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Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
NB this list is intended for internal EP use and some links are available only to subscribers


EC: New state aid rules: Commission increases national support to farmers up to €25,000
→→IEG Policy: Commission increases limits for state aid to farmers
Review of Agricultural State Aids Guidelines (Consultation)
 The Lancet: Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems
EAT Lancet Commission report – text
Report summary
→→Forbes: The ‘Planetary Health Diet’: Will It Save Lives And Planet Earth?
→→Dairy Reporter: New report recommends reduced dairy intake & article
→→Food Navigator: ‘We are currently getting this seriously wrong’: EAT – Lancet issues targets for healthy, sustainable diets
→→Sustainable Food Trust: EAT-Lancet report’s recommendations are at odds with sustainable food production
→→Stockholm University: The planetary health diet
→→The Ecologist: Food in the Anthropocene
→→Science Media Centre: Expert reaction to the EAT–Lancet Commission report on healthy diets from sustainable food systems’
→→The Guardian: New plant-focused diet would ‘transform’ planet’s future, say scientists
→→CEP (FR): The Lancet entame une année dédiée à la nutrition
The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change: The Lancet Commission report
Offline: AMR—the end of modern medicine?
EC – Trade: EU-U.S. Trade Talks: European Commission presents draft negotiating mandates
EU-US Relations: Interim Report on the work of the Executive Working Group
→→IEG Policy: Commission publishes report on cooperation with the US
→→→Commission presents draft mandate for EU-US trade talks
→Speech: Malmström in Washington D.C
→Office of the US Trade Representative: US – EU Negotiations – Summary of Specific Negotiating Objectives
→EP – Press news: Trade negotiations with US can start under certain conditions                  
→Eur Activ: EU to open trade talks on industrial goods with the US
→EEAS – Delegation of the EU to US: Two Agricultural Heavyweights (infographics)
OECD: Dynamic Changes and Effects of Agro-Food Global value chains (GVCS)
FiBL & IFOAM: The World of Organic Agriculture. Statistics and emerging trends in 2019
→FiBL: European organic market grew to more than 37 billion euros in 2017
→Eurostat: Organic farming statistics
→IEG Policy: Global organic area attains a record high in 2017
→Natural News: Do you know the history of organic farming?
→Diálogo chino: How e-commerce is reshaping organic farming in China
→Journal of Food System Dynamic: Production, Consumption and the Actor’s Landscape in the Argentinean Organic Agricultural and Food Sector
→Soil Association: UK 2019 Organic Market report
USDA: Agricultural Outlook Forum
→Farm Policy News (US): Farm Income, and Global Commodity Trade- USDA Projections to 2028
→→The 2019 Outlook for U.S. Agriculture From USDA’s Chief Economist
→→→Federal Reserve: Observations on the Ag Economy- January 2019
→Progressive Farmer: USDA Ag Outlook. USDA Predicts Low Prices, Trade War Will Weigh on Ag Economy in 2019
→Farm Progress (US): A very bad day for U.S. farmers. USDA predicts slow soybean sales through 2026/27
→Reuters: U.S. farm exports expected to fall $1.9 billion in 2019, led by China: USDA
→Farm Doc Daily: Expected Corn versus Soybean Returns in 2019
USDA – ERS: Agriculture Improvement Act 2018 (Farm Bill)
ERS Farm Bill-Related Research
Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018: Highlights and Implications
→→Specialty Crops: Title I (Commodities), Title III (Trade), Title IV (Nutrition), Title VII (Research, Extension, and Related Matters), Title X (Horticulture), Title XI (Crop Insurance), and Title XII (Miscellaneous)
→→Conservation: Title II
→→→Farm Policy News: Farm Bill- Conservation Title, Update from USDA’s Economic Research Service
Trade: Title III
Nutrition: Title IV
Rural Development: Title VI (Rural Development) and Title XII (Miscellaneous)
Research, Extension, and Related Matters: Title VII
Organic Agriculture
Crop Commodity Programs
→→Farmdoc Daily: Understanding the 2018 Farm Bill PLC Yield Update: Which Program Commodities Have a Higher Update Yield at the US Market Level?
→→→2018 Farm Bill Reference Price Escalator for 2019 Market Year
→→Dairy & Livestock
→→Energy: Title IX (Energy) and Title VII (Research)
→→Crop Insurance: Title XI
→→Local and Regional Foods
→→→US CRS: Farm Bill Primer Series: A Guide to Agriculture and Food Programs in the 2014 Farm Bill
→→→→2018 Farm Bill Primer: SNAP and Nutrition Title Programs
→→→→2018 Farm Bill Primer: Veteran Farmers and Ranchers


EC: Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027
EU budget for the future
→→EP News: Confusing EU Budget figures: What are the real cuts and increases?
