The following research projects are likely to be contracted for delivery in 2018/19:

1. BREXIT, transport & tourism: consequences of ‘no-deal’ scenario.
2. The feasibility and cost of creating national road enforcement databases
3. The economic and social impact of “over-tourism” and the possible policy responses to the phenomenon
4. Modal shift in European transport: a way forward

Please contact if you are interested in being a TRAN research contractor in future.

For larger projects, definitive information will be published when the projects are formally launched. The official site for such information is here: We intend also to advertise these opportunities on this blog and on Twitter (@policyTRAN).

Smaller projects (<€15000) are awarded to identified experts – either pre-identified by calls for expression of interest and/or by research of published expertise. We also offer paid peer reviewing opportunities. If you are qualified to deliver research/peer reviews in one or more of our five sectors then feel free to contact us with a relevant cv.


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