Volume 2, Issue 5, November 2017

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The TRAN Committee of the European Parliament tackles issues of the most various kinds. This reflects the multifaceted nature of transport, which represents both a vital source of wealth and jobs, crucial for the economy and society, and a major environmental challenge. Taking full advantage of the internal transport market, completing the Trans-European Transport Network, combating pollution, making the best use of the technological transformations and facilitating access to mobility for all citizens are, among others, a constant concern within the Committee.

This diversity of subjects is also found in the studies commissioned by the Policy Department at the request of the TRAN Committee. This Christmas issue of UPDATE announces some of those coming soon.

Policy Department TRAN team

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Upcoming TRAN RESEARCH on The new Silk Route – opportunities and challenges for EU transport

The new Silk Route Initiative brings opportunities and challenges for the European Transport system. This study will analyse the Initiative, its impacts and prospects, as well as the EU transport system’s readiness for it. The paper will also provide conclusions and recommendations to the European Parliament Committee on Transport and Tourism to face the Initiative’s challenges.

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Upcoming TRAN RESEARCH on Recharging infrastructure for electric road vehicles

The study will analyse the challenges of the deployment of such infrastructure within the EU for electric cars, vans, coaches and two-wheelers. This will include (1) existing technologies and standardisation issues; (2) metering systems and pricing schemes; (3) business and financing models; (4) impact of the recharging infrastructure on the dissemination of PEVs, and (5) the appropriateness of current technologies/business models/public policies.

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Upcoming TRAN RESEARCH on Compendium of studies on electric mobility

This paper will summarise the most relevant existing studies and research on the following topics: (1) current and future developments in battery production, including the issues of worldwide resources and recycling. (2) Role and potential role of electric mobility in reducing climate change in the world. (3) Current and future developments of electric mobility in the EU and worldwide. (4) Public financing of electric mobility in the EU.

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Upcoming TRAN RESEARCH on Brexit: the consequences of no-deal scenario for the transport and tourism sectors in the EU

As the negotiations advance, the pace of the progress made is becoming a concern and a no-deal scenario would be worth investigating, even if only hypothetically. This important study will focus on all modes of transport, as well as on tourism and on postal services. Special attention will be given to aviation as well as maritime.

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Upcoming TRAN RESEARCH on Modal shift in European transport: a way forward

The 2011 White Paper on transport stipulates that 30% of EU road freight over 300 km should shift to other modes such as rail or waterborne transport by 2030, and more than 50% by 2050. This study will investigate the progress made so far in both passenger and freight transport, evaluate any further potential for modal shift in the EU, and analyse any need for additional measures that could further stimulate the process.


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