→→EP News: Post-2020 EU budget: Parliament challenges Commission over scale of cuts  (FR)
EC: EU budget: Commission proposes most ambitious Research and Innovation programme yet
Council: Multiannual Financial Framework
Austrian Presidency: Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027) : State of play or Link
→→Draft Negotiating Box prepared by the Austrian Presidency
→→MFF progress report 30-11-2018
EP: Interim report on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 – Parliament’s position with a view to an agreement (resolution of 14 November 2018)
News: Long-term EU budget: MEPs lay down funding priorities for post-2020 budget
Draft opinion on the proposal for a Council regulation on the Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027 – Parliament’s position with a view to an agreement – Committee on Budgets
Draft opinion (Peter Jahr) on the Interim report on MFF 2021-2027 – Committee on Agriculture
Oral question of Czesław Adam Siekierski, on behalf of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, on the Common agricultural policy (CAP) financing
News – Long-term EU budget: MEPs lay down funding priorities post-2020 budget
European Parliament resolution of 30 May 2018 on the 2021-2027 multiannual financial framework and own resources
Post-2020 multiannual financial framework
European Courts of Auditors (ECA): The Commission’s proposal for the 2021-2027 Multiannual Financial Framework – Briefing Paper
Ministers of Agriculture from Finland – France – Greece – Ireland – Portugal – Spain : Joint Memorandum on the future MFF / CAP
IEG Policy: Macron calls for keeping “ambitious” CAP budget after Brexit

EC: Legal texts and factsheets
EU budget: the Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020
Press release
CAP Strategic Plans Regulation (COM (2018) 392)  Annexes
Horizontal / financing regulation (COM (2018) 393)  Annex
CMO regulation (COM (2018) 394)
EC: European Commission communicates new CAP proposals on the ground
EC: Report on the implementation of the Common Monitoring and Evaluation Framework and first results on the performance of the Common Agricultural Policy
CAP Indicators
A new tool to increase the sustainable use of nutrients across the EU
The future is rural: the social objectives of the new CAP
Shaping of the CAP reform: consultation of stakeholders and citizens
Reflection paper. Towards a sustainable Europe by 2030
→→IEG Policy: Sustainability in food systems and circular economy must become EU’s trademark – Commission
The post 2020 Common Agricultural Policy : environmental benefits and simplification
Common Agricultural Policy post 2020 – The green architecture (slides)
The environmental objectives of the future CAP
→→CAP reform: Hogan addresses COMAGRI on environmental ambition in CAP
→→IEG Policy: Hogan defends CAP reform plans to prevent environmental push-back
Council: Future of the CAP post 2020
EP – AGRI Committee: Future of EU farming: Debate on reform proposals with Parliament’s rapporteurs
AGRI Draft reports
Draft report on the HZR proposal (New regulation on the financing, management and monitoring of the CAP) (Muller report) 
Draft report on the CMO amending proposals (Andrieu report) (FR version)
Draft report of CAP Plans (Esther Herranz report)
EP – Research for AGRI: Briefing on ‘Towards the Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020: comparing the reform package with the current regulations’ : Think Tank publication & Research4Agri Blog
Annex (Dashboards)
EP – Research for AGRI: Workshop on ‘The CAP beyond 2020: appraisal of the EC legislative proposals’
The CAP Strategic Plans beyond 2020: assessing the architecture and governance issues in order to achieve the EU wide objectives Slides
The CAP support beyond 2020: assessing the future structure of Direct payments and Rural Development interventions Slides
The sectoral approach in the CAP beyond and possible options to improve the EU food value chain  Slides
European Court of Auditors (ECA): Special report no 10/2018: Basic Payment Scheme for farmers – operationally on track, but limited impact on simplification, targeting and the convergence of aid levels
→Briefing paper: Future of the CAP
Opinion 7/2018 concerning Commission proposals for regulations relating to the Common Agricultural Policy for the post-2020 period or Link
European Committee of Regions: Reform of the CAP
The CAP after 2020

Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (Berlin): GFFA 2019
→High Level Panels: Utilizing the Power of Digital Innovations for youth, smallholders and family farmers
→→IEG Policy: Deployment of digital technology will be conditional for approval of CAP strategic plans
IPES Food: Towards a Common Food Policy for the EU
Full report – Towards a Common Food Policy for the European Union
→→IEG Policy: Coalition of 400 EU stakeholders presents blueprint for Common Food Policy
IEEP: CAP 2021-27: Using the eco-scheme to maximise environmental and climate benefits
→IEG Policy: Lack of minimum spending threshold for eco-scheme penalises post 2020 CAP proposals – report
Greenpeace: Feeding the problem – The dangerous intensification of animal farming in Europe
Most EU agricultural payments go to intensive livestock farming – Greenpeace study
Farm Europe: Farm Europe welcomes the decision of COMAGRI Members to take sufficient time to improve the CAP reform proposals
Farm Ireland: Alan Matthews: Our ‘green’ farming credentials are set to come under greater scrutiny
Arc 2020: France to Use CAP for Agroecological Transition?
