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Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
NB this list is intended for internal EP use and some links are available only to subscribers


EC: Public consultation on the future of Europe
EC: Regional development and cohesion – legal proposals and complementary documents
Press release
Questions and Answers /Fact sheet
→→Eur Activ:
→→→New cohesion policy is ‘as good as it gets’, Commission insists
→→→Brace for impact: Parliament starts scutinising EU’s regional budget reform
→→→Commission proposes more spending on Italy and south, less on Visegrad Four
→→→Regions confused by proposed Cohesion reforms
→→Politico: 4 takeaways from the EU’s big regional cash shakeup
→→Eur Activ: No big winners and losers in new Cohesion funds, Oettinger says
EC: EU Pollinators initiative
IEG Policy: Commission proposes integrated approach to tackle pollinator decline
USDA: Agricultural Research Investment and Policy Reform in High-Income Countries
Hortidaily: Public spending on agricultural R&D in decline
Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors (FR): Sauver l’organe d’appel de l’OMC ou revenir au Far West commercial? – Policy Paper 225



EC: Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027
EU budget for the future
EP News: Confusing EU Budget figures: What are the real cuts and increases?
EP News: Post-2020 EU budget: Parliament challenges Commission over scale of cuts (FR)
→→Pro Budget Briefing: Down to details — More draft proposals — Czech challenges
→→With EU budget, Commission spurns Brexit opportunity
EU Observer:
→→EU budget: Biggest cuts and increases
→→Commission ‘playing tricks’ with EU budget figures
WWF: EU finance proposals: first steps towards sustainability
Bruegel: Despite significant political visibility, the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund seems irrelevant & ineffective 

EC: Legal texts and factsheets
EU budget: the Common Agricultural Policy beyond 2020
Press release
→→CAP Strategic Plans Regulation (COM (2018) 392)Annexes
→→Horizontal / financing regulation (COM (2018) 393)Annex
→→CMO regulation (COM (2018) 394)
→Tassos Haniotis: The proposed shift of the CAP from compliance to performance
→Tassos Haniotis: On the Future CAP and the often Untargeted Debate of Targeted Support

IEG Policy:
The new CAP: fairer and more coherent, but as complicated as ever
Division emerges between net payers and net beneficiaries at Agrifish Council
Commission ups cap on EU direct payments to farms to €100,000
Majority of stakeholders warn against renationalisation of EU farm policy
Farm Europe: CAP reform : a renationalisation project that would cost 20% of farmers’ income (FR)
Birdlife Europe: CAP Greenwash 2.0. Nature in peril as Europe faces another decade of biodiversity-killing intensive farming
Greenpeace: EU farming plan could spell disaster for environment, Greenpeace
→Agrisalon (FR): La proposition européenne, un « désastre » pour l’environnement selon les ONG
Gouvernement FR – Alim’agri (FR): La France, l’Espagne, le Portugal, l’Irlande, la Finlande et la Grèce s’unissent pour défendre le budget de la PAC
IEG Policy: Six member states ask Commission to keep CAP budget unchanged
Eur Activ (FR): La refonte de la PAC sous le feu des critiques
Agrisalon (FR): Les propositions de la Commission européenne sont un « échec » pour la FNSEA
Terre net (FR): En 15 points, l’essentiel à retenir de la proposition législative pour la #CAP #PAC post-2020

