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Compiled on 7 May 2018 by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
NB this list is intended for internal EP use and some links are available only to subscribers


EC: Agri-Research Conference – Innovating for the future of farming and rural communities – Documentation
Commissioner’s Speech at the Agri-Research Conference
IEG Policy:

EC – EIB: EAFRD financial instruments in 2014-2020 Rural Development Programmes: Final report
IEG Policy: EIB lending programme invests €1 billion in agriculture and bio-economy sectors
EIB: EIB’s agriculture and bioeconomy programme loan under Juncker Plan will support close to EUR 1bn of private investment across Europe (FR)
Banque de France: The Cost of Non-Europe, Revisited, Working Paper Series No 673
SIEPS: National co-financing of CAP direct payments – A. Matthews
IEG Policy: National co-financing of CAP direct payments would close Brexit budget gap – Alan Matthews
The European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC): Opportunities and Challenges for Research on Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture in Europe
IEG Policy: Europe’s scientists say meat and dairy consumption must be reduced

IEG Policy: Global trade liberalisation would boost meat exports, and cut EU farm wages – OECD
General Court of the European Union: Case T-540/15 of 22 March 2018 Documents concerning an ongoing legislative procedure — Trilogues
Press release: The European Parliament must in principle grant access, on specific request, to documents relating to ongoing trilogues
EU Observer: Getting secret EU trilogue documents: a case study


EC: Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027
(FR) Discours du Président Jean-Claude Juncker à la plénière du Parlement européen sur le Cadre financier pluriannuel pour l’après-2020
EU Budget for the future
Press release – EU budget: Commission proposes a modern budget for a Union that protects, empowers and defends (FR)
Legal texts and factsheets
Communication on ‘A Modern Budget for a Union that Protects, Empowers and Defends’ – The MFF for 2021/2027
EU Budget for the future – Key information and News
Factsheet Q & A
EP – EPRS: Briefing – Multiannual Financial Framework 2021-2027: Commission Proposal – Initial comparison with the current MFF
EP: MFF and Own Resources Contact Group declaration on the post-2020 EU budget package – Declaration
EP – debate: Post-2020 EU budget plans show purpose, but lack ambition, say MEPs
EP – AGRI Committee Chair: Proposed CAP funding cuts unfair for farmers, says Agriculture Committee Chair
IEG Policy: ComAgri chair joins farming groups in criticising proposed cuts to CAP budget
CAP Reform: Commission assaults rural development spending to protect direct payments
Farm Europe:

                                                IEG Policy: Brexit will cut CAP subsidies and farmers’ incomes in all EU-27 countries – report
Arc2020: MFF Proposes CAP Cuts in EU Financial Planning
IEG Policy:

Bruegel: How large is the proposed decline in EU agricultural and cohesion spending?
Government of The Netherlands: Speech by the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Berlin
Wageningen UR:


Eur Activ:

Global Health Advocates:

WWF: Commission budget proposal squanders any claim to EU environmental leadership
EU Observer:

Le Point (FR): Budget européen : menaces sur le revenu paysan
RT France (FR): Nouveau budget européen : abondance pour les uns, austérité pour les autres, menaces pour tous ?


Bird Life: Leaked proposal CAP post-2020: Commission plans to leave environmental delivery to chance and creates blueprint for corruption fund
IEG Policy:

EPP: EPP views on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy
CAP Eye (FR): Des fuites à la Commission européenne sur la future PAC
Politico: Big farms set to pay the price as EU eyes subsidy cuts
Eur Activ:

CAP Reform: Is there a particular generational renewal problem in EU agriculture?


