Original publication: March 2016
Authors: M-Five GmbH Mobility, Futures, Innovation, Economics: Werner Rothengatter, Wolfgang Schade, Simon Mader
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Background and aim
Logistics in the TEN-T Corridors

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This note provides an overview of logistics in the EU, including its contribution to the objectives of the 2011 White Paper on transport. The note also assesses the way the nine Core Network Corridors (CNCs) of the Trans European Transport Network (TEN-T) foster intelligence of infrastructure, modal integration, interoperability and connectivity, and reviews the interplay between the development of the CNCs and the development of logistics.

Some comments are added on the appropriateness of the CNCs key performance indicators (KPIs), the effectiveness of co-funding through EU funds and the consultation of interested parties.


Conclusions and recommendations are provided in the final section of the paper. The main points are:

  • Achieving the modal-shift objectives of the 2011 White Paper on transport will require more active support from the Member States.
  • Successful interoperability requires strategic planning of multi-modal-/rail-roadterminals (RRT). Plans for developing such terminals currently derive from both national master plans and regional initiatives. Consequently, there is a need for streamlining and better coordination within the Member States and between the Member States. In addition, current plans do not consider the structural change of freight transport towards unitised and containerised goods and the synchronisation of milk and main runs.
  • The railway sector needs further innovations related to transhipment technology and the coordination/synchronisation of (inter-modal) services to fulfil basic service requirements of industry and trade.
  • Parallel activities for CNCs, former “Priority Project” corridors, Rail freight corridors (RFC) and ERTMS development need consolidation.

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