Compiled by the AGRI sector of the Policy Department for Structural and Cohesion Policies (Albert MASSOT MARTI)
NB this list is intended for internal EP use and some links are available only to subscribers


EP – Policy Department B: Bibliographical references on the EC Communication and the CAP reform post 2020 (Information package) (Update 19 March 2018)

EC: Consultation on the de minimis Regulation (EU) No 1408/2013 (1 March – 16 April)

Commission proposes increase to national cap for agriculture State aid

IEG Policy: Commission proposes raising threshold for agricultural state aid

EC: Study on storage capacities and logistical infrastructures for EU agricultural commodities trade

EU grain storage has improved but critical bottlenecks remain

European Environment Agency (EEA): Total greenhouse gas emission trends and projections


European Milk Board: BAL (Farm Economics and Rural Studies Office, Germany) study on the cost of milk production in Europe

Agri press: Study by German entity BAL reveals real milk production costs in France

Dairy Reporter: Study says real milk production costs aren’t being met in France

IEG Policy:

France Agri-Mer (FR): Lait de vache, March 2018

IFPRI: Global Food Policy Report 2018

The World Bank: Global Economics prospects

The World Bank – Brookings: Forecasting global economic growth in 2018

United Nations: World Population prospects 2017

VOX – CEPR’s portal: Demand for agricultural commodities to grow more slowly in the next decade



 EC: COM (2017) 713 of 29 November 2017. Press release: The Future of Food and Farming – for a flexible, fair and sustainable Common Agricultural Policy . Memo – Fact sheet: The future of food and farming – Communication on the Common Agricultural Policy post-2020.

EC – Phil Hogan blog: Building the Future of EU Food and Farming

EC: Commissioner’s speech on ‘New CAP Delivery Model’ (ENRD Conference)

EC: Günther Oettinger: Speech at MFF conference organised by the Bulgarian Presidency (09.03.18)

EC: A new, modern Multiannual Financial Framework for a European Union that delivers efficiently on its priorities post-2020 (Communication of 14.2.2018 – COM (2018) 98)

Press release: EU long-term budget after 2020: European Commission sets out options – and their consequences

Multiannual financial framework : debate on political priorities – Fact Sheets

EP: Own-initiative report on Next MFF: preparing the Parliament’s position on the MFF post-2020 – Text adopted on 14 March 2018

EP – At a glance: Post-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework

EP: Own-initiative report on reform of the European Union’s system of own resources – Text adopted on 14 March 2018

                EC – The high-level group on own resources: Final report and recommendations

EP Press release : Funding Europe’s future: EU’s post-2020 budget must match policy goals


Bruegel: The future of the EU budget: MFF post-2020                    

Eur Activ: Five things to know about EU regional policy cuts

European Parliament – AGRI Committee: Own-initiative report on the Future of Food and Farming Communication (Herbert Dorfmann’s draft report)

         EP – Press releases: Future of EU farming policy: MEPs to debate their response to Commission’s ideas

         EP – BUDGET Committee: Draft opinion of BUDGET Committee on the EC Communication ‘The future of Food and Farming’

                                EG Policy: Direct payments to be calculated with EU-wide uniform method – Agriculture Committee

                                Arc2020: Ag Committee Report – End CAP Payments Based on Historical Entitlements

                                CAPeye (FR): Débat au Parlement européen sur la future PAC


                                IEG Policy: Member states show support for new CAP delivery model in draft council conclusions

                                Bird Life International: Agri Council Fact Check: Leaked CAP conclusions based on environmental fiction                   

EEB: Ministers’ farm fantasy risks decreasing CAP legitimacy further

                                IEG Policy: NGOs criticise ‘environmental fiction’ in Council’s draft CAP reform position

Joint declaration of the Ministers of Agriculture of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland on the Commission Communication on ‘The Future of Food and Farming’

IEG Policy: Poland and Baltic states adopt common position on CAP reform

The Baltic Times: Baltic, Polish ministers sign joint declaration on EU Common Agricultural Policy

