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Deliver a study on 'Impact of over-tourism and possible policy responses'. The tourism sector including cruise industry and hotel business, is growing bringing an added value to the EU’s economy. However, it might have a profound negative impact on local social and environmental balances. This study will investigate the scale, major causes and challenges resulting from the tourism overcrowding in the European Union. It will also propose a set of criteria to be used by the policy makers to identify at the early stages the treat of over-tourism in the EU tourist destinations. Moreover, it should present workable conclusions and suggestions on the possible policy actions, particularly to be taken at the EU level, to overcome the negative effects of the overflow of tourists in the EU destinations..
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Perf town/city: Brussels
Perf country: Belgium

Duration of the contract (months)Value of the contractCurrencyDeadline to ask for tender documentsPlanned date to send tender documentsDeadline to submit
12 Month(s)120,000.00EUR04/04/201825/04/201825/05/2018

Publication dateReference numberAddress+Contact
08/03/2018IP/B/TRAN/IC/2018-058European Parliament Parlement européen
European Parliament
SQM 07 Y013 Rue Wiertz 60
Direction: Structural and Cohesion Policy
Policy Department B
Directorate-General for Internal Policies of the Union

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