CAP in Poland | Plans, Promises and Policy
IDDRI: An agroecological Europe in 2050: multifunctional agriculture for healthy eating
IEG Policy: CAP reform process delayed until after European elections
Transitional CAP needed to cope with Brexit, say MEPs
Interview: MEP De Castro on CAP reform, UTPs and GIs
Double post 2020 CAP budget for generational renewal, ask Young Farmers
EU member states oppose mandatory limit on direct payments
Most member states want flexibility in reporting obligations under new CAP
Environment MEPs demand greener CAP reform
North-South divide emerges over allowing US grape varieties in the EU
CEETTAR: CAP Reform: CEETTAR pleads for a definition of land-based contractors
Alim ‘Agri – Gouv FR: French position in the CAP 2020 negotiations / La position française sur la négociation de la politique agricole commune après 2020
Le Point (FR): La PAC, une pomme de discorde entre Macron et Merkel
Wikiagri (FR): Parlement européen, la réforme de la Pac 2021-2027 au point mort

Council: Conclusions of special meeting of the European Council (Art. 50) (25 November 2018)
Political declaration setting out the framework for the future relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom
Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community
Press statement by Michel Barnier following the General Affairs Council (Article 50)
EC: Communication – Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019: a Contingency Action Plan (COM (2018) 880, 13/11/2018)
Factsheet – Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019
Communication – Preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019: Implementing the Commission’s Contingency Action Plan (COM (2018) 890, 19/12/2018)
European Court of Justice (ECJ): Case C‑621/18 (Wightman and Others) on Article 50 TEU – The United Kingdom is free to revoke unilaterally the notification of its intention to withdraw from the EU
Advocate General proposes that the Court of Justice should declare that Article 50 TEU allows the unilateral revocation of the notification of the intention to withdraw from the EU
Case C-621/18
Judgement – Full text
Gov UK: Guidance. UK government’s preparations for a ‘no deal’ scenario
→Institute for Government: No deal Brexit preparations
UK Parliament: What legislation is required for a ‘no deal’ Brexit?
Extending Article 50: could Brexit be delayed?
Extending Article 50 and European Parliament elections
Further Article 50 Discussions with the EU
Ongoing Brexit Discussions with the European Union
A “meaningful vote” cast: What happened and what next?
Response to the vote on the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration: Options for Parliament
EU assurances to the UK on Brexit
European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 2) Bill 2017-19
The Immigration and Social Security Co-ordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill 2017-18
The Immigration Bill: An end to free movement
No-deal Brexit and WTO: Article 24 explained
Future free trade agreements: US, CPTPP, Australia and New Zealand
Further Take-Note Debate on EU Withdrawal
UKTPO: A Free Trade Agreement will not solve the Irish border problem
FDI in UK and Brexit: are there regional patterns?
Not Fit for Service: The Future UK-EU Trading Relationship
The UK’s Continuity Trade Agreements: Missing in Inaction
Perils of a “No Deal” Brexit: Opinion 1/17 and the Case of CETA
A spoonful of sugar & Link
Irish Government: Withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Consequential Provisions) Bill 2019
→IEG Policy: Ireland seeks EU emergency aid to cope with Brexit fallout
Nature – Briefing: How UK scientists are preparing for a chaotic no-deal Brexit
Institute of Directors: Nearly a third of firms looking overseas due to Brexit
Politico: Juncker: I’ve got Brexit fatigue
How Brussels blew Brexit
Historic defeat for Theresa May on Brexit vote
EU Observer: Brexit delay ‘reasonable’, as May tries cross-party talks
Barnier open to ‘future relations’ talks if UK red lines shift
UK parliament rejects May’s Brexit deal in historic defeat
Barnier: UK has to move on Brexit
UK seeks to reopen Irish deal in Brexit
CESifo: ifo Institute: New Negotiations Needed to Avoid Hard Brexit
IEG Policy: Brexit chaos intensifies as MPs reject Withdrawal Agreement by record margin
Customs union rollback would unlock Brexit impasse – Hogan
EU insists Withdrawal Agreement is non-negotiable after Commons vote to re-open talks
Sauvons l’Europe (FR): Les Anglais payent déjà le Brexit

Gov.UK: A World To Win (Michael Gove’s speech to National Farmers Union)
Guidance. Trading and labelling organic food if there’s no Brexit deal
Guidance. Taking your pet abroad if there’s no Brexit deal 
→→ IEG Policy: UK publishes new guidance for food and ag businesses to prepare for hard Brexit
Farm Europe: Options to avoid a brutal crisis in the event of a no-deal Brexit
→IEG Policy: Trigger GATT Article XXI to avoid no-deal Brexit, says farm think tank
Food Navigator: ‘Deeply frustrated and disappointed’: What does Brexit uncertainty mean for food and farming?
