Committee on Culture and Education – Study requested by CULT Committee, commissioned and managed by the Policy Department – “Mobility of artists and culture professionals – towards a European policy framework” – Presentation by Clémentine DAUBEUF and Teodora PLETOSU, KEA European Affairs
Brussels, 10 October 2018,
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In the new Work plan for Culture (2019-2021), under the European Agenda for Culture, artists’ mobility is considered as a key factor in improving social cohesion and well-being in EU societies and a strong contributor to EU cultural diplomacy. However, mobility in the cultural and creative sectors is faced with a number of issues that need to be addressed at EU and national levels. The study provides recommendations for a EU-wide mobility framework which entails both a dedicated mobility scheme and an improved regulatory environment that would facilitate mobility in Europe.

A presentation of the study, organized by the EP’s Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies was held on 10 October 2018 and focused on the following issues:

– importance of mobility in the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS)

– EU policy developments supporting mobility

– obstacles to mobility in the CCS

– mobility in the new Creative Europe programme

– recommendations on a dedicated EU mobility scheme and better coordination at EU policy level to facilitate mobility

The debate that followed the expert’s presentation referred to, among others:

– implementation of mobility priority within the new Creative Europe programme

– complementarity between EU funding opportunities for mobility

– remedies to regulatory obstacles to mobility

– synergies between, and promotion of, existing initiatives at local, national and EU level

– reasons for disparities between existing mobility trends on national level

– the Mobility scheme for artists and/or culture professionals launched within the current Creative Europe programme

– political context related aspects (Brexit and raise of populism)

– overall and multidimensional importance of the sector’s mobility.

Link to watch video of the event (with multilingual interpretation) – 10:51:25 (starting time)

Further reading: “Research for CULT Committee : Mobility of artists and culture professionals – towards a European policy framework”


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