European Court of Auditors (ECA):

IEG Policy: Strong performance targets should underpin future CAP spending – ECA report

IEG Policy: Basic Payments not well-targeted to supporting farmers’ incomes, say EU auditors

Farm Europe:

IEG Policy: Think tank advocates for six-year plan to boost precision farming

CAP reform: A Tale of Two Policy Documents: DEFRA vs. Commission Communication

                IEG Policy: Post-Brexit UK agricultural policy could represent model for future CAP – Alan Matthews

IEG Policy: Future CAP challenge is to move away from the export-led productivity approach

Wageningen UR: Impact of coupled EU support for sugar beet growing: more production, lower prices

The World Bank: Thinking CAP – supporting agricultural jobs and incomes in the EU (EU regular Economic Report 4)  


US Whitehouse:

Council: Remarks by President Donald Tusk after his meeting with Prime Minister of Finland Juha Sipilä

                Eur Activ: Tusk puts Trump’s tariff push on EU summit agenda

Politico: Tusk rebukes Trump on transatlantic unity

Wheat World: Letter of the ‘US Wheat Associates (USW)’ & the ‘National Association of Wheat Growers (NAWG)’ calling to join the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), to maintain access to the Japanese market

The Washington Post: Trump imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum, but offers relief to allies

Gro Intelligence: US Grain Exports Could be Hurt by Steel Tariffs

Farm Policy News (US): Trade Retaliation Measures Could Hurt U.S. Farm Sector

Chicago Sun Times: US Agriculture Secretary: Trump tariffs not as bad as feared

Farmdoc Daily (US): New U.S. Tariffs Ramp-Up Fear of Ag Trade Retaliation; Soybean Growers Especially Worried

EU Observer: EU to hit US juices and peanut butter over steel tariffs

Eur Activ:

IEG Policy:

World Trade Organisation (WTO): US request – Indian export related measures (WT/DS541-1)

IEG Policy: WTO complaint over India’s export subsidy programs filed by US

The Brownville Herald: 11 nations sign Pacific trade pact as Trump plans US tariffs

The Hill: Australia says it called in golf legend to help lobby Trump on tariffs


Gro Intelligence: Mexico Trade Barriers Will Raise US Food Prices, but What of Quality?


The World Bank – Brookings: Can the digital revolution transform agriculture?

Robot Union: Robotics accelerator

VTT: Europe invests to boost the uptake of robotic technologies by start-ups and SMEs

IEG Policy:

Wageningen UR: Relevance of blockchain technology for agrifood  – Full report

Food Navigator: EC supports robotics in agri-food through Robot Union accelerator

Rural Marketing: 6 benefits Drones can provide to agriculture insurance

Precision Ag: Feel Something is Missing in Precision Agriculture? Answer These 10 Tough Questions

                                Opinion: The Missing Link in Precision Agriculture

MIT Technology Review: Ethereum’s smart contracts are full of holes

Research Briefs: Is Walmart Moving Into Farming?

Eur Activ (FR): La Commission veut conjuguer intelligence artificielle et principes éthiques


World Congress for freedom of scientific research: Modern agricultural biotechnology calling – Congress (Brussels, 11 – 13 April)



EC: Task force on Art 50 negotiations – Documents

Negotiating documents

Draft Agreement on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland from the European Union

Speech by Michel Barnier at Business Europe Day 2018

IEG Policy: EU and UK agree to end Brexit transition period on December 31, 2020


CAP reform: Brexit Withdrawal Agreement forwarded to UK

Eur Activ: EU Northern Ireland offer sparks Brexit war of words

EU Observer: Barnier: open-ended Brexit transition ‘not possible’

European Policy Centre (EPC): Discussion Paper – Brexit: Half in, half out or right out?