IEG Policy: British farmers already face Brexit deadline, says farm union
Gove rules out abolition of UK farm tariffs after Brexit
Why trading on WTO terms does not offer a ‘good deal’ for agriculture
No deal Brexit “must be avoided” says EU food industry, as key vote approaches
UK agricultural organisations warn against the “catastrophic” fallouts of a no-deal Brexit
Europe’s agri-food groups call for unilateral contingency measures ahead of Brexit
Interview: The impact of a ‘no deal’ Brexit on the European food supply chain
Scots, Welsh to sue UK government for agri-food losses under Brexit ‘no deal’
‘No-deal’ Brexit could hit Denmark for billions in lost meat sales
EU agrees to provide no-deal Brexit aid to Irish farmers
“We cannot feed our nation without non-UK labour”, warns Scottish farm leader
Northern Ireland farm incomes fall drastically ahead of Brexit
NFU: Conference 2019
Brexit News
Why a no-deal Brexit is catastrophic for British farming
AHDB: Brexit prospects for UK beef and sheep meat trade
→IEG Policy: Report predicts “seismic” consequences for UK beef and sheep meat in case of no-deal Brexit
Global Meat: Irish beef industry sees a catastrophe in no-deal Brexit & Link

World Economic Forum: Children are so hungry in one British town they are eating from bins


Council – Romanian Presidency:
Agenda priorities
Indicative calendar of meetings
General Affairs Council 8/1/2019 – Romanian presidency priorities
→→Outcome of the Council meeting
→→→AmCham: Weekly – AmCham EU presents its Recommendations to the Romanian Presidency of the Council of the EU
EC: Published initiatives
Draft delegated act on ILUC-risk biofuels, bio-liquids and biomass fuels produced from food or feed crops
→→Farm Europe: A rescue operation for palm oil biofuels tabled by the Commission
→→IEG Policy: EU farmers complain about “loopholes” in Commission draft on low ILUC palm oil
→→→EU targets palm oil for biofuel phase-out, but with exemptions
→→→Eur Activ: US soy for producing biofuels, an ‘unsustainable’ giveaway to Trump
EC: Contribute law making (New ‘Better regulation’ portal and REFIT platform) & Link
EC: EU Agricultural outlook for markets and income 2018-2030
→Wikiagri (FR): Pas de hausse du revenu agricole en perspective d’ici 2030 en Europe
→→Perspectives européennes 2030, la viande bovine sacrifiée sur le banc des accords de libre-échange
EC: Market Transparency in Food Supply Chain: Goals, Means, Limits (evaluation report)
EC: Farming in the EU
EC: European Broadband Competence Offices (BCOs)
How to set a BCO?
EC: Promotion of EU agri-food products at home and abroad: Commission increases funding to €191.6 million
→IEG Policy: Commission launches call for proposals to promote EU agri-food worldwide
EC: Monitoring EU Agri-Food Trade: Development until November 2018
EC – trade: In focus : EU – Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (entered into force on 1st February)
→→IEG Policy: EU- Japan Economic Partnership Agreement enters into force
EC: Review of administration AGRI tariff rate quotas (slides)
EC: Africa – Europe alliance
EC – Eurostat: Agricultural production – orchards
Structure of orchards in 2017 Two-thirds of the EU’s fruit plantation area is concentrated in Spain, Italy and Poland
→→IEG Policy: Two-thirds of the EU’s fruit plantation area in Spain, Italy and Poland
EC – JRC: Newsletter (February 2019)
Launch of New Atlas of Migration
Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography
Atlas of Migration 2018
EC: African swine fever (ASF): recent developments
Ministerial conference of 19 December 2018
Working document on criteria for ASF regionalisation (18/2/2019)
Implementing act
→→IEG Policy: Belgium expands ASF zones after new detection
→→→France steps up measures to tackle rising ASF threat
→→→Chinese officials defend ASF strategy
EC: Forest resources in the EU and the EU Forest Strategy
The EU Forest Strategy
→CEIB et al.: Joint Statement – Call for an updated and stronger EU Forest Strategy
→IEG Policy: Forest strategy should be updated before the end of the year, says coalition
→→Lack of data on EU forests slowing down policy-making – Phil Hogan
EC: Fitness Check of General Food Law
EP: First seat projections for the next European Parliament
EP: Protection of animals during transport within and outside the EU (resolution of 14 February 2019)
Low-risk pesticides of biological origin (resolution of 15 February)       
→Press News: Austrian Council Presidency positively reviewed
→→New rules to promote water reuse in farming
→→Pesticides: MEPs propose blueprint to improve EU approval procedure
→→→IEG Policy: EU Parliament overwhelmingly backs reform of the authorisation of pesticides in the EU
→→→→European Parliament slams member states for failing to use pesticides sustainably
→→→→Parliament votes by large majority to step up protection of transported animals
→→→→Approval for glyphosate product cancelled by French court
→→→→Green Party report finds glyphosate renewal was marred by plagiarism
→→→→→Report: Detailed Expert Report on Plagiarism and superordinated Copy Paste in the Renewal Assessment Report (RAR) on Glyphosate
EP: AGRI Fact Sheets of the European Union – Updated
EP: Research for AGRI Committee – A comparative analysis of global agricultural policies: lessons for the future CAP
→IEG Policy: EU can take farm policy lessons from third countries, Agriculture MEPs hear
EP: Research for REGI Committee – Implementation of Cohesion Policy in the 2014-2020 Programming Period January 2019
