Wojciechowski

Poland In: Polish commissioner nominee likely to be heard again

The first News: EU’s agriculture needs strategy, Polish commissioner nominee tells EP

CAPeye (FR): La difficile audition du Commissaire désigné à l’agriculture

Agri Mutuel (FR): Le niveau de compétence du candidat désigné pour l’agriculture inquiète

WTO: European Communities and certain Member States – measures affecting trade in large civil aircraft (WT/DS316/ARB of 2 October)


Press release – Arbitrator issues decision in Airbus subsidy dispute

EC: Statement on the publication of WTO’s award in the Airbus dispute

Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR): US Wins $7.5 Billion Award on Airbus Subsidies Case

List of products to be hit by US tariffs

Inside US Trade’s: WTO grants U.S. $7.5 billion for retaliation in Airbus dispute

Following Airbus ruling, U.S. to impose tariffs on EU aircraft, ag, industrial goods

EP News: Airbus case: MEPs to discuss US tariffs to be levied on European goods

The Wall Street Journal: U.S. to Impose Tariffs on EU Goods After WTO’s Airbus Ruling

Financial Times: US tariffs to hit aircraft, French wine and cheese, and Spanish olive oil

The Washington Post: U.S. can impose tariffs on $7.5 billion in goods because E.U. gave illegal subsidies to Airbus, WTO rules

IEG Policy: WTO authorizes US retaliation of nearly $7.5 billion in Airbus dispute

Member states demand swift EU response to US tariffs

US to hit EU goods with duties Oct. 18 in Airbus retaliation

US gets WTO approval for record tariffs on EU agri-food products

EU farmers fear major losses from US Airbus tariffs

Traditional EU cheeses targeted by US Airbus tariffs

US tariffs threaten a fifth of EU dairy export trade

US cheese tariffs dampen mood at EU dairy conference

Italy calls for EU to compensate for looming US tariffs

Spirits producer organisations slam US tariffs on EU wine and spirit exports

Spain calls US tariffs “unacceptable” and vows to hit back

US gets final approval for up to $7.5 billion in duties on EU goods  

EU Observer: US to put tariffs on European whiskies, cheese

Eur Activ: WTO allows US to hit EU exports with record tariffs over Airbus case

WTO clears US to target $7.5 billion of EU exports with tariffs

EU member states shocked by US tariffs, seek response

The impact of US sanctions on European goods: a closer look

Tug of war between Madrid and Washington over US tariffs

A new trade policy with teeth and muscle

EURACTIV (FR): Sanctions douanières américaines. Quels sont les produits et les pays punis?

La filière viticole européenne face aux sanctions américaines

Sanctions américaines : Paris prévoit « des mesures de rétorsion » en concertation avec l’UE

Les Européens sous le choc après l’annonce de nouveaux droits de douane aux États-Unis

Dans l’impasse, Bruxelles refuse toute réforme de sa politique commerciale

European Environment Agency (EEA): EEA Signals 2019 – Land and soil in Europe

Protecting Europe’s land and soil resources is fundamental for a sustainable future

IEG Policy: Overhaul EU food production to protect our soils, says European Environment Agency

EC: Report: EU Agricultural markets short term outlook – autumn 2019

Short term outlook – Record exports of EU pork and tomatoes, cereal production to recover

EC: Report on Implementation of Free Trade Agreements (1 January 2018 – 31 December 2018)

Press – EU trade agreements: delivering new opportunities in time of global economic uncertainties

IEG Policy: EU trade deals brought €1 billion boost to agri-food exports in 2018

EC: 12th Financial report of the EAFRD (2018 Financial year) – COM (2019) 422 Text

12th Financial report of the EAGF (2018 Financial year) – COM (2019) 366 Text

                        Working document

FAO – European Commission – CIRAD: Food systems at risk . New trends and challenges

CIRAD: A new report reveals the threats to food systems

Agri Mutuel (FR): Les crises alimentaires risquent de se multiplier dans le monde

Global Agricultural Productivity (GAP): 2019 Global Agricultural Productivity Report (GAP Report)

IEG Policy: Food production is not increasing fast enough to feed the world – report



EC: Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027

EU budget for the future

EC: EU budget 2021-2027: Commission calls on leaders to set out a roadmap towards an autumn agreement

EC: EU budget for the future – EU budget financing

EC: Communication – Time to decide on the Union’s financial framework for 2021-2027

Council: Multiannual Financial Framework

Finland’s Presidency: Multiannual financial framework: implementing the EU’s priorities