EP: Texts adopted – The Future of Food and Farming (30 May 2018)
EP News: Future of EU farming: MEPs push for modern common policy with fair funding
→→Agriculture MEPs lay out plan for modern, simple, smart post-2020 EU farm policy
→→→IEG Policy: MEPs push to keep paying CAP direct payments from the EU budget
EP: Texts adopted – Implementation of CAP young farmers’ tools in the EU after the 2013 reform (29 May)
IEG Policy: More support to ensure generational renewal needed – MEPs
EP – Study: Towards the CAP post 2020 – Appraisal of the EC Communication on ‘The Future of Food and Farming’ of 29 November 2017 & on
IEG Policy: CAP reform will be difficult to implement and conclude on time, experts warn
EP – EPRS: CAP reform post-2020 – Setting the scene
European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): The Future of Food and Farming
IEG Policy: Direct payments should go to active farmers delivering public goods – EESC opinion
Dutch Government – RLI: Sustainable and healthy – Working together towards a sustainable food system
Trade up: A modern Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post 2020
IEG Policy: CAP direct payments should be phased out, co-financing made possible during transition – analysis
CAP reform: How much is the CAP budget cut in the Commission’s MFF proposals? Commission paper provides more details, but questions still remain
By how much is the CAP budget cut in the Commission’s MFF proposals?
Arc 2020: As CAP Reform Enters Familiar Cycles, a Common Food Policy Offers a Plan B for the EU
Journal of Agricultural Economics: The Impact of the 2013 CAP Reform on the Decoupled Payments’ Capitalisation into Land Values
IEG Policy: Nearly a third of direct payments goes to non-farming landowners, study shows
European Review of Agricultural Economics: Lost in space? The effect of direct payments on land rental prices
Bruegel: EU budget, Common Agricultural Policy and Regional Policy – en route to reform?
OECD – LUKE: Workshop – The Use of New Technologies for Agri-Environmental Indicators to Support Effective Policy Monitoring, Evaluation and Design
Forum Materials
→→IEG Policy: Shift to results-based approach is not unique to CAP – OECD Luke Conference
→→Big Data holds potential to transform farming sector and food chain – OECD Luke Conference
→→“Governments should make agri-environmental data public” – OECD Luke Conference
→→EU biodiversity indicators insufficient to evaluate impact of farming policies – OECD Luke Conference
EU3f – EU Food & Farming Forum – IPES Food: Towards a Common Food Policy for EU – Framing paper for the EU Food and Farming Forum 2018
→→IEG Policy: Cap farm subsidies, support small farmers and up funds for rural development – Food Forum study
SURE FARM Project: For a resilience-oriented CAP – Policy brief on resilience network
Policy Brief on Resilience Framework. Why the CAP should widen its approach
Slides share: A. Matthews – The CAP reform post 2020 and the road ahead
Caja Mar Debate – Alan Matthews: Appraisal of the Commission CAP Communication
Caja Mar Debate – Agriculture Ministry of Spain: “CAP post 2020: debate”. The future of food and farming : perspectives and Spanish vision
Caja Mar Debate – Agro Paris Tech: Aurélie Trouvé: Which future for the Common agricultural policy? Some discussion points
Pisa University (UNIPI): Lack of coherent EU food policy blocks transition to sustainable farming – report
IEG Policy: Commission aims to invest €10 billion in agri-food research and innovation
Commission deploys satellite data to assess compliance with CAP rules
EU dairy producers say future CAP should be market-based and respect competition law
Politico: EU pushes to raise state aid ceiling for its struggling farmers
Eur Activ: Calls growing to stop nationalisation of CAP
Notre Europe – Institut Jacques Delors (FR): Pour une PAC renouvelée en soutien à une agriculture durable – Policy Paper 223
Agriculture stratégies (FR): Les vrais chiffres de la baisse du budget de la PAC – UE27
Pour une réforme en profondeur de la PAC dans un cadre multilatéral à renouveler
agrIDées (FR): PAC 2020, une réponse au défi européen
Terre net (FR): agriDées défend la convergence totale des aides directes d’ici 2026
Libération (FR): LA PAC perd sa place de premier budget de l’Union européenne
Wiki agri (FR): Michel Dantin – Une ambition politique et commune pour l’agriculture européenne
Financements européens de l’agriculture, où va-t-on ?
Agrisalon (FR): La France planche avec inquiétude sur la future politique agricole européenne
Agroéconomie (FR): La France doit sauver la PAC
Ouest-France (FR): Agriculture. Tour de vis européen et simplification

EC: US – Certain Measures on Steel and Aluminium Products – Request for Consultations by the European Union
US White House: What You Need to Know About Implementing Steel and Aluminum Tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union
→→Gov UK: US imposition of steel and aluminium import tariffs
→→EP News: US President Trump’s decision on trade: MEPs to debate EU measures
→→EU Observer: EU pessimistic on permanent US trade exemption
→→Eur Activ: EU considers tariffs if Trump imposes quotas
→→IEG Policy: Producers and retailers running scared over threat of transatlantic trade war
→→→Malmström excludes negotiations with US to avoid escalation of trade dispute
→→→US to hit Mexico, Canada and EU with import duties on steel, aluminum, responses at WTO promised
→→→Mexico applies 20% tariff on US pork, opens up tariff quota to rival suppliers
→→Reuters: Canada to U.S.: Explain that $30 billion farm spending war chest
→→Farmdoc Daily (US): Pork Industry May Face Large Losses
→→Farm Policy News (US): China Lifts Sorghum Tariffs, Agrees to Purchase More U.S. Goods; U.S. Suspends Tariff Implementation
→→Le Monde (FR): Les Chinois gagnants de l’armistice commercial avec Trump