Gender Dimension of the EU Cohesion Policy
EP – EPRS: EU policies – Delivering for citizens – Agriculture
European policies on climate and energy towards 2020, 2030 and 2050
EP: AGRI Committee Newsletter
AGRI meetings – documents
→→Union competition rules to the agricultural sector (SLIDES)
Research for AGRI – Updates
Research for AGRI : News – January – Issue 1
European Court of Auditors (ECA): 2019 Work Programme
2017 Annual report
Special report 2/2019 – Chemical hazards in our food: EU food safety policy protects us but faces challenges
→→IEG Policy: EU auditors find European food safety system “overstretched”
 EFSA – ZENODO: Recent uploads
→IEG Policy: EFSA to share data on open-access platform
 EFSA: Public Consultation on EFSA’s draft assessment of five phthalates used in plastic food contact materials (until 14 April)
 EC: Commission to launch new market observatories for wine and fruit and vegetables
→IEG Policy: EU sets up market observatories for wine and fruit
 EC: Commodity Price Dashboard
EU prices for selected representative products
Peaches and nectarines dashboard
Tomatoes dashboard
EC: EU Milk Market Observatory
Dairy Dashboard
Latest updates
Prices / margins
EC: EU Meat Market Observatory
Poultry meat Dashboard
Sheep & Goat Dashboard
Pig Dashboard
Eggs dashboard
Pigmeat latest updates
Beef and veal dashboard
Meat latest updates
EC: EU Sugar Market Observatory
Price reporting
Monthly trade statistics
Trade statistics
EC: EU Crops Market Observatory
Cereals dashboard
Oilseeds dashboard
Cereals balance sheet
Cereals trade
Oilseeds balance sheet
Oilseeds exports and imports
Balance sheets for cereals, oilseeds, proteins and rice
Balance sheet rice
Olive oil dashboard


IEG Policy: News
Food & Ag Policy Briefing: USDA Outlook event, CAP reform delay, new allergen labelling
European Commission creates special unit to respond to food crises
Remaining EU SMP stocks proving harder than expected to shift
Echoes of CAP’s history silenced as final SMP intervention stocks sold
Key European Parliament committee backs risk assessment deal
EU farmers to produce more wheat after rapeseed planting problems
US eyes agriculture, food safety in objectives for EU trade talks
Commission set to impose EU tariffs on rice from Cambodia and Myanmar
EU chemicals agency proposes ban on micro plastics in fertilisers
Russia could extend embargo on Western food imports to include processed items
Brazil to raise basic EU milk import tariff
Geographical Indications are holding back U-Australia trade talks
French wine and spirits exports hit record in 2018
EU to add strict rules on insect feed to food hygiene regulation
USTR slams EU WTO request over Spanish olive duties
EU launches WTO dispute against US olive tariffs
Commission to send US request for consultation within WTO on the Spanish olives’ case
Advisory Committee begins work on 2020-2025 action plan to fight antimicrobial resistance
Hogan blames Mercosur for blocking trade negotiations
FAO: Food Price Index (7 February)
World Food Situation
→→IEG Policy: FAO Food Price Index goes up in January driven by dairy
Achieving sustainable agriculture requires an integrated approach
→→IEG Policy: Integrated approach crucial to achieve sustainable food systems – FAO Director General
State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food and Agriculture
→→IEG Policy: Biodiversity loss threatening global food systems
AMIS: Market Monitor – Issues
Latest Market Monitor (February 2019)
International Grains Council (IGC):
Grain Market report (21 February)
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China: No 1 Central Document 2019 (CPC)
→IEG Policy: China outlines agriculture policy priorities, including boosting soy output
AgrIDées: Proteins: a multidimensional issue addressing societal, nutritional and economic challenges in Europe French version
→Wikiagri (FR): Améliorer l’indépendance en protéines, un chantier herculéen
Choices Magazine (AAEA): Are Large Farms Less Risky to Insure than Small Farms?
Examining Food Loss and Food Waste in the United States
Waste Not Want Not: Examining Plate Waste of Vegetables in Elementary School Lunches
Putting Dollars to Waste: Estimating the Value of On-Farm Food Loss
Are Consumers Willing to Pay to Reduce Food Waste?
Estimating Value, Damages, and Remedies when Farm Data are Misappropriated
ISMEA (IT): Rapporto Ismea-Qualivita 2018
→IEG Policy: One out of three Italian GIs do not have their own website
Kantar World Panel: Newsletter
How at-home consumption is changing (report)
Chatham House: Meat Analogues: Considerations for the EU
Research paper
What Are Meat Analogues? (video)
→→Nature: Sizzling interest in lab-grown meat belies lack of basic research
→→Global Meat: Alternative proteins (special edition)
→→IEG Policy: EU regulators must resolve meat alternative labelling issues, says new report
→→→Green MEP calls for cautious approach to lab meat development in EU
Fair Trade Advocacy Office (FTAO): EU Competition Law & Sustainability in Food Systems: Addressing the Broken Links
Arc 2020: February Newsletter
Wageningen UR: Newsletter
Repairing food systems failures: Policies, Innovations & Partnerships
Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA): FFA 2019 – The next generation
Cargill: Global Dairy Preferences, Perceptions and Priorities (White Paper)
Science Direct: What explains gender differences in food insecurity?