MFF 20121 – 2027. Preparation for the European Council of 17 – 18 October 2019

EP: Interim report on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 – Parliament’s position with a view to an agreement (resolution of 14 November 2018)

European Parliament resolution of 30 May 2018 on the 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework and own resources

Post-2020 multiannual financial framework

EPRS briefing – Future financing of EU policies

EPRS briefing – Post 2020 MFF and own resources

Long-term EU budget: MEPs lay down funding priorities for post-2020 budget

European Courts of Auditors (ECA): The Commission’s proposal for the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework – Briefing Paper

EP: Long-term EU budget: MEPs lay down funding priorities for post-2020 budget


EC: The common agricultural policy at a glance

EC: Legal texts and factsheets

EU budget: the Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020


Press release

CAP Strategic Plans Regulation (COM (2018) 392)Annexes

Horizontal / financing regulation (COM (2018) 393)Annex

CMO regulation (COM (2018) 394)

EC: European Commission communicates new CAP proposals on the ground

EC: No increase in CAP administrative burden for farmers since 2013 reform

Evaluation Study on ‘ “Analysis of Administrative burden arising from the CAP”

EC: Evaluation of the CAP measures applicable to the wine sector

EC: Report on the implementation of the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and first results on the performance of the Common Agricultural Policy

CAP Indicators

A new tool to increase the sustainable use of nutrients across the EU

The future is rural: the social objectives of the new CAP

Shaping of the CAP reform: consultation of stakeholders and citizens

Reflection paper. Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030

The post 2020 Common Agricultural Policy : environmental benefits and simplification

Common Agricultural Policy post 2020 – The green architecture (slides)

The environmental objectives of the future CAP

Parliamentary questions – Climate action and CAP – Answer given by Mr Hogan on behalf of the European Commission

Analysis of key policy objectives (briefs)

CAP specific objectives explained – Ensuring viable farming income – Brief 1

CAP specific objectives explained – Farmer position in value chains – Brief 3

CAP specific objectives explained – Agriculture and climate mitigation – Brief 4

CAP specific objectives explained – Efficient Soil Management – Brief 5

CAP specific objectives explained – Jobs and growth in rural areas – Brief 8

CAP specific objectives explained – Health, Food & Antimicrobial Resistance – Brief 9

Council: Future of the CAP post 2020 – work in progress

Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform (Finnish Presidency – Background document)                Regulation on CAP Strategic Plans – Advisory Services and Rural Development (Finnish Presidency – discussion paper – Special Committee on Agriculture of 7 October 2019)

Regulation on CAP Strategic Plans – Definitions (Finish Presidency paper)

Horizontal Agricultural Questions (CAP reform) (Finnish Presidency Working Paper, 5th September

Informal Council of 24 September 2019 – Press release: EU agriculture ministers: agriculture can help increase soil carbon sequestration

Background document – Carbon sequestration on agricultural land

Romanian Presidency progress report (Special Committee on Agriculture) on the post 2020 CAP reform package

Preparation of the Council debate on the environmental and climate- related aspects of the post-2020 CAP (2 July)

June Informal meeting of the agriculture ministers

Revised Presidency drafting suggestions on support for strategic plans to be drawn up by Member States under the Common agricultural policy (CAP Strategic Plans) (28 June 2019)

Presidency background paper on the CAP Strategic Plans regulation (New Delivery Model)

Presidency background paper on the Clean Planet for all: A European strategic long-term vision for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy – agricultural aspects

Finnish Presidency – Progress report on the CAP reform (October 2019) Presidency discussion paper – Regulation on CAP Strategic Plans – Financial flexibility

Presidency discussion paper – Regulation on CAP Strategic Plans – Sectoral types of interventions

EP – AGRI Committee: Future of the CAP: MEPs want to resume work on pre-election reform proposals

Future of EU farming: Debate on reform proposals with Parliament’s rapporteurs

AGRI Draft reports

Draft report on the HZR proposal (New regulation on the financing, management and monitoring of the CAP)

Draft report on the CMO amending proposals

Draft report of CAP Plans

EP – AGRI Committee: Consolidated reports on the CAP proposals after the COMAGRI’s vote

CMO regulation – consolidated version – May 2019

FMM – Horizontal regulation – consolidated version – May 2019

Strategic Plans regulation – consolidated version – May 2019

EP – Research for AGRI: Briefing on ‘Towards the Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020: comparing the reform package with the current regulations’ : Think Tank publication &

Research4Agri Blog


Annex (Dashboards)

EP – Research for AGRI: Workshop on ‘The CAP beyond 2020: appraisal of the EC legislative proposals’