EC: Proposal COM (2018) 173 of 12.4.2018
Press release
Information Fact Sheet:

Key documents
République Française – Autorité de la concurrence (FR): Avis du 3 mai 2018 de l´Autorité française de la concurrence relatif au secteur agricole
Le Monde (FR): L’Autorité de la concurrence clarifie les règles du jeu pour le secteur agricole
Research gate: A Review of Supply Chain Prices Analyses with Emphasis on Perishable Markets
Cranswick: ‘Radical transparency : the rise of disruptive consumerism’- Cranswick commission report on the future of food transparency
IEG Policy: Food must be subject to “new levels of transparency”, says report
Poultry News: Radical Transparency Will Shape Future Food Agenda: new Cranswick report
Meat Management: Cranswick report suggests industry needs radical transparency
NPA: Cranswick report calls for supply chain transparency
Eur Activ: Stakeholders call for strong enforcement to combat unfair trade practices

IEG Policy:


Council: Guidelines on next steps on EU-UK negotiations
EC: Task force on Art 50 negotiations – Documents
EC: Speech by Michel Barnier at Hannover Messe
UK Parliament: European Union (Withdrawal) Bill: Government Amendments 23rd Report & 24th Report

The Guardian: Resistance to joint proposal to WTO leaves UK and EU divided

IEG Policy:

UK Policy Trade Observatory (UKPTO):

Eur Activ:

European State Aid Law Quaterly: Volume 17, Issue 1, State Aid and Brexit
Daniel Guéguen Blog: Brexit under the radar

Farm Europe:

IEG Policy: Brexit will cut CAP subsidies and farmers’ incomes in all EU-27 countries – report
UK Parliament:

IEG Policy:

NFU: We have a shared farming future after Brexit, say British and European farmers
IEG Policy: Farm organisations join call for a close EU-UK relationship after Brexit


Council – Bulgarian Presidency:
Programme of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council:
Informal meeting of agriculture ministers – 03-05/06/2018
Bulgarian Presidency EU:
EC: Published initiatives
EC: Contribute law making (New ‘Better regulation’ portal and REFIT platform)
EC: Monitoring EU agri-food trade
IEG Policy: Growing agri-food exports lead to record-high EU trade surplus
EC: EU efforts for bee health & Pesticides and bees
IEG Policy: EU member states approve complete outdoor ban on neonicotinoids
Neonicotinoid vote slammed by industry, welcomed by green groups
The Conversation: Neonicotinoid ban: how meta-analysis helped show pesticides do harm bees
Eur Activ (FR): L’UE bannit trois pesticides néfastes pour les abeilles
EC: Transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment model in the food chain
Libération (FR): La Commission européenne propose un texte ambitieux pour protéger les lanceurs d’alerte
EC: Report on the application of Directive 2007/43/EC and its influence on the welfare of chickens kept for meat production, as well as the development of welfare indicators
IEG Policy: EU Directive has improved chickens’ housing, welfare and health – Commission report
EC: Whistleblower protection: Commission sets new, EU-wide rules – Press releases
Directive proposal
IEG Policy: Whistleblower protection requirements to apply to food industry and regulators
EC: EU and Mexico reach new agreement on trade
IEG Policy: EU and Mexico reach agreement on free trade deal
EU dairy exporters to gain from Mexico trade deal
EC: Nitrates Directive Implementation report
Report (COM (2018) 257)
Q & A
Press release: Less water pollution from agriculture, but worrying hotspots remain and need stronger action
EC-JRC: Newsletter
EC: Regulatory Scrutiny Board – Annual report 2017
EIP-AGRI: Focus Group on Robust and resilient dairy production systems: Final report
EFSA: The EFSA Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database
EC – EP: Bled Declaration for a Smarter Future of the Rural Areas in EU
IEG Policy: Bled Declaration outlines Smart Villages as model for rural areas
EP: Agri Committee Newsletter
Research for AGRI – Updates
Research for AGRI – News, April 2018
EP: Proteins: MEPs urge robust strategy to reduce EU’s dependency on imports
IEG Policy: Parliament plenary overwhelmingly backs EU protein strategy
EP: MEPs push for greater support for EU sheep and goat farmers
IEG Policy: Parliament adopts resolution demanding accrued support for EU sheep and goat farmers
EP: MEPs begin work on 2018 enlargement package
EP – EPRS: Regulation (EC) 1107/2009 on the Placing of Plant Protection Products on the Market (Impact Assessment report)