A comparison of the Mediterranean diet and current food consumption patterns in Spain from a nutritional and water perspective
American Journal of Agricultural Economics (AJAE): Advance articles
Volume 101, Issue 2, March 2019
European Review of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles
Global Trade and Customs Journal: Latest Issues
Food Origin Marking in the European Union: Not a Piece of Cake
Journal of Agricultural Economics (JAE): Articles – Early view on-line
 Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (JARE): “Look at Me, I’m Buying Organic”: The Effects of Social Pressure on Organic Food Purchases
Agriculture: Volume 9, Issue 2
Foods: Volume 8, Issue 2
Academia: Local Development Strategıes In Rural Development “Leader Approach”
Detecting Market Power Along Food Supply Chains: Evidence and Methodological Insights from the Fluid Milk Sector in Italy
Comprehensive Reviews: Tackling Fraudsters with Global Strategies to Expose Fraud in the Food Chain
Access to Land Network: Newsletter
Nature: Four steps to food security for swelling cities
Food Navigator: Why the food industry can’t ignore the bioeconomy boom
Gro Intelligence: Due to Ongoing Trade Disputes, Corn Will Reclaim Acreage From Soybeans in 2019
Tracking the Nexus of US, Brazil, Argentina, and China Soybean Trade
Russian Bear Tightens Grip on Wheat Market US
Winter Wheat Planting Hits Record Low
Gro Supply & Demand Estimates Validated by WASDE Report
Gro to Release Another Round of Supply/Demand Estimates for February
Gro Releases Crop Supply/Demand Forecasts Showing Tighter Soy, Corn Markets
Asian Agriculture’s Growing Water Challenge
IPES-Food: Latest reports
Eur Activ: Food safety: Midnight deal for revised EU General Food Law
Women try to find their feet in French agriculture
Reuters: China to expand agriculture reforms to bolster rural economy
EU no closer to Mercosur deal but sees U.S. beef quota fix in weeks
DW: Vladimir Putin finds unlikely ally in Polish farmers
The Diplomat: The Dormant Breadbasket of the Asia-Pacific. The promise of Siberian agriculture for Asia’s growing demand for food
The Mercury News: Promoting regenerative agriculture through women farmers
The Guardian: White gold: the unstoppable rise of alternative milks
World’s food supply under ‘severe threat’ from loss of biodiversity
BBC: Olives pitting US against EU in global trade fight
Bloomberg: China to Propose $30 Billion More U.S. Agriculture Purchases
IFPRI: Compact 2025 End Hunger and Undernutrition – Brief 20 February & 6 February
Tomas Garcia Azcarate Blog: CAP slides
CMCC – Centro Euro- Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici: “Food & Migration”: understanding the geopolitical nexus in the Euro-Mediterranean
CIHEAM: Mediterra – Migration and inclusive rural development in the Mediterranean
Agroinsurance International: World News Summary from AgroInsurance
The New York Times : What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?
US CRS: Latest publications
Farm Policy: USDA’s Trade Aid Package
Foodborne Illnesses and Outbreaks from Fresh Produce
Child Nutrition Programs: Current Issues
US Trade Representative (USTR): 2018 Report to Congress On China’s WTO Compliance
→IEG Policy: USTR reports signal China, Russia still not living up to WTO commitments
USDA – Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS): Agricultural Trade Promotion Programme (ATP) (funding allocations)
 Farm Policy News (US):       China Commits to Buy Additional U.S. Soybeans, March 1st Tariff Increases Delayed
Federal Reserve Ag Credit Surveys- 2018 Fourth Quarter Farm Economy Conditions
U.S., China Trade Talks in Washington this Week
U.S., China Trade Talks Continue as the Farm Economy Shows Signs of Strain
As China Trade Conflict Persists, President Trump Addresses Farm Bureau Members
Ag Trade Issues: EU and China
 Farmdoc Daily (US): Anticipating USDA’s 2019 Net Farm Income Forecast
Tracking the Pace of Soybean Consumption
Corn Acreage in 2019
How Tough of a Year was 2018 for Ethanol Production Profits?
Supplemental Coverage Option: An Insurance Option Available to More Farmers
USDA Reports Provide Little Support for Corn and Soybeans
Soybean Price Uncertainty
Grain Farm Income Outlook for 2019: Negative Incomes Ahead?
Impact of Policy Changes on Price Loss Coverage Payments
Why are Ethanol Prices So Low?
USDA – ERS: Amber Waves
Mergers in Seeds and Agricultural Chemicals: What Happened?