The CAP Strategic Plans beyond 2020: assessing the architecture and governance issues in order to achieve the EU wide objectives


The CAP support beyond 2020: assessing the future structure of Direct payments and Rural Development interventions


The sectoral approach in the CAP beyond and possible options to improve the EU food value chain


EP – EPRS: CAP strategic planning – Operational perspectives

CAP Amending Regulation (CMO): Amending regulations on the CMO for agricultural products, quality schemes and measures for remote regions

European Court of Auditors (ECA): Special report no 10/2018: Basic Payment Scheme for farmers – operationally on track, but limited impact on simplification, targeting and the convergence of aid levels

Briefing paper: Future of the CAP

Opinion 7/2018 concerning Commission proposals for regulations relating to the Common Agricultural Policy for the post-2020 period

French version

EESC: Promoting short and alternative food supply chains in the EU: the role of agro-ecology (own-initiative opinion)

European Committee of Regions: Reform of the CAP

The CAP after 2020


CAP Reform: MFF discussions pushing small increase in CAP budget compared to Commission proposal

EP News: Plans to keep EU budget funding in 2020 in the event of a no-deal Brexit

IEG Policy: AGRI Committee’s CAP reform files forwarded to plenary

Hogan backs call to maintain CAP budget by EU ministers

Commission says it’s “time to decide” on next EU budget

Revamp the CAP to make a European Green Deal a reality, say NGOs

EU wants to scale carbon farming to help achieve 2050 climate ambitions

Scottish farmers demand £160m uplift to be paid as direct support

EU Observer: Deep divisions on display over post-Brexit EU budget

CITY – Centre for Food Policy: Brief 3: Integrated food policy: What is it, and how can it help transform food systems?

Eur Activ: Summit concludes with no progress on EU’s long-term budget

Science Business: Horizon Europe cuts loom as EU leaders debate budget

Politico: Germany fights to limit EU spending in long-term budget

IEEP: CAP 2021-27: Comparative analysis of environmental performance of COMENVI and COMAGRI reports

Report (PDF)

CAP 2020: Why out-of-the-spotlight Council discussions on the CAP don’t serve the environment, climate or farmers?

Arc2020: Series | What will come from the CAP Strategic Plan Negotiations?

Terre-net (FR): Stop ou encore?

Ouest-France (FR): Risque de baisse du budget européen. La politique de Cohésion sur la sellette

Agri Mutuel (FR): La France lance une concertation sur la déclinaison nationale de la future PAC

La France et 16 autres pays réclament le maintien du budget de la PAC

Eur Activ (FR): La France et 16 autres pays réclament le maintien du budget de la PAC


EC: Revised protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland including withdrawal agreement

Working document – Consolidated version of the Withdrawal Agreement following revision of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and technical adaptations to Articles 184 and 185, as agreed at negotiators’ level and endorsed by the European Council

European Commission Recommendation

Letter from President Jean-Claude Juncker to President Donald Tusk

Political Declaration

Press releases – Brexit: European Commission recommends the European Council (Article 50) to endorse the agreement reached on the revised Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland and revised Political Declaration

Gov.UK: New Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland and Political Declaration

EurActiv: The Brief – Definitely maybe Brexit

UKTPO: The Grand Illusion

DUP: Statement from the Democratic Unionist Party

Politico: UK MEP force Boris Johnson to seek a Brexit extension

EU and UK agree draft Brexit deal but obstacles remain

The Brexit deal explained

Brexit & EU Summit: As it happened

EU should grant longer extension if UK holds election or referendum (German Minister)

EU 27 powder how to deal with request for Brexit delay

EU Observer: EU leaders back Brexit deal as Johnson faces Westminster

New Brexit deal drops Irish border backstop

IEG Policy: EU and UK reach ‘fair and balanced’ Brexit deal

Les Échos (FR): Brexit : un risque élevé de rejet par les députés britanniques samedi

Eur Activ (FR): Accord de dernière minute sur le Brexit

EC: Brexit – Preparedness notices

EP: Statement by EP President Sassoli on latest Brexit developments

Brexit: new European Parliament reaffirms wholehearted support for EU position

Motion for a resolution to wind up the debate on the state of play of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union

European Parliament resolution of 18 September 2019 on the state of play of the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (18/9/2019)

Gov.UK: No-Deal Readiness Report

UK Parliament: Getting divorced if there is a no-deal Brexit

Temporary tariff regime updated

IEG Policy: UK publishes update to temporary tariff regime for no-deal Brexit

UK proposals for a new Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland

Politico: Boris Johnson’s big Brexit offer decoded

Boris Johnson publishes new Brexit plan

UKTPO: Johnson’s Brexit proposal is riddled with problems

The UK’s ‘No Deal’ Tariffs: An Update

EU Observer: Johnson finally unveils UK’s Brexit border ‘compromise’

