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Study on: "BREXIT, transport & tourism: consequences of 'no-deal' scenario". As the BREXIT negotiations advance, the final outcome remains a concern and a 'no-deal' scenario is one that must be considered, even if hypothetically. In aviation and maritime ransport, for example, a 'no-deal' scenario would be devastating as there are no fall-back rules. The study would cover all modes of transport, as well as on tourism and postal services, in the EU27. (Impact of BREXIT on the UK transport and tourism sectors is not included). Investigating the different consequences a 'no-deal' scenario requires an identification of:
a. Practical consequences for transport, postal and tourism services and for stakeholders;
b. Legal and trade regulation questions left open;
c. Economic impacts, by sector for the entire EU27, with also a focus on those Member States in the EU27 likely to be most affected.
The contract will include some flexibility to adapt objectives according to the political situation before final commitment on the study's work programme. Minimum selection criteria: propose a team of experts with sound professional experience and a proven publishing record, including a project leader with at least 7 years of relevant experience.
Place of delivery: Brussels.

Duration of the contract (months)Value of the contractCurrencyDeadline to ask for tender documentsPlanned date to send tender documentsDeadline to submit
12 (months)Up to 120.000EUR31.01.201821.02.201804.04.2018

Publication dateReference NumberAddress+Contact
21.12.2017IP/B/TRAN/IC/2018-005European Parliament
SQM 07 Y 013 Rue Wiertz 60
Direction: Structural and Cohesion PolicyPolicy Department B

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