Economic Implications of Increased Breastfeeding Rates in WIC
Rural Population Trends
Rising Wages Point to a Tighter Farm Labor Market in the United States
Development, Adoption, and Management of Drought-Tolerant Corn in the United States
→→Farm Policy News: Drought-Tolerant Corn in the U.S., New Report from USDA’s Economic Research Service
America’s Diverse Family Farms: 2018 Edition
→→Farm Policy News: An Overview of U.S. Farms From USDA’s Economic Research Service
Civil Eats: What the New Green Deal Means for the Food on Your Plate
Global Meat: News
Dairy Reporter: News
The Beef / Dairy Site: Newsletter  & Link
Osservatorio Agromafie (IT) : Agromafie – 6o rapporto sui crimini agroalimentari in Italia
→Coldiretti (IT): Mafia, business da 25,4 mld di euro a tavola (+12,4%)
→IEG Policy: Mafia earns billions from Italy’s agri-food industry – report
Académie d’agriculture de France (FR): Le mensuel (février)
Une nécessaire régulation du secteur laitier
Assemblée Nationale (FR): Rapport de la mission d’information commune de l’Assemblée nationale sur le foncier agricole
INRA: Publier la Science PLAS N°22
Centre d’études et de prospective (CEP) (FR): Bulletin de veille
Bulletin Janvier 2019
Bulletin Février 2019
Chambres d’Agriculture (FR): Analyses et Perspectives : USA-CHINE – genèse d’une guerre commerciale et conséquences sur le secteur agricole
Institut de l’élevage (IDELE) (FR): Dossier Chine – La filière laitière chinoise, 10 ans après le scandale de la mélamine
Europe 1 (FR): L’incroyable gâchis des 700 millions d’euros d’aides européennes alloués à la France pour le développement rural
AgroTIC (FR): Deep Learning et Agriculture : une étude de la Chaire AgroTIC
Conseil économique, social et environnemental (CESE) (FR): L’innovation en agriculture
FranceAgriMer (FR): Web site & Link
Analyse comparée des filières vitivinicoles dans le monde
Présentation de l’analyse comparée des filières vitivinicoles dans le monde
→→L’Afrique du Sud
→→Le Chili
→→Les États-Unis
→→La Nouvelle Zélande
→→La Chine
Synthèse de l’étude de la compétitivité sur le marché mondial de vin – veille concurrentielle 2017
Observatoire économique mondial des vins rosés 2016
Le marché mondial des vins effervescents en 2015
Wikiagri (FR): Gilets jaunes, en quoi l’échec des états généraux de l’alimentation augure-t-il un destin funeste pour le grand débat national ?
Agriculture biologique, chaque pays européen à son rythme
Améliorer l’indépendance en protéines, un chantier herculéen
Export de céréales, la France va-t-elle devenir un pays satellite sur l’échiquier mondial ?
Agriculture Stratégies (FR): La politique sucrière en Inde : un grand producteur qui cherche à stabiliser son marché
Cirad – Chaire UNESCO (FR): Nicolas Bricas: Pourquoi faudrait-il lutter contre le gaspillage alimentaire ?
Mission Agro biosciences – INRA (FR): Newsletter Janvier
Newsletter février
Agri Mutuel (FR): Newsletter A la une
Réussir cultures & grains (FR): Newsletter février
Eur Activ (FR): Les producteurs de vin bio s’inquiètent des restrictions sur l’usage du cuivre
Valeurs Vertes (FR): Agriculture et alimentation : que change la nouvelle loi ?
ICI Radio-Canada (FR): Combattre l’exode rural avec une agriculture à petite échelle
Les Échos (FR): La FNSEA remet en cause la loi LME sur la concurrence
Au Brésil, les géants du trading agricole vont lutter contre la déforestation
Ouest-France (FR): Transport des animaux d’élevage. « Les contrôles ne sont pas à la hauteur » selon Éric Andrieu
Agroéconomie (FR): L’urgence de parler d’une seule voix
France Info (FR): Enquête. Additifs, pesticides… Le vin que vous buvez ne contient pas que du raisin : découvrez le résultat de nos analyses
Agriculture bio : la bouillie bordelaise pointée du doigt par l’UE
Areion 24 news (FR): La Chine peut-elle être la bouée de sauvetage économique d’un Royaume-Uni sorti d’Europe ?
L’usine nouvelle (FR): Manger local, un facteur de mutation des filières agroalimentaires
Le Figaro (FR): Les sept chiffres à connaître sur l’agriculture française
Pourquoi un agriculteur se suicide tous les deux jours en France?


FAO: State of the World’s Biodiversity for Food & Agriculture
EC – JRC: Global Energy and Climate Outlook 2018
Global Energy and Climate Outlook 2018: Sectoral mitigation options towards a low-emissions economy
NASA – Earth Observatory: China and India Lead the Way in Greening
→CNN: China and India are making the planet greener, NASA says
→Nature: Earth’s green patches become greener – and China is leading the way
LinkedIn: Krijn Poppe: Beef, climate change and the need for sustainability accounting
Tassos Haniotis: Beef, climate change and a slice of common sense
World Economic Forum: Globalization 4.0 will help us tackle climate change. Here’s how
These 11 EU states already meet their 2020 renewable energy targets
These countries are leading the charge to clean energy
Science for Environment Policy: SMEs could gain from sharing waste between industries, suggests Swedish study
Ecodesign for a circular economy: methodology for circular product design
Ecolabels with specific environmental claims may attract higher product prices, suggests strawberry study
Embedding sustainable thinking in public procurement could support circular economy
Combining behavioural change and game-like incentive models encourages consumers to save water
Science Magazine: Agriculturally dominated landscapes reduce bee phylogenetic diversity and pollination services & Link
RSPB: Why close co-operation with the European Union is safer for nature
FAO: Valuing forest ecosystem services: a training manual for planners and project developers
CMCC – Centro Euro- Mediterraneo sui Cambiamenti Climatici: Newsletter January
Newsletter February
Nature: Briefing
Most types of coffee are at risk of extinction