Leaked British customs plan is ‘non-starter’, Ireland says     

Notre Europe – Delors Institute: ‘No deal’ Brexit and the EU Budget: Beware the risk for EU unity

Bloomberg: The Day After Brexit: What a Crash Out of the EU Might Look Like

IEG Policy: Ireland sets aside €1 billion as buffer against no-deal Brexit

UKTPO: Economic realities of Brexit for firms and people in Northern Ireland

EU Observer: Is a Brexit deal still possible?

Eur Activ: New Brexit hopes after Johnson and Varadkar say ‘pathway to deal’ exists

Les Échos (FR): Brexit : les discussions s’accélèrent et l’espoir renaît


Council: Finland’s Presidency

Prime Minister Office: Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU

Finland’s Presidency: Webpage


Finnish government ministers presented Finland’s Presidency priorities before EP committees

Agriculture and Fisheries Council – related meetings

Policies – Infographics

Council’s documents and publications

EU Observer: Crucial summit: last EU-28 format?

EP: Key Issues in the European Council – State of play in October 2019

European Council Conclusions – A rolling check-list of commitments to date

EC: Published initiatives

EC: Contribute law making (New ‘Better regulation’ portal and REFIT platform)

EC – The European Citizens’ Initiative: Open initiatives

EC: African Swine fever (ASF)

Chronology of main initiative taken or supported by the European Commission

Interactive maps of areas subject to measures for ASF in the EU

Gro Intelligence: More Countries Battle African Swine Fever

Pigs World: How Asia’s African swine fever crisis is transforming the global protein market

IEG Policy: 10th Asian country reports ASF outbreak, Australia on alert

Australian farmers call for feral pig cull as ASF fears grow          

ASF poses “serious risk” to European pigmeat market, Hogan warns

ASF risks European pork market collapse, says EU Committee of the Regions

Le Petit Journal (FR): Quand l’Asie attrape la fièvre porcine, les États-Unis ont le frisson

EC: Commission Delegated Decision (EU) 2019/1597 of 3 May 2019 supplementing Directive 2008/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards a common methodology and minimum quality requirements for the uniform measurement of levels of food waste

IEG Policy: EU countries to measure food waste at each stage in the food chain

Eur Activ (FR): L’évaluation du gaspillage alimentaire harmonisée en Europe

EC: Commission implementing regulation (EU) 2019/1688 imposing a definitive anti-dumping duty and definitively collecting the provisional duty imposed on imports of mixtures of urea and ammonium nitrate originating in Russia, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States of America

EC: Commission implementing regulation (EU) 2019/1685 designating a European Union Reference Centre for Animal Welfare for poultry and other small farmed animals

IEG Policy: Commission unveils new poultry welfare reference centre

EC: Report: preparing for future AKIS in Europe

Press News – Knowledge and innovation: unlocking the potential of food and farming

EC: EU to join agreement enhancing protection of geographical indications

IEG Policy: EU set to join international agreement on GIs

EC – Horizon website – Agriculture and forestry 

EC – EIP AGRI: Newsletter 74

EC: Monitoring EU agri-food trade (collection)

Agri-food trade in 2018

Monitoring EU Agri-Food Trade: Development until July 2019

IEG Policy: EU agri-food exports keep growing at record levels, Commission reports

EC: EU Platform on Animal Welfare – Sixth meeting in Brussels (7 October)

European Court of Auditors (ECA): 2018 Annual report (as published in OJ)

2018 Audit in brief

IEG Policy: Court of Auditors raises concerns over EU funds accessed by ineligible farmers

European Court of Justice (ECJ): Judgment in Case C-616/17 of 1 October 2019 (Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 — Pesticides — Glyphosate)       

IEG Policy: EU court rules that agrochemical approval system is valid

European Court of Justice (ECJ): Judgment in Case C-674/17 of 10 October 2019 – EU Habitats Directive – Hunting of protected species for management (French version) 

EFSA: Chlorpyrifos: assessment identifies human health effects

Public consultation on the draft scientific opinion on the risks to public health related to the presence of aflatoxins in food

EU Observer: EU proposes pesticide ban, but key documents still secret

IEG Policy: Danish minister wants all chlorpyrifos-sprayed fruit removed from shelves

EFSA: Horizon 2020 – Supporting the food safety systems of the future (deadline for applications 22 January 2020)

