Volume 3, Issue 1, March 2018
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Previous issue of #FutureofCAP Volume 2, Issue 1, December 2017

On 29 November 2017 the Commission submitted its Communication on “The Future of Food and Farming” [short link: http://bit.ly/2nf6vE5], which had already been announced by President Juncker in 2016.

The text of 26 pages kicks off the multi-stage process by which the 27 EU’s Institutions eventually have to agree on the legislative acts determining the CAP after 2020. The Communication will be followed in the spring by an impact assessment and respective legislative proposals giving effect to the new plans, which would then be tabled in the second half of 2018.

The original purpose of the Communication is to:

  • present the main EU agricultural challenges highlighted in the public consultation of February – May 2017;
  • highlight the contribution of the agriculture sector to the ten Commission’s priorities) and to the Sustainable Development Goals in synergy with other EU policies;
  • specify policy priorities for the future CAP enhancing its EU added value;
  • explore operational avenues on the CAP after 2020; and
  • build a simpler CAP and improve governance by better reflecting the diversity existing within EU agriculture, increasing subsidiarity for Member States, limiting the EU administrative burden for the beneficiaries and strengthening the focus on results.

@PolicyAGRI is preparing a study on #FutureofCAP for delivery in May/June 2018. This study should help inform Members of the European Parliament of different options and tools that the European Commission (EC) has proposed in its Communication on ‘Modernising and Simplifying the Common Agricultural Policy’ of 29 November 2017. It should provide an overview of the state-of-art of the present CAP, discuss the main drivers and challenges of the next CAP reform post 2020, place the EC Communication of 29 November 2017 in the context of the current strategic debates on the future of the CAP, compare the Commission’s options to the most relevant contributions on the future of the CAP already published, and evaluate the tools proposed by the EC Communication to deal the future challenges of the EU agriculture. The details of the research contract are here: bit.ly/2hHSr00

The resources listed below have been selected by @PolicyAGRI in preparation for this project.

1. The EC Communication of 29 November 2017: proposal, background documents and institutional positions


Communication on ‘The Future of Food and Farming’, COM (2017) 713 of 29 November 2017, Press release, Memo – Fact sheet
Building the Future of EU Food and Farming, Commissioner Phil Hogan’s blog.
Speech by Commissioner Phil Hogan on “New CAP Delivery Model” at Event for ENRD, Rural Development Managing Authorities and MS Paying Agencies, ENRD Conference, January 2018.
Future of the CAP: What’s cooking for the next CAP?
Economic challenges facing EU agriculture – Background document
Climate and environmental challenges facing agriculture and rural areas – Second background document
CAP Future in Perspective (Tassos Haniotis)
Could Climate Change be the catalyst for policy reform? (Tassos Haniotis)
Common monitoring and evaluation framework of the CAP: lessons and challenges (Tassos Haniotis)
Challenges of assessing actual results of policy action, Hans Bruyninckx, Director, European Environment Agency (EEA)


Future of EU farming: Agriculture MEPs react to Commission’s ideas, Press release, November 2017.
Own-initiative report on the Future of Food and Farming Communication, Herbert Dorfmann’s draft report, March 2018
Press release – Future of EU farming policy: MEPs to debate their response to Commission’s ideas


Draft policy conclusions on the EC Communication (to be adopted on 19 March), Bulgarian Presidency, March 2018
Bird Life International, Agri Council Fact Check: Leaked CAP conclusions based on environmental fiction, March 2018.
EEB, Ministers’ farm fantasy risks decreasing CAP legitimacy further, March 2018.
Remarks by President Donald Tusk following the informal meeting of the 27 heads of state or government on 23 February 2018
Joint declaration of the Ministers of Agriculture of the Visegrad Group and Croatia on the Commission Communication on The Future of Food and Farming, February 2018.


Reform of Common Agricultural Policy: Local and regional representatives warn of the risk of renationalising the CAP, November 2017.


Transcription du discours du Président de la République, Emmanuel Macron, à la nouvelle génération agricole, 28 février 2018

2. The EC Communication : Academic and Stakeholders’ Reactions

Réforme de la PAC: craintes de renationalisation et discriminations, Novembre 2017.

Arc 2020:
Hogan’s CAP Communication & ARC2020 Analysis, November 2017.
CAP Communication – reactions , December 2017

Bird Life
Press Release 29 November 2017

CAP Reform.eu
Erjevec, E. (2017). The CAP Communication: Paradigmatic change or empty rhetoric?, CAPreform.eu, December 2017.
Mathews, A. (2017). Decoding CAP Communication, CAPreform.eu, December 2017.
Matthews, A. (2018). A Tale of Two Policy Documents: DEFRA vs. Commission Communication, CAPreform.eu, March 2018

The CAP after 2020: small debate, big implications, January 2018.

EPP Group  – Michel Dantin et Angélique Delahaye (FR)
Réforme de la Politique agricole commune: modernisation et simplification ne doivent pas être synonymes de renationalisation, Novembre 2017.

European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
Nice try – but Hogan’s direction of travel not on course to sustainable farming, November 2017.

‘The future of agriculture and food’ deserves better than a technocratic discussion about a proposal to renationalize, November 2017.
Europe needs a common vision for the future of its Agrifood systems, March 2018
Global Food Forum – A common vision for the future of EU agri-food systems, Final report, March 2018.
Communication on the future CAP: a ‘basis for discussion’, but…, February 2018.

Mort programmée de la politique agricole commune, Novembre 2017.
Frehsfel & European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)
Letter sent to EU Farm Commissioner Phil Hogan on the CAP’s Communication, February 2018.

Food Drink Europe
Food & Drink industry calls for pan-EU, competitive & well-funded CAP, November 2017.