UK Parliament: Brexit debates
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Lords Report Stage
European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Summary of Lords Amendments
Brexit: Customs and Regulatory Arrangements in the Future Partnership Agreement
Brexit: Parliament’s role in approving and implementing agreements with the European Union
Extending the customs union could be only viable option, says Committee
Harvard Kennedy School: On the rebound: Prospects for a US – UK free trade agreement
IEG Policy: US-UK trade agreement could ‘destroy large parts of British farming’, study warns
EU Observer: EU tells UK to stop with Brexit ‘fantasies’
Eur Activ: Britain will leave customs union, May says, to offer Ireland backstop
GQ Magazine: Serious damage has been done thanks to Brexit
Politico: Scotland will consider independence vote after Brexit clarity, says Sturgeon

EC: Proposal for a regulation on the apportionment of tariff rate quotas included in the WTO schedule of the Union following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the Union and amending Council Regulation (EC) No 32/2000
IEG Policy: Commission to start renegotiating TRQs ahead of Brexit
→→Analysis: Commission draft raises prospect of no WTO quota deal by Brexit Day
Country Land and Business Association (CLA): The Land Management Contract
IEG Policy: Rural organisation presents blueprint for UK’s public good schemes after Brexit
NFU: Food Supply Manifesto for a successful Brexit
IEG Policy: UK agri-food companies send Brexit Manifesto to Prime Minister May 


Council – Bulgarian Presidency:
Programme of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council
Informal meeting of agriculture ministers – -05/06/2018 & Video
Bulgarian Presidency EU
EC: Published initiatives
EC: Contribute law making (New ‘Better regulation’ portal and REFIT platform)
EC: FADN public database – Accounting years 2015, 2016 – preliminary data
EC: Speech by Commissioner Hogan at Second Annual ORIGO Forum, Parma, Italy
EC: Commission implementing regulation amending Implementing Regulation (EU) No 809/2014 as regards modification of single applications and payment claims and checks (satellite data)
Info: Modernising the CAP: data satellite authorised to replace on-farm checks
→→IEG Policy: EU research project shows robots and drones could help farmers reduce environmental impact
EC: Commission relaxes crop diversification requirements for rain-hit UK farmers
IEG Policy: Commission exempts UK farmers from greening due to heavy rain
EC: Communication on the implementation of Council Directive 91/676/EEC concerning the protection of waters
IEG Policy: Less water pollution from agriculture, but worrying hotspots remain
EC: European Commission launches expert group to strengthen EU-Africa partnership in agriculture
IEG Policy: European Commission sets up expert group on rural Africa
JRC: JRC Mars Bulletin – Crop Monitoring in Europe – Warm April accelerates crop development
EIP-AGRI: Newsletter
EFSA: Glyphosate: safety of residue levels reviewed
Review of the existing maximum residue levels for glyphosate according to Article 12 of Regulation (EC) No 396/2005
Evaluation of the impact of glyphosate and its residues in feed on animal health
→→IEG Policy: Glyphosate residues are safe for humans and animals, EFSA review
EFSA: Scientific report – Occurrence of residues of fipronil and other acaricides in chicken eggs and poultry muscle/fat
IEG Policy: Almost all fipronil-contaminated eggs originated from the Netherlands – EFSA report
European Court of Justice (ECJ): Judgments in Joined Cases T-429/13, T-451/13 and T-584/13 of 17 May 2018 – Validity of the restrictions introduced at EU level in 2013 against the insecticides clothianidin, thiamethoxam and imidacloprid
IEG Policy: ECJ confirms Commission’s ban on neonicotinoids
European Court of Justice (ECJ): C – 426/16 Judgement of the Court of 17 May 2018 – EU slaughterhouse legislation
IEG Policy: ECJ confirms EU slaughterhouse legislation does not affect religious freedom
European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): An EU-Mercosur Association Agreement is only possible if it is beneficial for both parties
EP: Agri Committee Newsletter
Research for AGRI – Updates
Research for AGRI – News, May 2018
EP: Hearing on New Breeding Techniques (NBTs)
Eur Activ: EU farming community divided over new plant breeding techniques
EP – EPRS: Small farmers [What Europe does for you]
EC: The fruit and vegetable sector in the EU – a statistical overview
EC: Commodity Price Dashboard
EU prices for selected representative products
Peaches and nectarines dashboard
Tomatoes dashboard
EC: EU Milk Market Observatory
Dairy Dashboard
Latest updates
Prices / margins
EC: EU Meat Market Observatory
Poultry meat Dashboard
Sheep & Goat Dashboard
Pig Dashboard
Eggs dashboard
Pigmeat latest updates
Beef and veal dashboard
Meat latest updates
EC: EU Sugar Market Observatory
Price reporting
Monthly trade statistics
Trade statistics
EC: EU Crops Market Observatory
Cereals dashboard
Oilseeds dashboard
Cereals balance sheet
Cereals trade
Oilseeds balance sheet
Oilseeds exports and imports
Balance sheets for cereals, oilseeds, proteins and rice
Balance sheet rice
Olive oil dashboard


