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Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
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EC: New EU-Mercosur trade agreement: The agreement in principle (Brussels, 1 July 2019)
Latest round reports and EU proposals for the trade agreement with Mercosur
The text I –  The text II
Key facts about the MERCOSUR agreement
EU – Mercosur trade agreement – Better export opportunities for European farmers and food producers (Fact Sheet)
EC – Speeches: Opening Statement by Commissioner Phil Hogan at EP Committee for Agriculture & Rural Development (COMAGRI)
EC – Press releases: EU and Mercosur reach agreement on trade
Remarks by President Juncker at the joint press conference with President Macri in the presence of EU and Mercosur leaders
Key elements of the EU-Mercosur trade agreement

FERN: Open letter : 340+ organisations call on the EU to immediately halt trade negotiations with Brazil
→IATP: 340+ organizations call on the EU to immediately halt trade negotiations with Brazil
Borderlex: EU-Mercosur endgame: The quest for beefed-up final offers
Eur Activ: France and Ireland threaten to vote against EU-Mercosur deal
EU, Mercorsur reach trade deal after 20 years of talks
Macron defends EU-Mercosur trade deal, as farmers protest
EU-Mercosur deal divides both sides of the Atlantic
IEG Vu – IEG Policy: EU-Mercosur: Get ready for a change in trade
IEG Policy: Mercosur eyes trade deals with EFTA and Canada before end of 2019
EFTA and Mercosur conclude trade negotiations
EU member states remain divided on Mercosur deal
France and Ireland cast doubts on ratification of EU-Mercosur deal
Macron threatens not to sign EU-Mercosur deal
Agriculture MEPs grill Hogan on Mercosur deal
EU and Brazil at odds over ‘precautionary principle’ in Mercosur deal
L’Obs (FR): Les arguments dépassés des défenseurs de l’accord de libre-échange avec le Mercosur
Mercosur : Pascal Lamy répond à l’édito de Pascal Riché
CEPII: L’accord UE-Mercosur mérite mieux que des caricatures
Challenges (FR): Didier Guillaume: La France ne signera pas l’accord UE-Mercosur à “n’importe quel prix”
Le Monde (FR): Que contient l’accord de libre-échange entre l’UE et le Mercosur ?
Tout comprendre à l’accord de libre-échange entre l’UE et le Mercosur
L’accord avec le Mercosur, une police d’assurance pour l’UE
Eur Activ (FR): L’accord UE-Mercosur divise des deux côtés de l’Atlantique
Agri mutuel (FR): Après 20 ans de discussions, accord « historique » entre l’UE et le Mercosur
L’accord Mercosur-UE fait aussi grincer des dents côté brésilien
Le Vif (FR): Loin d’être un “monstre”, l’accord UE-Mercosur affirme les intérêts de l’Europe et ses valeurs à l’échelle mondiale (Cecilia Malmstrom)
Le Soir (FR): L’accord conclu avec le Mercosur est taillé sur mesure pour l’industrie européenne
Libération (FR): Accord Mercosur – UE: la France avance avec prudence
Huffington Post (FR): Bolsonaro défend le travail des enfants au Brésil
Mercosur ABC (MABC) (ES): Un reforzamiento político para el Mercosur. El desafío de enfrentar las asimetrías comerciales
El “Acuerdo Mercosur-Unión Europea” en clave jurídica