Severe wildfires spark microbe boom & Link
Evidence that the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is rapidly accumulating plastic
Tropical Africa could be a key to solving methane mystery
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy: Advance articles
Volume 13, Issue 1, Winter 2019
Sustainability: Volume 11, Issue 4
Volume 11, Issue 3
Environments: Volume 6, Issue 2
Forests: Volume 10, Issue 2
Volume 10, Issue 1
Economic Impacts and Land Use Change from Increasing Demand for Forest Products in the European Bioeconomy: A General Equilibrium Based Sensitivity Analysis
Water: Volume 11, Issue 2
Climate: Volume 7, Issue 2
Energies: Volume 12, Issue 4
Volume 12, Issue 3
Volume 12, Issue 2
Science Daily: Upper-ocean warming is changing the global wave climate, making waves stronger: The energy in ocean waves has been increasing as a consequence of climate change
Science Direct: Exposure to Glyphosate-Based Herbicides and Risk for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Meta-Analysis and Supporting Evidence (University of Washington – UW report) 
→UW News: Study: Exposure to chemical in Roundup increases risk for cancer
→→IEG Policy: Glyphosate exposure raises risk of developing rare cancer by 41%, US study claims
EASAC (European Academies Science Advisory Council) : Forest bioenergy, carbon capture and storage, and carbon dioxide removal: an update
Technologies for removing CO2 from the atmosphere will need to be integrated into climate policy in 2019, say national science academies across the EU
→→EASAC commentary
→→→Eur Activ: CO2 removals ‘increasingly necessary’ to avoid climate disaster, scientists warn
Eur Activ: Glyphosate ban was out of pesticide committee’s scope, co-rapporteur says
Climate action: Seeds of hope for 2019
Seven EU nations miss climate and energy plan deadline
EU climate plan no-shows submit excuses instead
The Washington Post: White House to set up panel to counter climate change consensus, officials say
The Conversation: Regenerative agriculture can make farmers stewards of the land again
Swarajya Magazine: The Eucalyptus Problem Of Indian Agriculture
The Oakland Post: Experts call Mexican border wall a “crime against biodiversity”
Medium: It’s not WHAT you eat, it’s HOW it’s produced that matters
ADEME (FR): Analyse des enjeux économiques et sociaux d’une alimentation plus durable : état des lieux


WTO: World Trade Outlook Indicator (WTOI) – First quarter 2019
→IEG Policy: Trade tensions weighing on global trade growth: WTO
World Economic Forum: The Global Risks Report 2019
Text report
Are we sleepwalking into a new global crisis?
World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2019
Annual Meeting 2019 Overview
World Economic Forum’s 2019 Annual Meeting in Davos to Focus on Shaping a New Architecture for the Next Wave of Globalization
→→Eur Activ: Davos forum opens debate to rethink multilateralism
→→CEP (FR): Le Forum économique mondial publie son Rapport 2019 sur les risques globaux
Trade is not a weapon. Let’s not use it as one
NBR – The National Bureau of Asian Research: Answering China’s Economic Challenge. Preserving Power, Enhancing Prosperity
→IEG Policy: US must hold out for ‘significant’ concessions in China dispute: Report
Politico: Juncker: Trump ‘gave me his word’ not to impose car tariffs
SIEPS – Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies: The European Pillar of Social Rights meets the Nordic model
CEPS: What Comes After the Last Chance Commission? Policy Priorities for 2019-2024 (report)
Nature: Cryptic DNA sequences may help cells survive starvation
Podcast: Massive chemical libraries, and CRISPR-CasX
Grenoble École de management (FR): Clés géopolitiques – Choc sino-américain autour de l’Internet du futur
Eur Activ: EU’s top lawyer blesses CETA’s investment court system
Malmström visits Washington as potential tariffs on cars overshadow trade talks
20 years of the euro: An imperfect success story
Leaders call to complete Eurozone on currency’s 20th anniversary
Journal of World Trade: Latest issues
European Public Law: Latest issues
The German Marshall Fund (GMF): Newsletter
U.S. Citizens Blame Trump for the Shutdown Chaos
Trump’s Asia Policy and the Concept of the “Indo-Pacific”
Why the German Debate on 5G and Huawei is Critical
Borderlex: Newsletter February
Newsletter January
CESifo Economic Studies: Advance articles
The Review of Economic Studies: Advance articles
European Review of Economic History: Advance articles
The Guardian: Bill Gates says poverty is decreasing. He couldn’t be more wrong
Tech Republik: From cloud to edge: The next IT transformation (report)
Aeon: The bad news on human nature, in 10 findings from psychology
Challenges (FR): Le plus dur va commencer dans les négociations UE-USA, dit Altmaier


CMCC – FAO: Koronivia Joint Work on agriculture (Webinar 7 March) 
Joint Conference of European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) & European Rural Parliament (ERP): Making rural areas the engines of a sustainable Europe (14 March)
Forum Europe – E! Sharp Live 2019: What does Europe means tor Europe? (21 March)
EAEE: Agricultural Land Markets – Recent Developments, Efficiency and Regulation (EAEE Seminar) (4-5 April 2019)
Pre FFA event: The future of crop protection (RISE & ELO) (8 April)
FFA : Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2019 (FFA) (9 April 2019, Brussels)
Public Policy: Food Safety in the EU. Maintaining High Standards and Ensuring Transparency of Information (11 April)
EAAE -EC – JRC: 172nd European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) Seminar: Agricultural policy for the environment or environmental policy for agriculture? (28-29 May 2019, Brussels)
Area: Prix area 2018
OECD: Competition workshops (2018)

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