IEG Policy: News
At WTO, US spars with European Union over GE approval process
EU, US and Japan trade chiefs commit to tackling trade-distorting practices in emerging countries
EU and Mercosur aim to settle GI protection in renewed trade talks
US Dairy groups urge FDA not to use shellfish agreement with EU as model for dairy equivalence
US Senators call for protection of US cheese from EU GIs
EU member states to have final say on Mexico, Mercosur trade deals
EU launches trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand
China to slash import tax on range of agri-food products
China set to allow more European beef imports “in near future”, says Hogan
WTO challenge against EU poultry restrictions risks “exposing Brazil’s weaknesses”
Brazil wavers over launching WTO case against EU poultry restrictions
EU member states green light new organic rules for the bloc
Dual origin labelling rules to apply from April 2020
Dual origin labelling law should be end of national measures, says Jacobs
Commission adopts ingredients origin labelling law
Origin labelling in the EU “should be harmonised and mandatory”, says Italian farmers’ body
Slovak President wants to “restore law and order” to prevent CAP subsidy abuse
Forest expansion contributes to the decline of sheep farming –study
Global demand for sustainable soy growing, but not fast enough, conference hears
Challenging work environment is slowing advances in farm level robotics
French agency recommends using a mix of alternatives to replace neonicotinoids
Plant-based protein sector set for strong annual growth in US and Europe
Council approval means EU food waste and packaging targets adopted
IEG Vu: Global Outlook 2018
Mediterranean 2018
AMIS: Market Monitor – Issues issues
International Grains Council (IGC): News
CAP Reform: The CAP and its limited effect on development
Kate Mayne: The Polder model – The Netherlands, May 2018
Global Food Security: Women in agriculture: Four myths
CIHEAM: Rural Migration Forum – Fostering Regional Cooperation on Agriculture, Rural Development and Migration in the Mediterranean Region
Agriculture, rural and coastal development and migration in the Mediterranean – paper
Food Integrity: Assuring quality and authenticity in the food chain
IEG Policy: Early warning system set up to discover and predict food fraud
Wageningen University: From trader to forerunner
Consumption governance toward more sustainable consumption
Analysis of latest scientific research on indirect land use change (ILUC) effects of biofuels
Kantar World Panel: Newsletter 151 – Newsletter 150
Green Peace: Out of Balance – Industry links in the European Parliament Agriculture Committee
Eur Activ: Greenpeace: Industry-linked MEPs in the agri committee have a ‘safe’ majority
The Guardian: Revealed: majority of politicians on key EU farming panel have industry links
FAO: Infosylva 10/2018
UK – DEFRA : Organic farming statistic 2017
Eur Activ:
EU farmers: Prevention is better than cure for sustainable livestock
EU, Mercosur trade talks resume with renewed optimism
Farm Policy News (US):
Farm Bill Defeated on House Floor- Recap
An Overview of Crop Insurance: Recent Congressional Research Service Report
Farm Bill Update from Chairman Conaway
Following Some Positive Trade News, Renewed Trade Concerns Arise for U.S. Farmers
As House Considers Farm Bill, Lower Farm Income Persists, While Drought Impacts Southern Plains
Farmdoc Daily (US):
Soybean Crush Continues Strength
Soybean Prices Focus on Trade and Weather
Mapping the Fate of the Farm, 2018 House Edition
What do $3.80 Corn and $10 Soybean Midpoints Mean for 2018 Crop Revenues?
2017 – Characteristics of Higher Profit Farms
Comparing Price Policy Directions in the 2018 Farm Bill Debate
US EPA: EPA Announces E15 Partial Waiver Decision
Choices Magazine (AAEA): Theme Overview: The Linkages between Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Regional Food Networks
Arc2020: May Newsletter
Developed country policies: Domestic farm policy reform and global food security
Compact 2025 News
Agriculture: Volume 8, Issue 5
Foods: Volume 7, Issue 5
American Journal of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles
European Review of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles
Spatial applications virtual issue
International Olive Council (IOC): Publications
Merco Press: Brazil agriculture fears consequences of a US/China trade understanding
Garner Insights: Global Parboiled Rice Market Professional Survey Report 2018
Gro Intelligence:
Gro Intelligence Weekly
Global Meat: News

