I welcome the launch of this blog highlighting research for the Committee on Regional Development.

Iskra MIHAYLOVA KOPAROVA – 8th Parliamentary term

This blog provides information about studies, workshops and other research services requested by my committee to support ongoing work in the field of regional development. This work by the Policy Department is a key support for us. Recent examples include the Workshop on the 7th Cohesion Report,  public-private partnerships in cohesion policy, and cohesion policy and the Paris Agreement targets.
The blog makes it easy and quick for REGI Committee Members to access expert input. Assistants and Political Group staff as well as stakeholders and external experts can also benefit. For experts, there is also notice of contract opportunities.
This blog is updated regularly and it provides an overview of parliamentary research activities – past, present and future – requested by REGI. Naturally, the research papers are by independent experts and may not reflect the views of the Committee.
New items on the blog and other information of interest to REGI are publicized on Twitter @PolicyREGI .

The address of the blog, for your favourites, is https://research4committees.blog/regi/

I hope that you find the blog useful. Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Iskra Mihaylova
Chair of the Committee on Regional Development

Committee on Regional Development, presented by its Chair Iskra Mihaylova:

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