IEG Policy: UK stance signals ill-accepted implications of the Good Friday Agreement – former UK MEP

Parliament UK:

Eur Activ: Lost trade will nullify Brexit dividend, UK government admits



Notre Europe – Institute Jacques Delors: Transition: the hitchhikers’ guide to the Brexit galaxy, Policy Paper 218French version


EU Observer:


IEG Policy:

The Telegraph: The PM is out of options: however we Brexit , someone will have to be betrayed

The Guardian: Don’t cry for Theresa May. This Brexit crisis is her fault

Eur Activ: UK faces ‘cliff edge’ over EU trade pacts, warn MPs

IEG Policy: Hard Brexit would cost agri-food exporters £9 billion per year, study claims

Oliver Wyman: The Red Tape Cost of Brexit 

EU Observer: No-deal Brexit could cost €65bn a year


Parliament UK:

Gov UK:

IEG Policy: England can already cap direct payments and reward environment-friendly farmers before Brexit – paper

Wageningen University and Research:

IEG Policy: Hard Brexit could cut Dutch agri-food production by €500 million

Sputnik International News: Dutch authorities preparing for Hard Brexit

IEG Policy: Post-Brexit custom controls could lead to food shortages in the UK

Politics: No matter what Gove says, Brexit will deal a hammer-blow to agriculture

Senior European Experts: British Agricultural Policy after Brexit

IEG Policy:


Council – Bulgarian Presidency:

Programme of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council

Informal meeting of agriculture ministers – 03-05/06/2018

Bulgarian Presidency EU:

Agriculture Minister Porodzanov steers a transparent discussion on the future of EU’s agricultural policy

EC: Published initiatives

EC: Contribute law making (New ‘Better regulation’ portal and REFIT platform)

EC: Commissioner’s speech on “The Impact of the CAP on Developing Countries”

EC: Feasibility study on options to step up ÈU action against deforestation

IEG Policy: EU releases study on deforestation caused by food commodities

EC: Soil erosion costs European farmers €1.25 billion a year (JRC study)

LDD – Land Degradation and Development: Cost of agricultural productivity loss due to soil erosion in the European Union: From direct cost evaluation approaches to the use of macroeconomic models

IEG Policy: Soil erosion costs EU agricultural sector €300 million per year

EC: Commission launches Knowledge Centre to boost food quality and step up the fight against food fraud

Knowledge Centre for food fraud and quality

IEG Policy: Commission research arm sets up fraud and dual quality food centre

EP: Resolution of 15 March 2018 on US measures on EU farm support under the CAP (in the context of Spanish olives)

IEG Policy: Parliament urges US to drop anti-dumping duties on Spanish olives


EP – Briefing: Improving support for young farmers

European Court of Auditors (ECA):

IEG Policy: Synergies between renewables and rural development not exploited in the EU – ECA report

European Court of Justice:

IEG Policy: Hungarian law on agricultural land infringes EU free movement of capital principle – ECJ

European Court of Justice: Case T-33/16, Judgement of 14 March, Genetically modified soybeans MON 87769, MON 87705 and 305423 — Rejection of an application for internal review of market authorisation decisions 

IEG Policy: EU court annuls Commission decision on genetically modified soybean products

European Committee of Regions: Changing the rules of international trade, a necessary condition for facing the challenges of agriculture, food and planet (conference’s documents)

EFSA: Neonicotinoids: risks to bees confirmed

EC: Labelling of alcoholic beverages in the EU: some facts?

IEG Policy: EU alcoholic drinks industry presents self-regulatory nutrition labelling approach

Politico: EU alcohol industry offers online option for nutrition labels

EC: Competition – Green light for acquisition of ‘Century’ by ‘Nufarm’ (Case 8725)

EC: Millions of European schoolchildren benefit from healthy food thanks to EU programme