IEG Policy: European Commission plans food safety research platform

EP: AGRI Fact Sheets of the European Union – Updated

EP: AGRI Publications

Research for AGRI – Updates

Research for AGRI : News – September – Issue 1

AGRI Committee Newsletter

AGRI e-meetings – documentation

AGRI Committee: Newsletter

AGRI meetings – documents


Research for AGRI – Updates

European Committee of Regions: Evaluation of the impact of the current CAP on the agriculture of developing countries

SOL Asso: J. Berthelot comments

EC: Fruits and vegetables market observatory

IEG Policy: OECD analyses greenhouse gas reduction policies for agriculture

EC: Commodity Price Dashboard

EU prices for selected representative products

Peaches and nectarines dashboard

Tomatoes dashboard

EC: EU Milk Market Observatory

Dairy Dashboard

Latest updates

Prices / margins

EC: EU Meat Market Observatory

Poultry meat Dashboard

Sheep & Goat Dashboard

Pig Dashboard Eggs dashboard

Pigmeat latest updates

Beef and veal dashboard

Meat latest updates

EC: EU Sugar Market Observatory


Price reporting

Monthly trade statistics

Trade statistics

EC: EU Crops Market Observatory

Cereals dashboard

Oilseeds dashboard

Cereals balance sheet

Cereals trade

Oilseeds balance sheet

Oilseeds exports and imports

Balance sheets for cereals, oilseeds, proteins and rice

Balance sheet rice

Olive oil dashboard

Protein balance sheet


IEG Policy: News

Phil Hogan: the smiling enforcer who brought stability to the CAP

Experts tell the EU how to pay farmers for biodiversity

Ukraine to liberalise farmland market from next year

No meat today: The rise of vegetarianism and veganism

Gains for non-Euro countries as 2019 BPS conversion rates set

 ‘Illegal’ palm oil may have entered supply chains of global food giants       

Indonesia plans to challenge EU palm oil measure at WTO

Replacing glyphosate in Europe: it’s doable, but complicated

Farmers “won’t be switching to organic agriculture” when they come off glyphosate

Bayer continues to defend glyphosate in cancer lawsuits

MEPs oppose imports of GM maize and soybeans

European listeria outbreaks spark meat product recalls

Italy pledges to strengthen food origin labelling

Production of imitation Italian cheese overtakes originals, Italian farmers report

Italy seeks CAP support for stink bug losses

European banana producers demand clear labelling for non-EU imports

Commission agrees to provide private storage aid to olive sector

Appellate Body ‘inevitably’ headed for hiatus: WTO facilitator

China seeks WTO permission to hit US with $2.4 billion in trade sanctions

IEG Vu – IEG Policy: 7 Top Food Commodity Trends

Next Generation Food. How health, climate change and politics are changing the way we eat (report)

Eur Activ: Agricultural sector should focus on achieving greater yield stability, experts say

Riesling will have a very different taste in the future

FAO: Food Price Index

World Food Situation

Newsletter – Publications update

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2019

GIEWS – Global Information and Early Warning System – Crop Prospects and Food Situation

Tracking progress on food and agriculture-related SDG indicators. A report on the indicators under FAO custodianship

IEG Policy: The world is off-track to end hunger, says FAO

AMIS – Agricultural Market Information System: Market Monitor – Issues

Market Database

Market Monitor

Latest Market Monitor No 72 (October)

International Grains Council (IGC): IGC webpage

Grain Market Report 26 September 2019

WTO: WTO lowers trade forecast as tensions unsettle global economy

Eur Activ: WTO foresees global trade halved in 2019

CAP Reform: Why farm numbers must continue to fall

REECAP (Research Network on Economic Experiments for the Common Agricultural Policy): About REECAP

            Social Sciences: Economists run experiments, too

Annals of Internal Medicine: Unprocessed Red Meat and Processed Meat Consumption: Dietary Guideline Recommendations From the Nutritional Recommendations (NutriRECS) Consortium

IEG Policy: Study that says red meat is not unhealthy faces fierce criticism

Le Point (FR): La viande rouge ne serait pas si mauvaise pour la santé

OECD: The Heavy Burden of Obesity (report)

Heavy Burden of Obesity: The Economics of Prevention. A quick guide for policy makers (Policy brief)

IEG Policy: Obesity “epidemic” is becoming a “world problem”, EESC leader warns

CAP “clearly has a role to play” on diets, Commission official says

OECD: Digital Opportunities for Better Agricultural Policies

FAIR Share – Digital tools for farm advisors: Newsletter

Arc2020: October Newsletter

Green New Deal for Europe: Commission Co-Opting the Real Deal

IPCC | Climate Chaos and Land Use: Is Livestock a Liability?