EC: Commodity Price Dashboard

EC: EU Milk Market Observatory

EC: EU Meat Market Observatory

EC: EU Sugar Market Observatory

EC: EU Crops Market Observatory


IEG Policy: News

IEG Policy Agribusiness Intelligence: Report – The EU & US Organics Sector : Market Overview and Regulatory Outlook

IEG Policy:
The global market for organic agri-food products
Organic agriculture and farmland around the world
Rules and regulations for organic farming

The Conversation: Organic agriculture is going mainstream, but not the way you think it is


IEG Policy:


AMIS: Market Monitor – No 58, MayPrevious issues
Wageningen UR: Chic Project – Plant breeding techniques in a new era
European Network for Rural Development (ENRD): EU Rural Review 25 ‘Resource Efficiency
Rabobank: Deglobalisation: How Big Food Is Looking to Tailor to the Individual Consumer Rabobank: Uncertainties threaten optimism in global pork trade
City Lab: The Rise of the Rural Creative Class
Sputnik International: Why the Sky is Literally the Limit for Russia’s Agricultural Ambitions?

US CRS: Latest CRS reports

USDA -ERS: Amber Waves – Latest issue


Farm Policy News (US):

Farmdoc Daily (US):

The Economist: Donald Trump alienates farmers

Food Tank:

Choices Magazine (AAEA):

The Washington Post: Agriculture Secretary says he’s telling Trump to consider rejoining TPP

IFPRI: IFPRI Insights – Newsletter
Compact 2025 News
Insurance structure, risk sharing, and investment decisions: An empirical investigation of the implications of individual and group weather index insurance
Climate change and variability: What are the risks for nutrition, diets, and food systems?
Food price changes, domestic price insulation, and poverty (when all policymakers want to be above average)
Picture-based crop insurance: Is it feasible? Using farmers’ smartphone pictures to minimize the costs of loss verification

IFRI and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Ending Poverty and Hunger (Brochure)

IEEP: Newsletter

Kantar World Panel: Newsletter
Latin America: Cash & Carry booming and blooming
Report: Out-of-home, out of mind?

CEMA – European Agriculture Machinery: EU code of conduct on agricultural data sharing by contractual agreement

IEG Policy: Farm associations sign EU code of conduct on agricultural data sharing

Agriculture: Volume 8, Issue 4
Foods: Volume 7, Issue 4
American Journal of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles
European Review of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles

Journal Of Agrarian Change: Intensive Horticulture in Almería (Spain): A Counterpoint to Current European Rural Policy Strategies

Eur Activ: Juncker plan’ mobilises €284 billion in investment
EFSI Figures
EFSI project map
Council and Parliament agree on simplification of EU funds
Spanish agriculture is campaigning for the development of agricultural insurance
(FR) Voulons-nous encore d’une agriculture européenne? (Angélique Delahaye)
France 24: Farming in Europe: Old MacDonald goes high-tech (part 1) (FR)
European Sugar Refineries Association (ESRA): Setting the record straight on in-quota duties: ESRA open letter to Commissioner Malmstrom
Olive Oil Times: Reports Find Olive Oil Companies Struggling in Spain and Italy
Europatat: European Potato Trade Association
Banana Link International: Banana Trade News Bulletin – A growing commitment to change in the industry

Gro Intelligence: Gro Intelligence Monthly Market Update

Gro Intelligence Weekly

Organic Agriculture Booming in Europe
European Wine Production Drops in 2017
Vietnam’s Open Borders Expose an Inefficient Sugar Industry
Vietnam Embraces the Trade Deal, and a Global Consumer Is Born