Dairy Reporter: News

The Beef / Dairy Site: Newsletter – Beef & Newsletter – Dairy
FranceAgriMer (FR): Web site & Actualité
Données et bilans – Les produits laitiers, carnes et avicoles
Données 2016 Fruits et légumes
Données 2017 Fruits et légumes
INRA (FR): Les circuits courts rapprochent les producteurs des consommateurs – Dossier INRA
Diploweb (FR): La puissance agricole américaine au XXIème siècle sera-t-elle californienne ?
Agrisalon (FR): À la une
4 juin
27 mai
20 mai
Terre Net (FR): De nouvelles opportunités économiques offertes par le cofarming
Wikiagri (FR): Garantir la bonne utilisation des données agricoles, est-ce le rôle des syndicats ?
Réussir cultures et grains (FR):
Newsletter 8 Mai – La Banque mondiale prévoit une hausse des prix en 2018
Newsletter 22 Mai Rapport Cyclope 2018: les marches agricoles exclus de l’embellie économique mondial
Réussir Bovins (FR): Accord avec le Mexique : Interbev dénonce une nouvelle concession de l’UE
Libération (FR): Loi agriculture et alimentation : le diable est dans le bétail
Agroéconomie (FR): La France doit sauver la PAC
Le Parisien (FR): Qui va payer le bio dans les cantines ?
Les Échos (FR): Cessons de ne penser qu’à la grande distribution pour les lois sur l’alimentation
Le Figaro: La bataille de la cause animale déchaîne les réseaux sociaux
Les six points à retenir sur la loi d’Alimentation française


World Farmers Organisation (WFO): Farmers implementing the Paris Agreement on Climate Change
Journal of Hydrology: Climate change reduces water availability for agriculture by decreasing non-evaporative irrigation losses
IEG Policy: Commission promotes use of treated waste water for agri-food production
EU Oberver: How France escaped EU legal action over chemical ban
CMCC: Newsletter
Science for Environment Policy:
The economic impact of reducing food waste in Germany, Poland and Spain
‘Carbon law’ could lead to zero global emissions by 2050
Review of Environmental Economics and Policy: Advance articles
Volume 10, Issue 5
Challenges and Action Points to Amplify Agroecology in Europe
Environments: Issue 5, Issue 5
Water: Volume 10, Issue 5
Forests: Volume 9, Issue 5
Energies: Volume 11, Issue 5
Eur Activ:
Commission targets end to throwaway plastic culture
Renewables in heating will tame oil market volatility, EU official says
→(FR) Nouvelle route de la soie: le commerce au détriment de l’environnement
You Tube: CRISPR: Gene editing and beyond
The Guardian:
Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth
Human race just 0.01% of all life but has eradicated most other living things
European Scientist (FR): L’ammoniac, nouvel enjeu de l’agriculture intelligente
Libération (FR): La séquestration du carbone dans les sols, une fausse solution miracle 


WTO: EU vs China on transfers of technology (intellectual property rights)
CESifo Economic Studies: Advance articles
Newsletter June
Newsletter 18 May
CESifo Economic Studies: Advance articles
ECDPM: Weekly Compass 8 May 22 May
The Review of Economic Studies: Advance articles
European Review of Economic History: Advance articles
Groupe de réflexion sur l’avenir du service public européen (GRASPE) (FR): Cahier 33, Juin 2018
Fondation FARM (FR): Le blog de la Fondation – La cohérence des politiques, enjeu majeur pour le développement 


IEG Policy: Webinar – The policy and regulatory challenges to palm oil use in Europe (14 June)
Politico: Energy visions series: EU – China: are they the leading partnership to fight climate change? (21 June)
Smart Agrifood Summit: New Challenges for the agri-food sector (20 – 22 June)
CAP Eye: L’avenir de la PAC: Colloque à Montpellier Supagro (22 Juin)
Public Policy Exchange: 2nd Symposium on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture in the EU: Assessing the Role of Pesticides and Biocides (26 June)
CEPS: Preparing agriculture for future challenges: Reducing distortions and re-designing policies (26 June)
Public Policy Exchange: Tackling Food Waste in the EU: Fostering Efficiency along the Supply Chain (5 July)
Les controverses européennes à Bergerac (10 -12 Juillet): Programme
OECD: Competition workshops (2018)

With acknowledgements to IEG Policy, Politico, CAP, Euractiv, Centre d ‘études et de prospective,, FranceAgriMer and Tomás Garcia Azcárate (EAGRA)

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