Your National Ag Minister is Killing an Environmental CAP

Farm-2-Fork 2030: A Truly Green Farming, Food and Rural Vision for Ireland

Kantar World Panel: Newsletter 7 October

Newsletter 11 October

Newsletter 21 October

Brand Footprint report, the new FMCG ranking is out

Urban Food Futures: Latest articles

Nature Research Journal: Counting the hidden $12-trillion cost of a broken food system

Even meat lovers go veggie when plant-heavy meals abound

FCRN: Has veganism become a dirty word? https://fcrn.org.uk/fcrn-blogs/how-has-veganism-become-dirty-word

European Review of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles

Russian food embargo and the lost trade

American Journal of Agricultural Economics (AJAE): Advance articles

PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of US): Increasing crop heterogeneity enhances multitrophic diversity across agricultural regions

Prenatal exposure to organophosphate pesticides and functional neuroimaging in adolescents living in proximity to pesticide application

Journal of Agricultural Economics (JAE): Articles – Early view on-line

Journal of Rural Studies: The economic potential of agroecology: Empirical evidence from Europe

Agriculture: Volume 9, Issue 10

Foods: Volume 8, Issue 10

AgroInsurance International: World News Summary from AgroInsurance – 7 October

European Countryside: Issues

Frontiers in Plant Science: Open Source Seed, a Revolution in Breeding or Yet Another Attack on the Breeder’s Exemption?

European Scientist: A surge in antimicrobial resistance threatens the livestock industry

World Bank: Harvesting Prosperity : Technology and Productivity Growth in Agriculture

IFPRI: IFPRI Insights – 10 October

Compact 2025 End Hunger and Undernutrition – Brief 76

Compact 2025 End Hunger and Undernutrition – Brief 77

IFPRI monthly maize market report

Agriculture and undernutrition through the lens of economics

Resource: Where is the vision for agriculture? – Public policy expert Candel: ‘Stop the quick

CIHEAM: Newsletter

IPES-Food: Latest reports

Choices Magazine (AAEA): California Direct Marketer Perceptions of the Food Safety Modernization Act

USDA – ERS: Amber Waves

Net Cash Farm Income Trends Over the Past Decade Have Varied By State

Food-Insecure Households Spend Less and Acquire Less Food Per Week Than Food-Secure

The Use of Genetically Engineered Dicamba-Tolerant Soybean Seeds Has Increased Quickly, Benefiting Adopters but Damaging Crops in Some Fields

USDA: 2019 Agricultural Outlook (Power Point presentation)

World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE)

President Trump Delivers on a Key Promise to American Farmers as EPA, USDA Announce Agreement on Promoting Biofuels

Farm Policy News: Biofuels Agreement Announcement Welcomed, but Details Lacking

Farmdoc Daily: Prospects for Corn Use in Ethanol

US CRS: Latest publications

Reuters: U.S. farmers receive $14.03 billion so far in government trade aid

Bloomberg: Farmers Say Trump’s $28 Billion Bailout Isn’t a Solution

SOL Asso: Would the WTO World Cotton Day solve the SSA farmers plight?

Would it solve the SSA cotton farmers plight?

Oxfam: End the suffering behind your food

Supermarkets Scorecard

IEG Policy: Oxfam uncovers abuse in supply chains and blames supermarkets

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre: Oxfam releases 2nd scoring of US & European supermarkets’ global food supply

The Guardian: Workers exploited at farms supplying UK supermarkets: report

BBC News: Oxfam alleges abuse in UK supermarket supply chains

Gro Intelligence: Hard Wheat Worries: Will North America’s Crop Make the Grade?

Palm Oil Sparks EU-Indonesia Trade War

Frost Will Nip Some of US Crop, but Most Areas Will Be Spared

China’s Layer-Chicken Population to See Rapid Growth, Gro Data Shows

Gro Analysis Points to Bigger US Cotton Crop

Monsoon Turnabout Shifts India’s Crop Outlook

What a China/US Trade Peace Could Mean for Soybean Stocks, Prices

Farm Policy News (US): U.S., China Take Initial Step on Trade Deal; China Agrees to Buy $40-$50 Billion in U.S. Farm Goods Amid Rough Details

China Offers Agricultural Purchases as Trade Talks Set to Resume

Chinese Purchases of U.S. Soybeans Continue, as Range of Topics in Trade Talks Narrows

China Buys U.S. Soybeans & Explores Soymeal Exports from South America, as Trade Talks Set for October

Freezing Temperatures and Snow Bring Harvest Challenges

Farmdoc Daily (US): Chinese Purchases of U.S. Soybeans Continue, as Range of Topics in Trade Talks Narrows

Corn and Soybeans Move Higher on Supply and Trade

Corn and Soybean Export Sales Lag Last Year

International Differences in Labor Efficiency and Productivity

Examining USDA 2019 Acreage and Yield Estimates

Market Reaction to USDA’s August Corn Crop Reports

Choosing Between ARC-CO and PLC

Which Program Paid More Under the 2014 Farm Bill: ARC-CO or PLC?