The Future of food and farming in Europe: Is the EU heading towards a real improvement of the CAP?, Comment on EC Communication, January 2018.

Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
IEEP Reaction: CAP Communication Launch, November 2017

EU Agriculture needs clearer direction for long-term sustainability, December 2017.

Communication PAC 2020 : Le Commissaire à l’Agriculture met tous les syndicats agricoles français d’accord … contre lui !, Novembre 2017.

Pleinchamp.com (FR)
Vers une PAC plus flexible ou la fin de la PAC, Novembre 2017.

Terre-net (FR)
Jean-Marie Séronie : « Des piques dans la Pac », Decembre 2017.
La future Pac imposera à chaque État membre un plan stratégique, Novembre 2017
La perspective d’une renationalisation de la PAC soulève un tollé général, Novembre 2017.

New EU farming policy will require Member States to deliver benefits for nature, November 2017.

3. Designing the next Multiannual Financial Framework POST 2020: CAP’s budgetary issues


High Level Conference: Shaping our future:  Designing the next MFF (Brussels, 8-9 January 2018)

A new, modern Multiannual Financial Framework for a European Union that delivers efficiently on its priorities post-2020 (Communication of 14.2.2018)

EU Observer:

  1. Juncker pushes for bigger post-Brexit EU budget, January 2018.
  2. Commission urges EU countries to pay more into budget, February 2018
  3. Baltic states demand bigger EU budget, February 2018.
  4. EU leaders to kick off post-Brexit budget debate, February 2018
  5. Make budget cuts in farm and regional funds, the Dutch say, February 2018.

Science Business: EU eyes more R&D spending, but battle is on over call for EU27 to pay more, January 2018.
E3G: Climate risk and the EU budget: investing in resilience, November 2017
Eur Activ:

  1. About European Council Summit, February 2018.
  2. EU budget post 2020: Fortress Europe or a budget for working people?, February 2018.

Tomas Garcia Azcarate Blog: The consequences of the European budget hole, February 2018


Own-initiative report on Next MFF: preparing the Parliament’s position on the MFF post-2020

Own-initiative report on reform of the European Union’s system of own resources
COMAGRI’s opinion on the next MFF, January 2018.
Michel Dantin (FR): Communiqué de presse – Baisse du budget de la PAC : derrière la communication de la Commission se cache des non-dits et de vrais enjeux, Février 2018.


Perspectives et attentes françaises pour le prochain cadre financier pluriannuel de l’UE – Note des autorités françaises, Décembre 2017. f


ICMSA. Commission’s CAP 2020 Budget options are disappointing and will be ‘unacceptable to Ireland’, February 2018.
Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers’ Association (ICSA). Any move to reduce CAP budget post 2020 must be vigorously opposed, February 2018

EU budget, Common Agricultural Policy and Regional Policy – en route to reform?, February 2018

CAP Reform.eu
Matthews, A. (2018). Mr Oettinger’s budget arithmetic, CAPreform.eu, January 2018.
Matthews, A. (2018b) Rethinking EU budget spending on agriculture in the next MFF, CAPreform.eu, January 2018. 
Matthews, A. (2018c). Why national co-financing of CAP Pillar 1 payments is needed in the MFF, CAPreform.eu, February 2018

The EU budget after 2020 , European Policy Analysis, September 2017.

Visegrad Group
Joint statement of the Visegrad Group on the cohesion policy and the MFF, February 2018.

4. Selected Council Documents & Member States Contributions on the CAP after 2020

Dutch Presidency (First Semester 2016)

Slovak Presidency (Second Half of 2016)

Maltese Presidency (First Half of 2017)

Estonian Presidency (Second Half of 2017)

Bulgarian Presidency (First Half of 2018)

Austrian Presidency (Second Half of 2018)

5. Bibliography of Proposals for the CAP post 2020

(Academic, think tank and NGO references listed in alphabetical order)

5.1. Selected research documents


5.2. NGO and other economic / political / environmental stakeholders’ references

5.3. Selected Inputs from the European Commission Preparing the next CAP Reform

(in chronological order – 2018, 2017 & 2016)

  1. EU Agricultural Outlook for the EU agricultural markets and income 2017-  2030, Report, Full text
  2. Speech by Commissioner Phil Hogan at EU Agricultural Outlook Conference 2017
  3. EU agricultural outlook: Arable land area to continue its decline
  4. EU agricultural outlook: European livestock sector to benefit from higher global demand
  5. EU agricultural outlook: wine, olive oil and fruits & vegetable exports to grow
  6.  EU agricultural outlook: European emissions linked to agriculture set to decrease by 2030
  7. EU agricultural outlook: European agricultural labour and total income expected to decrease by 2030
  8. EU agricultural outlook: European sugar exports to double, continuous growth of cereal production expected
  9. Reflexions from Tassos Haniotis on the 2017 Agri Outlook conference
  1. Haniotis, Did you know that…? : economic and environmental dimensions.
  2. Haniotis – Did you know that…? : societal dimensions
  3. Thoyer – Best practices addressing environment and climate change
  4. Juvancic – Risk management
  5. Mathijs – Food and related issues
  6. Matthews – Socioeconomic issues

5.4. Selected Inputs from the European Parliament and other European Bodies Preparing the next CAP Reform


EP resolutions linked to the next CAP reform:

CAP Reform post 2020 Workshop
CAP Reform post-2020 – Challenges in Agriculture, European Parliament, Policy Department B, October 2016

Policy Department’s studies published preparing the next CAP reform:

1) Studies on the CAP 2014-2020 implementation

 2) Studies related to policy issues of the CAP

European Courts of Auditors (ECA):

Special report No 16/2017: Rural Development Programming: less complexity and more focus on results needed , November 2017.
Special report 21/2017 – Greening the CAP: income support more complex and not yet environmentally effective, December 2017.

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