Global Meat: News

Dairy Reporter: News

The Beef Newsletter/ Dairy Site Newsletter
Académie d’Agriculture de France (FR): Le Mensuel No 34, Mai 2018
INRA: Revue Sésame, Printemps 2018
Revue Laitière Française (FR): A la une
Réussir Lait (FR): En Nouvelle-Zélande, Fonterra veut sortir du modèle low cost
FranceAgriMer (FR): Web site & Actualite
L’opinion (FR): Sébastien Abis (Club Demeter): «Affirmer que l’agriculture locale peut remplacer l’agriculture extensive est une illusion»

Agrisalon (FR): À la une

Ouest – France (FR): Hulot dévoile son plan pour réduire la dépendance aux phytosanitaires
Info Tours (FR): Angélique Delahaye, une députée européenne influente ?


Global Development and Environmental Institute (GDAE): Climate smart or regenerative agriculture: Defining new climate policies on soil health
Greenpeace: Investigation: How the CAP promotes pollution. Summary of findings (FR)
IEG Policy: CAP direct payments are ‘promoting pollution’ – report
IEG Policy: European Parliament backs key climate change regulations for agriculture and forestry


OECD: Meeting Policy Challenges for a Sustainable Bioeconomy
Science for Environment Policy: Antibiotic resistance in struvite fertiliser from waste water could enter the food chain
Managing flood risk: more realistic models need to take account of spatial differences
New soil-sensing method enables more detailed, rapid and efficient environmental monitoring of soil carbon stocks and condition
Sustainability: Volume 10, Issue 4
Environments: Issue 5, Issue 4
Water: Volume 10, Issue 4
Forests: Volume 9, Issue 4
Energies: Volume 11, Issue 4
Eur Activ: Seven EU countries call for stronger climate action in Europe (FR)
(FR) La processionnaire du pin, cas d’école du changement global
Science Post (FR): En Europe, l’ampleur et l’intensité des sécheresses s’accentueront dans les prochaines décennies
Jus d’olive (FR): Consommer de l’huile d’olive est bon aussi pour l’environnement


World Development: A human rights-consistent approach to multidimensional welfare measurement applied to sub-Saharan Africa
IEG Policy: Free trade zones “lead to 5.9% rise in counterfeit goods”

Borderlex: Newsletter
EU Observer: Eastern EU states feel ‘ridiculed’ by commission budget plan
World Economic Forum:


Eur Activ (FR):

Bruegel: Tales from a crisis: diverse narratives of the euro area
IEG Policy: US metal duties, EU steel investigation elicit concerns, criticism at WTO safeguards meeting
German Marshall Fund (GMF): The role of Congress in the Era of Trump
Economies: Volume 6, Issue 1
European Data Journalism Network: New platform for data-driven news on European affairs – Twitter
CESifo: Newsletter
CESifo Economic Studies:

ECDPM: Weekly Compass 27 March 2018 & 2 May 2018
The Review of Economic Studies:

International Studies Perspectives: Volume 19, Issue 2
Agence Française de Développement (AFD): Studies and Knowledge in Development – April 2018
European Review of Economic History:


ELO: Pollinator Friendly Farming: what is possible now? (22 May)
EC – EIB: Fourth annual EU conference on EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020 (5 – 6 June, Sofia)
NABU: CAP at a crossroads (Workshop) (Sofia, 6 June)
Smart Agrifood Summit: New Challenges for the agri-food sector (20 – 22 June)
Public Policy Exchange: 2nd Symposium on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture in the EU: Assessing the Role of Pesticides and Biocides (26 June)
Public Policy Exchange: Tackling Food Waste in the EU: Fostering Efficiency along the Supply Chain (5 July)
OECD: Competition workshops (2018)

With acknowledgements to IEG Policy, Politico, CAP, Euractiv, Centre d ‘études et de prospective,, FranceAgriMer and Tomás Garcia Azcárate (EAGRA)

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