Impact of Recent Changes in Corn and Fed Cattle Prices on Cattle Finishing Net Returns  

Fall fertilizer considerations in 2019

Assessing Risk and Variation in 2018 Farm Revenue and Expenses

Global Meat: News






Dairy Reporter: News
















The Beef / Dairy Site: Newsletter

Centre d’études et de prospective (CEP) (FR)

Bulletin de veille

Ministère de l’agriculture et de l’alimentation (FR): AGRESTE – Statistiques

FranceAgriMer (FR): Website


Panorama de la consommation végétarienne en Europe – synthèse

Agri Mutuel (FR): Les prix du blé stables, rapport FranceAgriMer plutôt haussier

Académie d’Agriculture de France (FR): Le Mensuel, Num. 47

INSEE (FR): Big Data et statistiques

FARM – Le blog de la fondation (FR): Productivité agricole : un demi-siècle dans le rétroviseur. Et demain ?

European Scientist (FR): Lutte contre le gaspillage alimentaire : l’UE cherche à améliorer sa méthodologie

Agri Mutuel (FR): Newsletter A la une

Les cours des grains sous la menace d’une crise financière en 2020

Le Brésil parti pour détrôner les Etats-Unis dans la culture du soja

Viticulture – La France va consommer 95 % de son enveloppe d’aides européennes

Santé Publique France (FR): Polluants du quotidien : données inédites chez les enfants et les adultes

Le Figaro (FR): Alimentation: le Nutri-score modifie les habitudes de consommation des Français

Le Monde (FR): Manger demain (six enquêtes)

Au Pays-Bas, le poulet élevé sur étagères à la conquête du monde

En Andalousie, plongée dans l’enfer des serres de la tomate bio

Au Sénégal, le mil, céréale millénaire et dernier rempart contre la sècheresse

Le saumon, industrie à grande échelle et filon pour la Norvège

Au Canada, le miracle des lentilles, alternative aux protéines animales

La Corée du Sud veut convertir la planète aux algues

Wiki Agri (FR): L’agriculture face à l’enjeu de l’urgence climatique

Revenu des éleveurs, on est loin des deux Smics par unité de main-d’œuvre

Huit cents fermes maraichères verticales en exploitation ou en cours de construction dans le monde

Terre-net (FR): Marche du blé – Les éléments à suivre dans les prochains mois

Agroéconomie (FR): Champs d’avenir

Paysans et Société (FR): UE-Mercosur : Un accord à la Janus

            Grande distribution : Un avenir incertain

Le Parisien (FR): Marges dans la grande distribution : dans le secret de la fabrique des prix

Enquête : d’où viennent vraiment les aliments qui finissent dans vos assiettes ?

Les Échos (FR): Quand la Chine débarque dans les ports européens

France Info (FR): La loi Alimentation française serait “un échec”

Good planet Info (FR): Élevage : le bio pour sortir de la crise ?


Council: Preparations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meetings (Santiago de Chile, 2-13 December 2019) (Council conclusions)

EC: Citizen support for climate action (2019 survey)

Politics and Governance: Parliamentarizing a Politicized Policy: Understanding the Involvement of the European Parliament in UN Climate Negotiations

Global Environmental Change: Country-specific dietary shifts to mitigate climate and water crises

EU Observer: Timmermans to end EU climate ‘contradictions’

Eur Activ: Timmermans gets broad support at Parliament hearing: the main points

As it happened: Frans Timmermans’s hearing in EU Parliament

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution: Our House Is Burning: Discrepancy in Climate Change vs. Biodiversity Coverage in the Media as Compared to Scientific Literature

Covering Climate Now: Global journalism initiative

Nature Research Journal: How climate change is melting, drying and flooding Earth — in pictures

Where climate cash is flowing and why it’s not enough

The Economist: The Amazon is reaching a dangerous tipping-point. Beyond this, the rainforest is unlikely to survive

