I welcome the launch of this blog highlighting research for the Committee on Fisheries.

Alain CADEC – 8th Parliamentary term

As an aid to our political decisions we need high-quality information from our six geographical marine areas and the outermost regions. We need an expert understanding of the reality of fisheries, of fishers and their coastal communities – and also of related activities on land. It is critical to understand the real fisheries and aquaculture world throughout the EU, with its long history. An analysis from an independent scientific perspective, undertaken to the highest professional standards gives a head start in tackling issues and may help us come to a common understanding within the Committee.

This blog provides information about studies, workshops and other research services requested by my committee to support its ongoing work. The Policy Department delivers this research, often using the best available expertise in Europe. Recent examples include the ground-breaking study on recreational fishing and the highly-successful workshop on BREXIT.  Naturally, the research papers are by independent experts and may not reflect the views of the Committee.

The blog provides PECH Committee Members, their Assistants and Political Group staff an easy access to the research done especially for PECH. It is accessible also to stakeholders, external experts and anyone else interested. Readers can, in addition, find information regarding future research projects as well as updates on the work of the Policy Department for us. For experts, there is also notice of contract opportunities.

New items on the blog and other information of interest to PECH are publicized on Twitter @PolicyPECH.

The address of the blog, for your favourites, is https://research4committees.blog/pech/

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Alain Cadec
Chair of the Committee on Fisheries

Committee on Fisheries, presented by its Chair Alain Cadec:

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