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Deliver a study on "The European eel- biology, migration and sustainable management". The study will summarise for PECH Committee members: the current status of EU eel stocks; existing scientific information; current management measures; public actors; the socioeconomic repercussions of a range of possible stock management measures on producers and other economic actors. The study would summarise current knowledge on eel biology, migration and sustainable management. Research is required on the socioeconomic significance of the fishery, its commercial and recreational exploitation and the economic actors involved - which are much less documented. Understanding of the exploitation is required to assess public policy. The research must consider the potential socioeconomic impacts of management decisions on producers and other economic actors which use the eel stock, such as fishing, angling, restocking and aquaculture. It must also consider the type and the economic importance of industrial installations that are major obstacles to the migration of the spawning stock, estimating the economic cost of reducing their negative impact on the stocks.

Minimum selection criteria: propose a team of experts with sound professional experience and a proven publishing record, including a project leader with at least 7 years of relevant experience.

Place of delivery: Brussels..
Service Contract.
Perf town/city: Brussels
Perf country: Belgium

Duration of the contractValue of the contractCurrency Deadline to ask for tender documentsPlanned date to send tender documentsDeadline to submit
12 Month(s)Up to 120.000EUR27/03/201816/04/201803/06/2018

Publication dateReference numberAddress + Contact
02/03/2018IP/B/PECH/IC/2018-052European Parliament
SQM 07 Y 013 Rue Wiertz 60
Direction: Structural and Cohesion PolicyPolicy Department B

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PECH Committee Research Programme for the first half of 2018 – Research4Committees · November 20, 2018 at 5:03 pm

[…] 2) The European eel:  reproductive biology, migration and sustainable management The critical state of some of the eel stocks would be addressed in the study; it would provide a better understanding of the causes and actions required based on all stages of the eel’s lifecycle. […]

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