Biological Conservation: Biodiversity offsetting: Certainty of the net loss but uncertainty of the net gain

OECD: Enhancing Climate Change Mitigation through Agriculture (report)

IEG Policy: OECD analyses greenhouse gas reduction policies for agriculture

OECD work in support of climate action

Accelerating Climate Action

The role of agriculture in global GHG mitigation

Climate Reclaiming our Common Future

Greenhouse gas emissions – OECD Statistics

Science Magazine: Double counting and the Paris Agreement rulebook   

Societal burdens of nature loss

Drought test begins in Biosphere 2 rainforest

Rapid reorganization of global biodiversity

Science for Environment Policy: Food waste: a reduction of up to 50% could reduce EU household expenditure and environmental impact

Circular economy: consumer attitudes to products made from urban bio-waste

Wildfires destroy protective effect of forest roots on soils

Soil erosion: moss helps land to recover from fire damage, Portugal

River flooding: area simultaneously affected in EU has grown by 50% in past 50 years

Review of Environmental Economics and Policy: Advance articles

Environments: Volume 6, Issue 10

Sustainability: Volume 11, Issue 20

Volume 11, Issue 19

Forests: Volume 10, Issue 10

Are We Defending the Indefensible? Reflecting on Policy and Practice Around ‘the Border’ in Plant Biosecurity for Tree Health

Water: Volume 11, Issue 10

Climate: Volume 7, Issue 10

Energies: Volume 12, Issue 20           

Volume 12, Issue 19

World Economic Forum: These are the places with the most climate change deniers

What are plastics and why do they matter? An explainer

The Washington Post: Connecting fractured habitats has long-lasting ecological benefits, study finds

Actu Environnement (FR): Climat : la Russie ratifie officiellement l’Accord de Paris, sous conditions

Les fast-foods élaborent des règles communes pour assurer le tri des emballages en salle

Eur Activ (FR): Les antibiotiques, mauvais aussi pour le climat


Eur Activ: WTO in ‘critical situation’, EU warns

Fair enough? The EU’s guilty neglect of fair trade

WTO: Press release – WTO lowers trade forecast as tensions unsettle global economy     

Eur Activ: WTO foresees global trade halved in 2019

The New York Times: Global Trade Is Deteriorating Fast, Sapping the World’s Economy   

The Guardian: WTO warns tariff wars threaten jobs and global living standards

DW: WTO lowers trade growth forecast


SumOfUs: Poll: Vast majority of Europeans opposed to EU – Mercosur trade deal

EU – Mercosur polling results for SumOfUs

IEG Policy: “Vast majority of Europeans” oppose EU-Mercosur trade deal, suggests poll

Farming UK: Majority of Europeans against EU-Mercosur deal

OECD: Health for everyone? (report)

World Economic Forum: Global Competitiveness Report 2019: How to end a lost decade of productivity growth

5 trends in the global economy – and their implications for economic policymakers

The New York Times: Productivity Stagnant Despite Global Stimulus: WEF

Borderlex: Newsletter 30 September

Eur Activ: Biotechnology: Europe’s next ‘hot potato’

Nature Research Journal: ‘Randomistas’ who used controlled trials to fight poverty win economic Nobel

Nature Briefing: Briefing 17 October

Briefing 15 October

Briefing 14 October

Briefing 11 October   

Briefing 10 October

Science: Why skimping on sleep makes your brain crave sweets

USC News: Augmented reality app adds interactive enhancements to scientific posters, presentations

Global Trade and Customs Journal: Latest Issues

Journal of World Trade: Latest issues

European Public Law: Latest issues

CESifo Economic Studies: Website

Volume 65, Issue 3, September 2019

The Review of Economic Studies: Advance articles https://academic.oup.com/restud/advance-articles

International Economic Perspectives: Volume 20, Issue 4, November 2019

European Review of Economic History: Advance articles

The Conversation: How multinationals continue to avoid paying hundreds of billions of dollars in tax

CEPS: Monthly Bulletin – October

CEPII: Latest Newsletters  

European Data Journalism Network (EDJD) (FR): L’I.A. chinoise bluffe-t-elle pour se développer en Europe ?

Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute: Introducing the serie “Europe’s new beginnings”

Eur Activ (FR): Les propositions de Nicolas Hulot pour le commerce international

Dans l’impasse, Bruxelles refuse toute réforme de sa politique commerciale


With acknowledgements to IEG Policy, Politico, CAP Reform.eu, Euractiv, Centre d ‘études et de prospective, Illinois.edu, FranceAgriMer and Tomás Garcia Azcárate (EAGRA)


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