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Study on: "The EU single transport area - achievements, current challenges and future prospects” - The aim of the project is to evaluate where the EU stands in terms of achieving a single European transport area and to investigate opportunities and challenges lying ahead of the transport sector.
The paper will:
1. Summarise current knowledge-based policy debates covering all modes of transport. Topics to be covered include: single European transport area, transport competitiveness, sustainability, transport safety, accessibility, decarbonisation, digitalisation, job creation, affordability, reliability, etc.
2. Assess progress achieved against the objectives set out in the Commission 2011 White Paper “Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area” and against the commitments made by the European Commissioner for transport, Violeta Bulc, in her hearing of 20 October 2014.
3. Present an overview of the state of play of transposition and implementation of EU legislation. Identify factors hindering transposition and implementation.
4. Assess effectiveness of current legislation, rules and tools in helping to achieve transport policy strategy/objectives.
5. Provide an analytical overview of expected future developments relevant to transport policy. Identify key challenges and opportunities.
6. Reflect on current EU transport strategy and assess whether a direction change is needed.
7. Identify gaps in EU and national legislation and highlight areas where EU action is needed.
Place of delivery: Brussels.
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Perf town/city: Brussels
Perf country: Belgium

Duration of the contractValue of the contractCurrencyDeadline to ask for tender documentsPlanned date to send tender documentsDeadline to submit
12 months80,000.00EUR01/10/201904/10/201903/11/2019

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18/09/2019IP/B/TRAN/IC/2019-060European Parliament Parlement européen
European Parliament
SQM 07Y013 Rue Wiertz 60
Direction: Structural and Cohesion Policy
Policy Department B

Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union

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