EC: Commission seeks expert views on plant proteins

EC: Monitoring agri-food trade until January 2018

Good start to the year for EU agri-food exports

EC – EIP AGRI: Newsletter

EC: Commodity Price Dashboard

EC: EU Milk Market Observatory

EC: EU Meat Market Observatory

EC: EU Sugar Market Observatory

EC: EU Crops Market Observatory


IEG Policy: News

Agribusiness Intelligence: IEG Vantage


IEG Policy: Cereals and dairy drive food prices up in February

AMIS: Market Monitor – March issue

Crop Watch: Bulletin No 46, Vol 18, No 1

CAP Reform: Measuring changing farm structure in the EU

Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2018 (FFA 2018): Healthy farming, healthy food, healthy future (video)

EMM: Daily News Summary 16 March 2018

Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research: Vol 15, No 4

Arc 2020: Does the European Union Need More Milk?

CAPRI (CGIAR – IFPRI): Newsletter

FAPRI: FAPRI 2018 US Baseline Outlook

FAPRI releaseGrain prices up, livestock demand strong… …but farmers still caught in economic squeeze

Farm Policy News (US): FAPRI Baseline: Farmers Still Caught in Economic Squeeze


Farm Policy News (US):

As Farm Bill Stalls Over SNAP, USDA-ERS Report Captures Details of the Program

Farm Bill: SNAP Issues Hamper Timeline

Politico: SNAP proposal endangers bipartisan Farm Bill in the US

Farmdoc Daily (US):

IATP: Trump’s Budget Spurns Rural Communities

Choices Magazine (AAEA): Theme Overview: Will Rising Interest Rates Lead to Intensifying Risks for Agriculture?

Slide Share: Krijn Poppe – Challenges for EU Agri-Food and implications for research

FiBL – The Organic World: The World of Organic Agriculture 2018

Agronomy: Volume 8, Issue 3

Foods: Volume 7, Issue 2

Pegasus Project:

American Journal of Agricultural Economics: Advance articles

European Review of Agricultural Economics:

 Bain & Company: Insights – Indian Farming’s Next Big Moment: Farming as a Service

Corporate Europe: What the Monsanto Papers tell us about corporate science

 The Vegan Society: Grow Green: Solutions for the Farm of the Future

IEG Policy:

 Eur Activ:

CIHEAM: In focus, March

EU Observer: Not a bug: insect ‘novel food’ fines vary widely across EU

La Via Campesina : Via Campesina Europe publishes an in-depth guide to Food Sovereignty (FR) Via Campesina Europe publie un guide détaillé sur la Souveraineté alimentaire

Mongabay: Cerrado: can the empire of soy coexist with savannah conservation?

The Guardian: Rise of mega farms: how the US model of intensive farming is invading the world

Kantar World Panel: Newsletter – Consumer Insights Num 143

Gro Intelligence:

Global Meat: News

Dairy Reporter: News

The Beef / Dairy Site: Newsletters

Russia Insider: Russia’s Flourishing Agriculture Overtakes Its Word Class Arms Industry in Exports

Bayer Global: Business at prior-year level – on track with strategy

Centre d’études et de prospective (FR): Bulletin de Veille 15/3/2018

Chambres d’Agriculture (FR): La lettre économique, Février 2018

Académie d’Agriculture de France (FR): Le Mensuel No 32, Mars

Mission Agrobiosciences – INRA (FR): La lettre électronique

Salon International de l’agriculture (FR): Web page

ADEME – BASIC (FR): Étude – Analyse de la valeur socio-économique de l’alimentation, et sa répartition

Basta!!: Une nouvelle étude montre comment l’industrie agro-alimentaire asphyxie le monde agricole

Michel Dantin (FR):

SOL – Alternatives agro écologiques et solidaires (FR – EN): Web page – J. Berthelot

FranceAgriMer (FR):

Revue Laitière Française (FR): Newsletter 51

The Conversation (FR): Sortir les producteurs laitiers de l’impasse

Agrisalon (FR): À la une 

 Ouest – France (FR):

Les Échos (FR):

Retail Detail (FR): Les supermarchés opposés à la proposition européenne en faveur des agriculteurs