IEG Vu – IEG Policy: The EU-Mercosur Trade Agreement: Impacts on Food and Farming (report)
IEG Policy: Why is agri-food so often the major issue in EU trade negotiations?
Mercosur and EFTA may announce conclusion of FTA this week
The new EU-Mercosur FTA: a challenge to European agriculture
EU-Mercosur deal will promote EU’s sustainability and “global animal welfare agenda”
Hogan promises €1 billion to ease farmers’ Mercosur worries
Mercosur backlash could hurt Hogan’s ambition for second term
EU farmers furious over “sell-out” Mercosur deal
Brazil’s citrus, meat sectors hail EU-Mercosur deal, sugar industry unhappy at ‘lack of ambition’
Is the EU-Mercosur trade agreement a threat to EU poultry production?
EU-Mercosur trade deal likely to fall short of EU dairy expectations
EU ready to grant Mercosur beef TRQ of 99,000 tonnes
Analysis: Where does the Mercosur trade deal leave EU beef quotas?
Argentine region free to ship meat to EU after restrictions lifted
Spain’s poultry sector mulls over possible effects of EU-Mercosur deal
New alliance set up to protect EU agriculture in trade agreements
French farmers continue to protest against CETA and Mercosur deal
Spanish farmers call for market impact studies for EU-South America trade deal
Arc2020: Part 1 EU-Mercosur Trade Deal | the Bolsonaro Era
Part 2 EU-Mercosur Trade Deal | A Road to Nowhere for Farmers?
COCERAL: Position Paper on EU-Mercosur Exchange of Offers and Upcoming Negotiation Rounds
Global Meat: Mixed reaction to EU – MERCOSUR trade agreement 
Irish Times: Phil Hogan: Flawed commentary on sustainability derailing debate on Mercosur trade deal
Reuters: EU-Mercosur trade deal ‘invitation’ to other agreements: Brazil beef group
Eur Activ: EU farmers boss: ‘Devastating’ Mercosur trade pact exposes Europe’s double standards
CETA and Mercosur meat quotas expose France’s double standards
Merco Press: Brazil hopes to expand chicken and pork sales to EU bases on the deal with Mercosur
The Independent: John Downing: ‘Farmers are angry over Mercosur – and the Fine Gael TDs fear the fallout’
Gro Intelligence: New Brazil Data Brings Greater Precision to Gro
USDA – ERS: Brazil Once Again Becomes the World’s Largest Beef Exporter
Idèle (FR): L’accord de libéralisation commerciale UE/Mercosur est signé… Quels impacts potentiels sur les secteurs bovins ?
Wiki Agri (FR): Mercosur, ou comment l’autonomie alimentaire de l’Europe est menacée
Ce que les craintes sur l’accord du Mercosur révèlent sur la fragilité de notre agriculture
Web-agri (FR): Accord UE – Mercosur. Indignations, manifestations : Ce qu’il faut retenir de la contestation générale
Eur Activ (FR): Les agriculteurs européens révoltés par l’accord UE-Mercosur
Les quotas de viande embarrassent la France dans les accords commerciaux
Chambres d’Agriculture (FR): Analyses et Perspectives de juillet 2019 – Accord de libre-échange UE-MERCOSUR : menaces sur le secteur agroalimentaire européen
Agriculture Strategies (FR): Accord UE-Mercosur, un baroud d’honneur mondialiste ?
Le Point (FR): “Inacceptable”: les agriculteurs européens révoltés par l’accord UE-Mercosur
Mercosur : Macron salue un « bon accord », pas les agriculteurs
Les Échos (FR): Mercosur : un accord clivant pour l’industrie agroalimentaire française
France 24 (FR): Jugé “inacceptable”, l’accord entre l’UE et le Mercosur indigne les agriculteurs français
Agri mutuel (FR): Les produits agricoles concernés par l’accord MERCOSUR
« Inacceptable » pour les agriculteurs français, même macronistes
Rare unanimité chez les syndicats agricoles contre le « sacrifice » des paysans

Open Democracy: Leaked documents show Brazil’s Bolsonaro has grave plans for Amazon rainforest
Greenpeace: EU-Mercosur deal trades in environmental destruction
NBC News: Climate change, oxygen and biodiversity: Amazon rainforest fires leaves plenty at stake
The New York Times: Under Brazil’s Far-Right Leader, Amazon Protections Slashed and Forests Fall
IEG Policy: EU countries “overreacting” by linking Amazon fires to EU-Mercosur trade deal, says Brazil
Amazon fires split EU member states on Mercosur deal
Deforestation in Brazil threatens EU-Mercosur deal
Food and Ag Policy Briefing: Concerns over Amazon fires, climate change and Brexit
EU Observer: EU to discuss Brazil beef ban over Amazon fires
Politico: Macron announces fund to help stop Amazon rainforest fires
Eur Activ: Bolsonaro rejects G7 aid to fight Amazon forest fires
WWF: WWF – Brazil statement on Amazon forest fires
The Guardian: Revealed: rampant deforestation of Amazon driven by global greed for meat
Bolsonaro rejects ‘Captain Chainsaw’ label as data shows deforestation ‘exploded’
Brazil records worst annual deforestation for a decade
The Economist: The Amazon is perilously close to the tipping-point. Brazil has the power to save Earth’s greatest rainforest—or destroy it
Pacific Standard: How Climate Change Is Threatening the Biodiversity of the Brazilian Savanna
BBC News: Why 500 million bees have died in Brazil in three months?
Amazon fires: Record number burning in Brazil rainforest – space agency
Wiki Agri (FR): Accord UE-Mercosur : verdir le commerce
Le Monde (FR): Nicolas Hulot : « L’accord avec le Mercosur est complètement antinomique avec nos ambitions climatiques »
France Inter (FR): Pascal Lamy : “Le Mercosur va empêcher M. Bolsonaro de déforester l’Amazonie”
Reuters (FR): Brésil: La déforestation de l’Amazonie a augmenté de 88% en un an
Les Échos (FR): Brésil : comme promis, Bolsonaro accélère la déforestation en Amazonie


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