Commod Africa (FR): Le poulet européen vendu à vil prix sur les marchés africains

Libération (FR): Pesticides «tueurs d’abeilles» : «Ils n’augmentent pas les rendements agricoles et ont des effets catastrophiques»

Réussir cultures et grains (FR): Newsletter filière

Radio France: Les “Big Four” et le marché des céréales

Boulevard Voltaire (FR): Christiane Lambert: L’agriculture au feminin


Agronomy: Climate Change Trends and Impacts on California Agriculture: A Detailed Review

USA Today – Desert Sun: California agriculture faces serious threats from climate change, study finds

SIWI: Groundwater: a strategic resource for improved resilience

The Ecologist: How rethinking land use and preserving natural carbon sinks is essential to bridge the emissions gap

Global Change Biology: Major limitations to achieving “4 per 1000” increases in soil organic carbon stock in temperate regions: Evidence from long-term experiments at Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom

European Environmental Bureau (EEB): Precautionary in principle, flawed in fact: European Commission review accepts environmental groups’ criticism of chemical regulation

Water, environmental, and agricultural resources economics (WEARE): Publications

FAO: Infosylva No 5/2018

CMCC: Newsletter 2/2018

Science Daily: Soil cannot halt climate change 

Science for Environment Policy:

Global Research Alliance (GRA):

PNAS: Nutritional and greenhouse gas impacts of removing animals from US agriculture

Eur Activ:

Sustainability: Volume 10, Issue 2

The World Economic Forum: The Arctic recently sent us a powerful message about climate change

The Independent: France bans plastic cups, plates and cutlery, in 2020

The Guardian: Biofuels can help solve climate change, especially with a carbon tax

The New York Times: The 8 Million Species We Don’t Know

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Water crises are hitting our economies: Time to hit back with natural infrastructure

INRA (FR): Durabilité de l’alimentation en Europe : comment concilier recommandations nutritionnelles et faible impact environnemental

Journal de l’environnement (FR): Climat: l’objectif de +1,5°C, une question socio-économique


The World Bank: Growing United: Upgrading Europe’s Convergence Machine

                EU Observer: EU populism feeds on poverty, World Bank warns

Financial Times: EU income gaps threaten to sow discontent, World Bank warns

Notre Europe – Institute Jacques Delors: What is our ambition for the European Labour Authority?, Policy Paper 219 –  French version

EstIF: Volume 6 (2018), Issue 1

ICTSD: Malmström Issues Plan to Improve Implementation of Sustainability Chapters in EU Trade Deals

Eur Activ: What the new German grand coalition means for Europe

EU Observer:

Politico: EU: Our countermeasures against Trump are ready

Blog Activ: Customs Regulations: Overview of Ukraine’s progress in implementation of Association Agreement with the EU

European Data Journalism Network: New platform for data-driven news on European affairs – Twitter


EP – Research for REGI Committee: State Aid and Cohesion Policy (study)

CESifo Economic Studies: Advance articles

The Review of Economic Studies: Advance articles

European Review of Economic History: Advance articles


Borderlex: Newsletter


Farm Europe: Proteins and renewable energy : one and the same challenge (26 March)

RISE Foundation: Pre-FFA Event – The optimal scale and balance of livestock in the EU (26 March)

Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA): FFA 2018 (27 March 2017)

EIP – AGRI: AgriResearch Conference “Innovating for the future of farming and rural communities”

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): European Dialogue on Non-State Climate Action (23 April)

NABU: CAP at a crossroads (Workshop) (Sofia, 6 June)

Public policy exchange: 2nd Symposium on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture in the EU: Assessing the Role of Pesticides and Biocides (26 June)

Smart Agrifood Summit: New Challenges for the agri-food sector (20 – 22 June)

OECD: Competition workshops (2018)

With acknowledgements to IEG Policy, Politico, CAP, Euractiv, Centre d ‘études et de prospective,, FranceAgriMer and Tomás Garcia Azcárate (EAGRA)

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